Believe me!! (OS) Part 2

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Lets move on..
Abhi and arnav reached a hotel..
Arnav: abhi you are missing pragya right..
Abhi: arnav..yes im missing my fuggi
You are also missing kushi right.
A tear escapes from arnav’s eyes
Abhi: arey arnav
Arnav: its all my fault
I should have handled the situation differently
Abhi hugs arnav.
Flashback starts
Abhi -arnav : purab you are getting married ah.
Purab: yes
Abhi and arnav hit purab with a pillow
Purab: stop it.
Abhi: did u tell Bulbul
Purab: im going to tell her tomorrow.
Arnav: i have an idea.
Abhi: superb arnav
Purab: i don’t think u guys are helping me..
Abhi: leave about that
Will Bulbul parents agree??
Purab: abhi bulbul is an orphan.
Their parents met with an accident.
Arnav:then kushi ,pragya
Purab: they are strong woman
They started working in part time
They have struggled a lot in life.
Arnav: don’t worry purab .
However pragya and kushi also will come here na
Arnav winks at abhi
Purab: im not going to leave you both..
A garden is shown..
Pragya: lets eat
Kushi: im missing u ma
Bulbul: arey be happy na
Pragya feeds them.
Bulbul: di who will take care of us
Kushi: our fairy mother god na
Pragya: u are going to get into a beautiful relationship .
A prince will come
Kushi: abhi na
Bulbul: sanam re sanam re…
Pragya: kushi..
Pragya chases kushi and bulbul
The moon shows their happiness.
At present
Abhi looks at the moon.
One day changed my whole life
Where are u fuggi…
A mansion is shown..
Purab: mera bacho come for dinner
A woman twists purab’s ears..
Purab: kushi this is not fair.
Pragya: leave him na..
Purab: pragya we have a meeting with ar designs tomorrow.
Bulbul: purab the designs are ready.
Kushi: we are going to organize it in a grand manner.
Pragya: ofcourse s..
They have dinner.
Purabs pov
Abhi and arnav y did u do this to them they where really happy.
I never thought u guys like this..
Bulbul: purab.
Purab im coming.
The next day..
Pragya kushi Bulbul gets ready for the meeting.
Purab drops them at ar designs.
Purab: pragya i will park the car and come.
They enter into ar designs.
Kushi’s heart beat increases.
Pragya: kushi..
Kushi: nothing pragya lets leave.
Bulbul: di I’ll take the samples and i will come
Pragya and Kushi get into the cabin.
There are two people in the conference hall
Pragya: excuse me sir.
They turn
Pragya gets shocked and her eyes are filled with tears..
Kushi enters.
Kushi: pragya..
Kushi is shocked to see arnav and abhi.
Arnav and abhi stands up.
Kushi grabs pragya’s hand.
Kushi: lets leave pragya.
Pragya and kushi starts to leave.
Bulbul: y are you coming.
Bulbul sees abhi and arnav behind them.
Bulbul calls purab.
Bulbul:Purab start the car we are leaving.
Purab: what happened? ?
Pragya Bulbul kushi starts running.
Purab sees abhi and arnav
Purab: come fast guys.
Arnav: purab ki bache
Kushi and Bulbul reach near the car
Before pragya could run.
Abhi catches her.
Pragya: leave me abhi.
Abhi: arnav..
Go fast…
Pragya: purab leave.
Abhi: pragya stop moving.
Pragya: what do u want
Abhi: i want u.
Pragya hits his leg and tries to run.
In a fit of rage ,
Abhi gives a tight slap
Pragya falls unconcious
Arnav catches her.
Arnav: pragya..
Abhi starts the car.
Arnav places pragya in the back seat
Abhi starts the car..
In purabs car..
Purab: i will call di.
Kushi: bulbul asr is here.
Bulbul: di cool down.
Suddenly some smoke get into the car.
Everyone faints..
Abhi: arnav you drive that car
Arnav: ok.
Abhi thinks about his past..
Purab proposes bulbul
Bulbul agrees for their marriage
Arnav proposes kushi.
Kushi accepts him.
Abhi and pragya love each other.
Abhi proposes her and pragya accepts him
Love blossoms in their life.
Pragya and abhi starts preparing for Bulbul purab wedding.
Daadi fell ill
Abhi: daadi ..
Daadi: u get married now.
Pragya will u marry him.
Abhi without thinking said ok.
Pragya was stunned.
Abhi came back with a mangalsutra
He tied it to pragya.
He kept vermilion.
Pragya had tears in her eyes.
Abhi turned.
But daadi was no more
Abhi broke down.
Pragya left to her home.
Abhi and arnav completed the last rituals.
Abhi returned.
Pragya abhi i know your feeling
Abhi pragya leave me alone
Pragya: abhi listen to me cry out ur grief.
Abhi slaps pragya
Just get the hell out of her you are not my wife.
Pragya cries
Arnav: pragya come with me.
Kushi: arnav how can abhi slap pragya.
Arnav: he needs his time
Kushi: so what
Arnav: stop arguing
Pragya : kushi lets leave.
Kushi : im coming pragya.
Arnav: kushi…
At present
Abhi brings pragya to his bedroom
He ties her hands and legs and places on his bed.
Wait and watch mrs.pragya.
Abhi smirks and leave.

Precap: reunion

How is part2
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