You belong with me…swaragini (Episode 1)

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Episode 1
A boy is shown sleeping so cutely,he is very handsome .
Suddenly the alarm rings..So he start closing his ears with the pillows..Then also the alarm sound is not letting him to sleep.Now he wakes up.
He:mom…what are you doing?please let me sleep..
Mom:sanskaaaar…its already late.
Yes…it our handsome and cute sanskar.
Mom:its 8:00am.
Sanskar:what..?She will kill me..for sure.
He went to washroom for getting fresh.
After sometime..

He is now running madly to the house opposite to his house.
He is going upstairs and is entering a room.
Now…A girl is shown sleeping…He is looking at her with a cute smile.She is so cute and beautiful..
He start saying her to wake up.
He:wake up my sweetheart..
Yes its our gorgeous Ragini..And it is ragsan ff.
Ragini:hey,good morning sanky…
She wakes up and looks at the clock..
Rags:omg!!you idiot…why don’t you call me earlier..
Sanskar:sorry rags…i woke up late.
Ragini:I dont want to talk to you…
Sanskar:Its just an exhibition…we can go for it next week.
Ragini:Iam angry not because of that..
Sanskar:yesterday..?oh…for that..vo actually Neil called me to his house for some help regarding his project. That’s why i couldn’t come foe for movie..
How was the movie…?
Ragini:i Don’t know.. also you are angry with me?
Ragini:if i watch the movie only i can say about it…
Sanskar:You didn’t watch it? Why?Sam,Abeer,Meher,Aaryan,aradhya all were there… right?then why you didn’t go..?

Ragini:how could you think that i will go for the movie without you …
sanskar:iam really sorry ..
Rags hugs sanky.
Ragini:its ok for now..but never repeat it..
Sanky:never ever…my sweetheart.
Episode ends.

Precap:sanky and rags receives best married couple prize.Their parents are shocked to see that.

Guys…how is the episode?
hope you liked it.
Sorry for short update.
Also forgive me for grammatical mistakes..
Guys suggest a song for bg music for ragsan.Friendship song.

Credit to: Princess


  1. Riley

    Yeah abhi I think it’s based on the Malayalam film niram. It’s my evergreen favorite movie. I’m really excited to read your ff so please continue??

  2. manvi

    itsssss amazinggggggggg yaarrrrrrr …and thank u soooooo muchhhhhhh for ragsan .. ..plsssssssssssssssss upload next part soon dr

  3. aayushi

    Very nice.
    friendship song , you can use Jaane kyun from dostana or daaru desi from cocktail.
    Please update soon

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.