“Believe Me!!” Twinj FF (Epi 11) ~By Tamanna

Hello guys! I m here! Thank you so much for your comments! And sorry for posting late! I m really really busy guys! This epi is specially dedicated to my pretty aka Presha. She asked me to post it otherwise I was in no mood.

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly I do so I sincerely apologize.

Recap: Party at Kunj’s house! Maya and Kunj danced together due to which Twinkle is jealous! Yuvi and Mahi thinks that Kunj and Twinkle are in love with each other.

Lets begin,

Servent: Ma’am yeh aapke,liye kisine bejha hai! (Ma’am someone has sent u this) (Handing her a envelope)
Twinkle: (taking it) for me! Anyways thank you.
The servant leaves.
Twinkle opens the envelope and gets shocked. Her eyes turns watery. She leaves the party hall and moves towards the garden. She was too shocked. Kunj sees her going and follows her. He comes to garden and sees her crying. He comes to,her and pats her shoulder. She looks at him and then hugs him tight crying. Kunj worried hugs her back.
Kunj: Kya hua Twinkle? Tu ro kyun rahi hai? (What happened Twinkle? Why are you crying?)
Twinkle hands him the same envelope. Kunj opens it and he too gets shocked. It was pics of their Jungle campaign, intimate ones like, when Twinkle hugged kunj, Twinkle kissing Kunj, (actually she kissed him on,his cheek but it’s taken in such a way that it seems like they were having a liplock.) Like that many pics which can make anyone believe that something is cooking up between them. Kunj looks at Twinkle shocked.
Twinkle: (crying) hamare beech tho aisa kuch nahi hua na Kunj, (nothing happened between us kunj but…) (she hands him a letter)

The letter read:
“Keep distance from Kunj or else I would leak this pictures to media. Then the reputation of ur family would me maligned. Kunj is a boy so it won’t effect him much but u r a girl.” (Sorry for this sentence guys but it is the truth of our society! Agar kuch bhi ho sirf ladki ko hi kosthe hain!)
Twinkle: (crying) Kunj humne aisa kuch nahi kiya par firbi koi aaisa kyun kar raha hai! (Kunj we have done anything still why someone is doing like this?)
Kunj: Twinkle tu tension na le… Hum uss shaks ka patha laga lenge. (Twinkle you don’t be tensed! We will get that person!)
Twinkle hugs him and cries. Kunj hugs her back.
But Media comes there and sees them hugging each other. They start questioning.

Reporter 1: aap dono ke beeech aisa kya rishtha hai? (What relation do you both share?)
They see the pics fallen on the ground. (Actually it was on Twinkle’s lap but when she got up, it slipped from there and fell on the ground.) One reporter picks it up and gives it to other. Again questioning starts.

Reporter 2: kya aap ka koi naajaayaz samband hai? (Do you have any illegal relation?)
Twinkle was just crying. Kunj closes his fist in anger. But it was a limit now when one Reporter asks Twinkle that with how Many she have slept. He was about to punch the reporter but stops when he heard,
Voice: Stoppp!!!
All looks at the person it was Kunj’s father, Manoher Sarna with RT, leela, Usha and rest of the family members.
Manoher: I said Stop (to kunj) I would handle them. (To Media) okay so yeah they both share a relation. (All looks on shocked except RT.) Yes, yes. Don’t be shocked.
Media: Matlab hum sahi the! (That means we were correct!)
RT: Nahi! Yeh dono bade pavitra bandhan me bandh ne wale hain! Inki shaadi hone wali hai! (No, They are going to get,engaged in a most sacred feeling! They are going to get married!)

All were shocked. Twinj stood numb.
Media: What? is it? Then this should be the head line of our news paper. “The son of the biggest business Man Manoher Sarna and the daughter of Raminder Taneja, his business partner, is going to get married to each other.” “Kunj Sarna is going to get married to Twinkle Taneja.”

The media leaves. The Party ends. All move to Sarna Mansion. After reaching Sarna Mansion,
Kunj: Dad! What is this! At least you should have asked us before announcing it to media.
Manoher: sorry Beta!(son) But we couldn’t find the other way to solve this problem! Me and RT were thinking of this since long and when Media was questioning u both! We thought its the right time to reveal this!
RT: And it would Also save the reputation of the both the families.
Leela: But can I ask u something! Do you both really love each other or this pics were fake.
Twinkle: Maa this pics are false and we doesn’t love each other. We both are just good friends nothing more.
Manoher: So it’s good na… Getting married to ur BFF. U both know each other well, share a great bond, so what is the issue in marrying each other. Waise bhi, need to get married one day, so why not now.
Kunj: But Dad! We are not ready for marriage! I mean our college is not yet completed!
Manoher: Beta(son)! Marriage is not tomorrow so chill! Now we just said that u both are getting married! We have not said that when u r going to marry!
Twinkle: But uncle!
RT: Twinkle This step is necessary for you! For us! U know what I mean!
Twinkle: (bows her head down)
RT: so u both are ready isn’t it?
Twinj: Yeah (helplessly)
All smiles except Twinkle, Kunj and Usha. She didn’t wanted Twinkle as her bahu.(daughter in law). Twinkle and kunj look at each other and share an eye lock.

Screen freezes!

Precap: leap
How was it?

Drop your comments whether positive or negative! Any confusion? do ask me! Suggestion is always welcomed! Ignore mistakes if any!

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Urs Tamanna

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