You Belong With Me…! Chapter 1


HI ..guys this is sudharshna .ya you all know me i started you are my night….but due to some personal reason i stopped it from writing ….anyways my interest made me again to write a story this time i am sure i will not leave like that….the story line is same so i typed it again but next part also i have included dont be angry at me…i am sorry again…
love story chapter 1…

the scene starts in sitarganj…
it is a beutiful small town located in nanital..uttarkand
it receives a annual rain fall of 193mm…
there in small bungalow a small gil of age 4 (anika )is waking up a man of 20s
“baby wake up na i have to be in school by 8:10 but now the time is 8:05…pls baby wake up..”
the man rolls his face and it is revealed as sanskar…
“ya baby i know see i waked up dont worry today you will be in school in right time…”
they rush but their bike stops n middle way..
“baby daily your otta bike stops in the middle way …today i am not going to”
“baby see my bike got ready come i will drop you in school at right time…”
while a innova which crossed them splashed water in the face of anika…
anika said “ba….by” they two followed the car super fast and at last croosed the car and stopped infront of it
“baby two minutes “said sanskar
“theri baby “said anika
the man in the car got down …a little frightened
sanskar walked to him in hero style ..(it was raining heavily)
“now you know how difficult it is to travel in rain ah?”
anika gave a spiting look

at last they reached the school by 9 …leaving infront of school sanskar said baby i have kept all the books correctly..if u want check it ok..anika turned her bag a bucket full of water flowed from it sanskar gane a smile and left…
anika reached her classroom ther a teacher was taking class..
“may i come n=in teacher” asked anika
the teacher turned and revelad her face as kavitha ..
sure anika you can but pls say the reason behind why you are coming late daily?
“mam today baby waked up late …while we were comng to school the bike got reppaired while a car spashed water in my face ..i and baby follwed it…”
stop stop i asked you the reason you are saying a story…tom have meet your parent in church at sharp 9 ok?
ok mam anika said and went inside the class room..

next day…
anika and sanskar both reached the church to meet the teacher..
sanskar asked “baby your teacher must have asked us to meet n school right then why church?”
” baby if the teacher wants us to be punidhed she would have asked us to meet in school i think she will leave us in peace so ..only church”
baby you are really genious …said sanskar
while a lady came to them and said i am kavitha anika s teacher….
sanskar gave a smile back
sanskar continued saying i am sorry mam i am the reason behind her late coming to school…
kavitha said that s ok sir problem …
anika said she changed the plate..
kavitha said you could shave ..have a trendy haircut..that will be good for you…
anika said miss he is my baby why should he do that?
sanskar dragged anika and gave a hard look
sanskar said thankyou for your kindness and i live my life my way …
while a group of goons pushed kavitha wantedly ..and they laughed an went..
“you dirty buffaloes u dashed my teacher if u have guts fight with me..”
the goon turned and came near anika and streached his hand to beat her ..but a hand caught hold of goons hand …and it is kavitha
“how dare u try to beat a small girl and slapped him”
the goon went without saying anything…
kavitha turned towards sansnkar and
“you did not say your name”
ya i am varun kapoor said sanskar
nice to meet you ..

sankar asked do u know fighting ?
mmm yes black belt in karate said kavitha self defence is best right…
sanskar nodded and left…
at home (night)
sanskar is doing anika s homework….
sanskar says baby 4*4 =17 right baby?
“baby checking ha…4*4=16 baby”
sankar gave a smile and carried her to the bed
sanskar said baby i thnk u should keep distance from teacher ?”
which teacher baby?
the teacher we met this morning….
oh ..ok baby i too thought that…..
anika slept after a little while ..
sanskar took his phone and opened a folder which is locked putting a -password
in that he opened gallery which the first photo was of his wife swara sanskar maheshwari….
he had tears seeing her photo …..and went into thoughts………..
ya guys i am again sorry ..this story i took starting from theri movie by atlee i am great fan of him …
and the suspence iswhy did sanskar say his name as varun kapoor …is anika sanskar s daughter? any guesses ….
and a final question do you want kavsan as pair…?
and one more didd you like this chapter? shall i continue ? share your views ……pls…
if u want next chapter will be tonight…and one more information this story will also revovle around raglak too and another pair swasan or kavsan your choise hence comment….

Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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  8. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Dear ithu romba nalla irukku……a ff based of theri story line????……..ty sooo much for taking the intiative………..i’m,a die hard vijay fan………….pls make the pairs as swasan only…no kavsan…….pls….but atlast ur ff is…..THERI BABY????

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