Believe me!! (OS) Part 3


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At present
Pragya gains conscious
She tries to remove the rope.
Abhi:mrs.abhi when did you wake up..
Pragya: stop this drama let me go..
Abhi : have this.
Pragya: im not hungry
Abhi: stop being adamant
Pragya: abhi please leave me.
Abhi: gud night mere jaan.
At the same time
Kushi gains conscious.
She finds a knife besides.
After much struggle she freed herself
Kushi slowly came out.
She reached the nearby room.
Purab and Bulbul were lying unconcious
Kushi: purab bulbul get up
We have to save pragya
Kushi turns and is shocked to see arnav..
Arnav claps his hand..
Kushi: how can he slap pragya
Arnav: kushi just listen
Kushi:im going with pragya
Abhi: get out of here miss pragya
Pragya: what did u want?
Y did u cheat me??
Abhi:bcoz i. Don’t love u
Pragya: kya
Abhi: i love u but i can’t live with u
Pragya: breaksdown
Purab Bulbul kushi and pragya leave from Abhi’s home
Arnav:abhi cool down
Abhi didn’t take it seriously.
After three days…
They didn’t return..
Arnav: kushi is not lifting the phone.
Abhi: arnav i want to see pragya
Arnav: hi mrs.arnav
Kushi: im kushi
Arnav holds her hand
Kushi: leave my hand asr
Arnav: i love u..
Kushi tries to leave…
Arnav: i love u.
Kushi: stop it.
Purab and Bulbul gain conciousness.
Arnav: purab how r u..
Purab: leave us..
Arnav: ok..
They leave to pragya’s room.
Arnav: they want to go itseems.
Abhi:i love u pragya..
I was not ready for a relationship
But i want u ..
Pragya: im leaving.
They left..
Arnav: i have a plan..
The next morning…
Pragya gets a call
Pragya gets shocked
Pragya: purab abhi. And arnav met withan accident.
Kushi: pragya.
They rush to the hospital
Doctor: they are serious.
Lets hope for the best.
Pragya: abhi get up
I love u
Please don’t leave me
Pragya: i love u
Abhi hugs her
Arnav winks at abhi
Pragya laughs.
Kushi is stunned.
Abhi: so mrs.abhi can we leave..
Thus our lovely couples create love everywhere.
I know this is stupid .
I will start a new ff in november
Thanks for ur love guys.
Im going to miss u all
Take care guys and always ?

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