Believe Me (swasan ss)Prologue by Mars

Hlo guys!! This is mars with new swasan ss as I had informed earlier. Firstly I thought to name it as sufferings season 2 but then as it is completely new story so given new tilte. Hope so u will like it.
* Finger cross*

Believe Me(swasan ss)
Sanskar Maheshwari:23 years old college going boy. Very proud of his handsome look. He loves himself and music alot. He wants to be rock star.
He has girlfriend swara gododia whom he always take as granted. He is over possessive about her and never let her talk to any other boy.He considere her as his property.His brother adarsh is his everything.

Swara Gododia:23 years old very innocent beautiful girl with values. She is very good in studies. She loves sanskar alot and that is the reason she bear his rude behavior also. She lives alone in Mumbai for her college while her parents are in Kolkata.

Adarsh Maheshwari:28 years old. Sanskar’s brother. He is only parent of sanskar and loves him a lot.
He is womaniser but sanskar don’t know About it. He is sanskar’s ideal and he trust him blindly.

Scene 1
Swasan are kissing each other. Sanskar is dominating Swara when swara said
Swara:i love u sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Sanskar tries to open her shirt when swara held his hand and said
Swara: no pllz sanskar. We can’t cross limits before marriage.
Sanskar moved back instantly and left from there angrily.
Swara(shouted): Sanskar..
But he had already left.Swara got sad for making him angry.

Scene 2
Swara(crying): believe me sanskar your brother misbehaved with me.
Sanskar(shouts): shut up u middle class girl. Do u think I m fool to believe you against my brother. Just get lost I don’t need u. There are many girls after me and will get much better than u.
Swara stood numbing seeing true face of her love. His words killed her many times.

Sooo how’s it. Tell me plzz whether I should continue or not.
Those who are waiting for my better half and naughty billo will post those today or tomorrow sorry for the delay.


Leave your comments if u want to read further.
Thank you
Take care.


  1. NDSG


    |Registered Member

    Yeh kya kia Sanskar tumney ✋✋✋✋✋ slap for u. U hurt my Shona… Aur yeh tharki adarsh 😡😡😡😡😠 . cheapo…

    😇😇😇😇 what to say Mars… It’s superbbbbb… 😘😘😘😘😘😘. I wish prologue should be more long… Chalo koi na, Chotey se he kam chala lete h… But seriously I’m loving this concept soo much… U r getting it… Soo much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Chaitu

    Interesting and poor sanskar believes his brother blindly and make him strong to resist zoor ka jatka of his life

  3. AbrahamEzra


    |Registered Member

    What the hell. Tho adharsh is so cheap. And sanskar is not believing in my shona. Mcth he doesn’t deserve her. Plss continue soon

  4. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Omg took good 💕💞💕💞💞💕💞💕💞😮
    And that adarsh so cheap…😡😡😡👿😡👿😡👿😡👿😡😡😡👿😡👿
    Please post soon and yes don’t let Swar a forgive Sanskaar easily 🔥🔥😡😡😡😡😡😡

  5. Sus

    well i can’t say Sanskar is wrong, everyone believe their family and believing his bro is okay becoz swara is nothing for him just he is passing time.
    so i can’t say sanky is wrong but again swara is not wrong so either she leave sanskar or make efforts to bring his brother true face in front of all

  6. Yamuna

    Is it brain or something that you get soo many thoughts
    Now I have wait daily for your story
    U wont let me sleep peacefully

  7. Kanha


    |Registered Member

    Seriously siso, tum itne saare ideas kahaan se laati ho? Hat’s off to you sweetu👍👍👌👌👌 It is really nice and interesting siso. Please update soon. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU SISOOOOOOOOOO😍😍😍😍😍

    • Mars



      Thank you so much dear and hey Sanskar just shouted at Swara he didn’t slap her. Plz read once again.
      I can never let my swara get slap that too from her sanskar

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