“Believe Me!!” Twinj FF (Epi 1) ~By Tamanna

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Lets begin,

“Believe Me!!!” Twinj FF (Chapter 1)

“Twinkle!” her sir calls her!
Twinkle: yes sir?
Sir: Twinkle our college is selected for a campaign. Its compitition that which college students research on the given forest. One student from one college can participate in that campaign. As you are a biology student and a topper, I want you to got to that campaign on behalf of our college. So will you?
Twinkle gets excited.
Twinkle: yes sir!
Sir: okay, but thier would be a photographer going with you to capture ur expedition for our school magazine. Is it okay with you?
Twinkle: yes sir
Sir: okay so be ready for the campaign, the day after tomorrow.
Twinkle: ok sir.

Sir to whole class: Guys do anyone know any student who is good in photography?

Students: yes sir ‘kunj’ (Points towards a boy)

The boy was sleeping but gets up with a jerk.
Kunj: yes sir!
Sir: so Kunj you are selected as photographer to go to the campaign with our researcher.
Kunj: ok sir! But sir Who is the researcher here?
Sir: Twinkle!
Kunj and students: what?
Kunj looks at Twinkle’s Face which was giving a ‘kahan-fass-gai-mai’ (where I m stuck) look.
He looked at the students: all were giving ‘our-college-will-surely-loose-now’ looks.
Yes it was comman look bcuz the best rivals of their college were working together on this project. So it was 99.9% sure that thier college was going to loose.

Kunj: sir! I m not going to work with her.
Twinkle: yes sir! Same here!.
Kunj: oye tu mera dialogue copy karna chod de! I know tere dil me tho ladoo phoot rahen honge. College ke sab se handsome munde ke saath kaam karne wali hai!

All the boys looked at him.

Kunj: accha okay okay one of the handsome munda.

All the boys looked normal now.

Twinkle: Hahaha mr. Sarna kya joke tha mujhe tho bohot hasin aa rahi hai.
Kunj: tho hass lena ye hehehe Kya kar rahi hai.

Twinkle: hahaha

Kunj: (looked at her and smirked, then looked at the students and asks.) tumhe patha hai without reason smile karne wale ko kya kehthe hain?

Students: Mad

Kunj: nahi! Bina wajah hasne wale ko pyaar hogaya hai bhi kehthe hain aur yeh tho mujhe hamesha se patha tha ki yeh mere pyaar me paagal hai! Aaj tho isne hi confirm kardia! Waise mai hun hi itna handsome aur hot ke sab ladkiyan mere peeche padi hai! Haina girls? (He passes flying kissses to some girls and they enact to catch it) dekh!!

Twinkle: oye sadu apne aap ko zyaada bhav math de aur tu na apna yeh baathon ka train yahin stop karde! Aur Twinkle, pyaar aur kunj se kabhi ek sentence me nahi aa sakthe. Chehra dekha hai kabhi aaine me! Haha how can I forgot! Chehra dekh the hi dar jaatha hoga na bandar!

Kunj: tu!

Sir: TWINKLE KUNJ STOP IT! Don’t forget that u r in class. And its final campaign pe tum dono hi jaao ge. Aur ladai karni hai tho class ke bahar jaa ke karo!

Saying this sir moves out as the bell rings.

Twinkle: yeh sab tumhari wajah se hi huwa hai! Mai shanti sir se request karthi lekin nai tumhe tho mujhse jaghad na tha na…

Kunj: haan patha hai! Kese karlethi tu! Apne iss bhole chere se Ladko ko patane meh tho tu mahir haina! Patha hai yeh kaam kiska hotha hai? (referencing to a pr*stitute)
He says this without thinking!

All students laugh at Twinkle. Twinkle’s eyes fills with Tears. Kunj understands what he told. He looks at her with guilt. Twinkle runs outside. Kunj comes out following her and finds her crying. He goes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder.she looks at him. She jerks his hand.
Kunj: I m sorry Twinkle. I didn’t mean that!
Twinkle: kunj did you forget what u said! u should not touch me!
Kunj: Twinkle! I didn’t
Twinkle: wait kunj, let me complete, Ur hands may get dirty by touching a pro****ute, this is what u wanted to say right, u should not talk to a wh**e.
He pins her to the wall and closes her mouth by his hand. Both are really close. Kunj eyes are blood shot red now.
Kunj: Twinkle i was mad! Twinkle beat me Twinkle,.punish me! But don’t say such rubbish words to urself.
She didn’t say anything but just hugged him tight and cried. He too hugs her back. This was the relationship between two. They fight with each other but they care even more for each other.

