“Believe Me!!” Twinj FF (Epi 8) ~By Tamanna

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Link: Episode 7

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly I do so I sincerely apologize.

Recap: Twinkle to apply ointment to kunj. Lost in the moment, they were about to kiss. Kunj ignores Twinkle. Twinj to meet vidya Twinkle tries to pacify kunj. Rain romance. Kunj forgives Twinkle.

Lets begin,

Kunj and Twinkle returns to camp.
Aman (campaign incharge) : ohh so Ms. Twinkle aur Mr. Kunj waapus aahi gai! Waise gai the tum dono… Kahin privacy…. Agar aisa hai tho u should atleast have told us.. Hum bevajha pareshaan ho rahe the! (ohhh so here is Ms. Twinkle and Mr. Kunj Sarna. Anyways, where were you all this time? Privacy… If that was the reason you should atleast have told us! We.were worried for you!)
Kunj: Aisa kuch nahi hai Sir. Actually hum jungle me fass gai the. (Nothing like that sir. Actually we were stuck in jungle.)
Aman: oh okay! (He rolls his eyes.) ohk guys! Move towards your tent.

Twinkle and kunj move towards the tent.
Kunj: Twinkle tu yahan bait mai abhi aatha hun! (Twinkle, you be here! I ll be back!)
Twinkle: ok…

Twinkle sitting when 3 boys come there. They stare at her from top to bottom she feels uncomfortable. Boys sensing this,
Boy 1: are, aapko darr ne ki zarurat nahi hai! (Are.. U need not to be scared.)
Boy 2: haan! Hum tho bus dekh rahe the ke kal raat kunj ko kitna mazaa aaya hoga! (Yes, we were just seeing, kunj must have enjoyed a lot yesterday)
Twinkle gives them a confused look.
Boy 3: confuse na ho bhabhi ji! Wo kal raat aap aur kunj… Umm.. Aap ko patha hoga mai kya keh raha hun! (Don’t be confused dude, actually yesterday night you and kunj… Ummm… You must have got to know what i m saying!)
Twinkle looks at them in disgust. Kunj comes there.
Kunj: what is happening here?
Boy 2: wo bhai hum na bhabhi ji se puch rahe the ki…. (*chatakk*)
Twinkle slaps him.
Twinkle: tum jaiso ke wajah se hi humara.desh ganda ho raha hai! You all are disgusting. Aap yahan se jaathe hain ya sir se… (because of you people only! Our country is.suffering! Now will you leave or i should call sir….)
Boys: Nahi behen nahi! Hum chalthe hain! (No sis no! We are leaving)
They leave. Kunj looks at them confused.
Kunj: kya hua Twinkle unko? (What happened to them.)
Twinkle: (smiles) nothing kunj! Lagthaya hai Unko samaj aagaya hai. (Nothing kunj! They i guess they have learnt the lesson.)
Kunj: (confused) okay! ?

One day left. Twinkle and kunj complete their project. They return to thier home.

Screen freezes!

How was it? So here the campaign ends!

Drop your comments whether positive or negative! Any confusion? do ask me! Suggestion is always welcomed! Ignore mistakes if any!

See you!

With love,
Urs Tamanna

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