Believe me!! (OS) Part 1

Hi guys this is ammu ..
Hope you guys remember me..
Thanks for all your love and support.
Hope u guys like this one shot..

Abhi is writing a diary..
Life as a rockstar is not a simple thing.
Concerts,albums,fans in short its a world of fantasy.
But. Life is not what we thing..
I never thought. Im going to marry her..
But now i love her.
At the same time
Arnav: abhi..
Abhi: arnav come..
What happened. .
Arnav: they are in india..
Abhi has tears in his eyes..
Abhi :arnav we are going to india..
Arnav leaves..
Abhi: fuggi im coming to u..

Abhi is giving an interview.
Abhi: meet my family.
This is my dadi and this is my brother arnav.
This is purab my bestie..
Journalists: abhi what is. Love ??πŸ’˜
Abhi: love is life..

At the same time,
Bulbul:di see this purab na..
Kushi: bulbul purab is helpless.
Bulbul: y r u telling so di..
Pragya: Bcoz he has to bear with u na..
Kushi: hifi pragya
Bulbul: di..
Bulbul chases them.
Kushi: we are having an meeting today.
Pragya lets rock it.
Bulbul: lets leave guys.
Pragya: hope everything goes good.
Abhi- rockstar
Arnav – purab- business man
Pragya – bulbul-kushi event manager

Our girls enter the abhi’s home
Bulbul signals purab
Purab smiles.
Pragya enters and collides with abhi.
Pragya: im sorry rockstar
Abhi gets mesmerized by her beauty.
Allah waariyan plays.
Kushi: rockstar
Kushi takes selfie with him.
Arnav: hi pragya..shall we start.
Pragya and kushi present their ideas
Arnav: the deal is final
Bulbul and purab are lost in each other.
Kushi notices them..
She teases them..
Arnav turns..
The wind blows
Arnav: whats happening
Y am i looking at her
Abhi: do u like her??
Arnav: ya she is beautiful
Arnav realises what he said.
Abhi: Arnav. .
Soon pragya,kushi and Bulbul started planning Abhi’s concert
Abhi and arnav had their own tactics .
They made sure pragya and kushi are near them always.
Pragya:this abhi na
He is behaving in a weird manner.
Kushi: even this arnav is behaving weirdly.
Bulbul: kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
Kushi:what the hell
Bulbul: purab told me.
Pragya and kushi:kya..
At the same time..
Abhi:oh my fuggi you are my cookie
Arnav:kuch kuch hota hai
Purab: daadi
I wish to marry Bulbul
Daadi: ok
Purab: abhi arnav
Im going to marry Bulbul.
Abhi arnav:kya
Abhi and arnav reach india
Arnav: abhi im going to call purab
Abhi: don’t call him .
Wait and watch mrs pragya abhishek mehra

Precap: reason behind their breakup

How is this OS part1
Please do comment if u like it i will post the next part.


  1. Riya

    It’s So Nice. Pls continue.
    And I missed u soo much Ammu dear. Very happy that u are back after a long break.


    |Registered Member

    Sorry ammu… for this late comment… I am busy because of festival… it was really good… nice dear… I knew you have posted next part…I am too eager to see it

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