You belong with me…swaragini (episode 11)

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Episode 9

You belong with me…swaragini (episode 10)

Episode 10
Ragini ran from there after kissing on his cheeks.
Sanskar’s POV
God..what happened just now.She kissed me.Am i dreaming.(He pinched on his own hands).Ouchhh.That means Iam not dreaming.
Sanskar is shocked.

Ragini is standing near the pool.
Ragini’s POV
Oh god..what did i do?I kissed him.?
Why did i do like that..Do i start falling for him?She smiles.No no..i cannot.But what’s the problem?He always helped me..
Sanskar comes there.
Ragini feels little awkward.
Ragini tries to go from there.
Sanskar holds her hand.Ragini’s heart starts beating faster.
Sanskar keeps his fingers on his lips.
He leans towards her.She closed her eyes.He kisses her forehead.
Her heart beats more faster.She opens her eyes.
Sanskar:Trust me ,i was always faithful in our friendship.
Ragini:I know it..

Ragini:Haan..i know it..But it took 6 years for me to understand it.
Ragini hugs sanskar.Sanskar too hugs back.
In the room.
Sanskar:Tomorrow we are leaving from London.
Ragini:To where?
Sanskar:To our parents.
Ragini hugs him.
Sanskar:It getting late.Morning we can leave from here.Now lets sleep.
Sanskar sleeps in the couch and Ragini in the bed.
Sun rays are falling on Sanskar’s face.He slowly opens his eyes.
And he found Ragini sleeping.
He slowly went to her.
Sanskar:Ragini..i love you so much..
Ragini wakes up and found sanskar in front of her.
Sanskar:Vo..actually i was about to call you.
Come,lets go.

In the car
Sanskar switch on the radio.
Tere liye duniya chod di hai
Tujpe hi sans aake rukhe
Main tujhe kitna chaahtha hoon
Ye tu kabhi sock na sake..,
Both looks at each other lovingly.

Precap:Ragsan meets their parents.

Sorry guys for short update.
My ff is gonna end.
Just 2 or 3 more episodes to go.
Keep reading and supporting.

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    1. Thankyou so much lila..i have started a new ff..An Invisible Lover.Its intro is posted.Hope you all will support me..

  2. Superb
    Plz make that one also ragsan

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