Twinj were hugging and two eyes were burning seeing them.

Precap: campaign I guess

Thanks for reading! So how was it? Boring? Want me to continue? Hope you like this!

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Urs Tamanna

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  1. Sorry I couldn’t comment on the previous one ?but I guess it doesn’t matter……?…btw super-duper episodee??funny and full of emotionss like anger to care???post next soon..??

  2. Purvi128

    Oyeeeee meri shonaa…. you made me speechless…. it was the best… I m really falling in love again with ur writing.. that was a masterpiece.. or boring to bikul bhi nhi tha… their fight was ????? nd their care was ??? felt bad for twinkle.. how could kunj say that? ????? so sad… it was too amazing…
    Post the next one soonest…
    LOVE U LOADS ND LOADS ???❤❤????

  3. Sohi

    Amazing episode dear
    But tumne mujhe rula diya ??
    Do continue and post soon

  4. Episode was fabulous dear
    Twinj’s fight and Kunj’s care for twinkle
    was ??????
    I loved it
    It was not at all borig
    Do continue dear
    Plz post next epi soon

  5. Presha

    Hey tamatar……..
    My god yeh kya tha itna jhagda sirf twinj hi kr sakte hai…
    Just loved it… U made me spellbound…
    Loved there nok jhok box was missing it…

    Felt bad for twinkle kunj kaise yeh kr sakta hai… ??

    Loved there bond… ??

    Post soon….
    Love u….

  6. Hate tamma tamma u nailed it yrrr in the starting it was hilarious but after that u described perfect emotions of twinkle yrrr I m not able to control my emotions… Maza agaya..loved it..
    Plzzz post soon..
    All my luv to u..

    1. *haye tamma tamma..sorry galti hogaya

  7. God tammana it ds so gud
    Luv it inta………………… zada
    Continue soon

  8. Fatimaa.

    Heyy tammy….can i call u dat???
    It was awesome yaar loved it..
    Too goooood….fabulous…
    Post soon…love u

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..Tamana….Awesome ff…. Amazing….????????????

  10. Mia12

    Tamanna at 1st I want to apologize from you,,??.. M soooooo soooooo soooooo sorry 4 not cmnting on ur some update,,??.. And m feeling very much guilty so sorry,,??.. I hope now ur not angry with me and you forgive me also,,??.. And ur writing just out of word’s and as always Marvelous,,????????.. And I love this epi soo much,,??????.. Fantastic m just speechless yarrr,,???.. Well plzzz post next soon,,??..
    Load’s of love you,,?❤?❤?..
    Once again so sry,,???..

  11. Dheemahee

    Wow Yar it was awesome one….Love our twinj relation of hate and care one …. Post next one soon…

  12. Ramya

    Tamanna agli baar iss awesome amazing ff ko boring kahha na tho achha nahi hoga
    It’s just awesome amazing
    Dder fight n der care is just superb
    Love u keep smiling

  13. awesome

  14. fabulous

  15. it isnot boaring
    its amazing…

  16. marvellous

  17. lovely..
    post soon

  18. just loved it…
    too good

  19. nice
    post soon

  20. amazing …
    post soon…

  21. Vaah kya leka hai felt sad for twinkle and their first hug was just muaah

  22. awesome

  23. SidMin

    Just loved it … Awesome . .. the Cute relation between Twinj of Tashan and care was so cute … Love you post soon ❤

  24. Sana785

    Awesome… Mind-blowing

  25. Baby

    Ohhhhh god tammy babes….sch mein
    Kya kahun itna heart touching…bas u jst u know always touch d soul inside me by ur writings….. 🙂
    M truly ur fan…big fan…hope my cmnts keep making ur day…always…. 🙂 n u always remain my frnd…. 🙂
    Jst love u yr
    ..n it qas beautiful n emotional also….loved it…. 🙂
    Lods of love…. 🙂

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