BELIEVE ME!!!!! ….I LOVE YOU…..(Part 1)

Hey guys this is Maryam…..many of u might know me and many may not…let me introduce myself I am not new here but I am also not a writer I am just a reader and commenter…and most importantly a swasan fan…..who is here to right a 2/3 shot story swasan…hope u guys will like it…plz plz comment if u like as well as if u don’t like……

****The story starts from swara going back to Maheshwari a Mansion after ragini’s truth being revealed and her drama of partial memory loss..
It has been a week since ragini’s drama truth have been revealed to swara,sanskar and laksh..
Swara and sanskar sanskar are trying of every possible means to tell the family about this But laksh is neglecting it……..
LAKSH….the person who himself went against his wife ragini.who love him like anything brought her truth now trying to hide such a big thing from his family and is going against his loving brother sanskar….and Swara his first love..first feeling…or might be there is something big hidden in laksh behavior….
Yes guys,you guessed it right, laksh is doing this because ragini is manipulateing him against sanskar and provoking him to become a barrier in between Swasab…so he could get swara…*********But do u think ragini is this much good…..obviously no….she is doing this so that she can separate swara from both laksh and sanskar…and to get laksh trust back…..

In this all interguies and dramas one thing that is going right is Swasan union….there trust on each other…and swara near behavior towards sanskar…Actually in short we can say she is Developing feeling for her Husband…MR.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI….

Nowadays she is mostly lost in her own world..thinking about sanskar and blushing… But sanskar he is all time busy in his work and cannot give much time to swara…which is make her irked and frustrated…


Guys I myself is a reader and I know many of u might don’t like it….and may not comment….but plz do comment so I get get enough courage to write the next part….my exams are going on…n after my exams I would directly go out of town…so I won’t be able to connect with u all…that’s why thought to write something….

Tell me if I should continue or not…

Credit to: Maryam....


  1. swarna

    I think u r a editor ya writer in the one of swasan page? Leave it. Nyc concept. Nyc story. 😀 🙂

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