You belong with me…swaragini (episode 12)


Hiii friends..
Its me your princess.
Here is the link of the intro of my upcoming ff..An invisible lover.
Episode 11
Episode 12
In the flight.
Ragsan are sitting together.
Ragini:Ohh iam very excited to see all of them.
Sanskar:Then why you didnt come there all these years.
A drop of tears fell from Ragini’s eyes.

Sanskar:Sorry…i didnt mean to hurt you..
He wipes her tears.
Ragini keeps her head in sanskar’s shoulder and sleeps.Sanskar smiles seeing her.
First they went to sanskar’s house.But they found no one there.
So they decided to go to Ragini’s eyes.
Sanskar knocks the door.
Shekhar opens it.
He hugs sanskar.
Shekhar:who is she?
Ragsan is damn shocked.
Shekhar:I dont have any daughter.
Sumi:Me too.
Ragini starts crying.
DP:But I know her..She is my daughter in law.
Ragini gets shocked and looks at sanskar.
Sanskar winks at her.
Ragini:Sanskar..iam gonna kill was a prank planned by u all..ha??
Shekhar:Dont do anything to my son in law..

Ap:You forgot me..ha?
Ragini:Ofcourse not mom..
She hugs her.
Its night.
All are having dinner.
Dp and Shekhar:A good news for you both.
Ap and sumi:Day after tomorrow is Ragini and sanskar’s marriage..
Ragsan:Who are they.
Then they rewind..
Dp Ap Sumi Shekhar:yes..
Ragsan looks at eachother.
Dp:Tomorrow we will do all the rituals and don’t worry we already purchased clothes.Happy??
Both blushes.
Next day morning
Ragsan’s college friends are also there.

Ragini and sanskar are sitting opposite to each other.But a yellow cloth is tied in between.Ragini is wearing yellow saree with orange border.Sanskar is wearing yellow kurta.Sanskar is trying to see Ragini by getting up.But DP said him to sit.Sanskar’s friends teased him.
All of them but haldi on them.
Shekhar:Ritual completed.Both of you can wash it.
Ragini is washing her face.Suddenly someone hugs her from behind.
She thought that its her friend sanskruti.
But it was sanskar.
Sanskar:Sanskruti nahi..sanskar.
Ragini gets shocked and looks in the mirror. will see..
Sanskar:So what..we are gonna marry na?
Sanskar leans towards her.
Ragini:In his room

Ragini runs from there.
Sanskar smiles.
Sanskruti:Here we are gonna conduct a couple dance.All the couples please come forward.
Ragsan,Dp Ap,Shekmi,and some other couples.
Tum hi ho song plays.
Sanskar holds his one hand in her waist and other on her shoulder.They dances romantically.
Sanskar in Ragini’s ear:I ? you
Ragini:I love you too.
The song ends..

Mehendi writer is writing mehendi in Ragini’s hand.
Mehendi Writer:What the first letter of your would be’s name.
Mehendi completed.
Ragini’s friends called sanskar.

Riya(Ragini’s frnd):Find S from her Mehendi.
Ragini:Hmmm..find fastly.
Sanskar:Its so can i find.
Ragini:That means you don’t love me..(fake anger)
Sanskar:No no..its not like that.
He starts finding s.
Sanskar:Here is it.
Ragini smiles.
Sanskar:What will you give me for finding it.
She pinches him and said:Its for taking too much time for finding.
She ran from there.Sanskar smiles.
Episode ends.

Precap:RAGSAN marriage..last episode.

Hope you guys liked it.Keep reading.?

Credit to: Princess

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  1. superb…will miss it….is ur other ff on ragsan as well????

    1. Thankyou.But for pairs you will have to wait?

      1. oh so ur princess…hmmm…ok I will wait… I really hope its Ragsan and Swalak..fingers are crossed

  2. Oh no.i will really miss this ff a lot.

    1. Hope you will like my upcoming ff also?

  3. Superb plzz dont end it

    1. Sorry yaar…hope u will like my new ff

  4. Last episode why

    1. Cus iam very bad in writing married life…
      So I have started a ff..hope you will like it..

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