Belan Wali Bahu 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost scare Bobby to shoo him away from Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/highlight: Whole family tries to make Bobby leave house, men beat him subtly too but he doesnt leave. Laddo’s ghost keeps following him and scares him by telling his secrets to Roopa. Bobby gets scared and runs away from house.

Scene 1
Bobby says to himself that I will say sorry to Roopa, even fall in her feet. He comes to Roopa’s room but Ramnath, Naren and Jitendra are playing cards there. Ramnath says come inside, I heard you practice dance in morning. Bobby says yes its prayer. Jitendra says you made ladies of this house dance in a day, Ramnath says I want to entertain our ladies by dancing for them too. Naren says we dont know how to dance. Jitendra says Bobby will teach us dance. Bobby says no, I havent taught men dance. Ramnath says dont worry,

think we are ladies, we will dance like men. Jitendra says just start teaching us. Bobby ask them to stand around him, they do. Bobby starts teaching them dance. Ramnath puts foot infront of him and Bobby slips. Ramnath asks if he is fine? he nods. Bobby starts teaching them steps again. Ramnath hints asks Naren to go for it. Naren follows steps and kicks bobby. Bobby cries in pain and asks Naren to be away from him. He teaches them steps, Jitendra stands behind him and kicks him in butt, Bobby cries. Bobby says I am fine. He says now we will practice simple steps, twirl around.. Jitendra twirls around Bobby and keeps slapping him. Ramnath says I am sorry Bobby, we dont know how to dance, dont feel bad. Bobby says dont worry, you are my own, I dont feel bad, you can come tomorrow to learn dance more, you people can run hands as much as you want, I wont feel bad, he winks and leaves. Ramnath says he is adamant, he wont leave like this.

Family discusses about throwing Bobby out of house. Ramnath says he is ready to be hungry, get beaten but wont leave, we can throw him out. Dada says no, he is Laddo’s ghost, Laddo will feel bad. Laddo’s ghost says no, throw him otherwise I feel pain Dada. Roopa says what to do then? Dada says there must be way to get rid of clingy people. Jitendra says we can let him take interest in some other girl then he will Roopa alone. Dada says which girl? he eyes Lata, Lata is stunned. Jitendra points at Suzzi.. Dada slaps him and says you want to make Suzzi get stuck with him? Laddo’s ghost thinks and says to Roopa that I have an idea, come with me, she leaves.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost come to room. He says I have an idea, he tells her (which is muted). Roopa says I will talk to Shalini, she leaves.

Roopa comes to Shalini, she is taking selfie. Roopa says I need your help, you have to speak what I say and dont ask questions. Shalini says why? Roopa says no questions. Shalini says okay.

In morning, Bobby comes to family and asks why they didnt come for dance practice? you must be feeling weakness after fast. Dada says I want to ask you something Bobby, Bobby says yes? Dada says do you like to wear torn socks? all laugh. Dada says you can borrow money from Ramnath for new socks. Bobby says who told you? Dada says Shalini told me. Shalini says I can see ghosts so Laddo’s ghost told me that. Bobby gets scared and recalls how Shalini said earlier that she can see ghosts. Bobby thinks that Dada must have seen my socks, they are trying to scare me so I leave but I wont leave without Roopa.

Bobby comes to Roopa and says I was thinking to go and eat gol gappas. Roopa says then go. Bobby says can you come with me for company? she says I have work, you go alone, she leaves.

Bobby eats gol gappas alone. Laddo’s ghost glares at him. Bobby eats 12 of them.
Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and tells her information. Roopa tells it to Shalini and family. Bobby comes there. Dada says you accepted your defeat? Bobby says no I never lose. Shalini says Laddo told me you lost to him, Lata says you ate 12 gol gappas right? he says yes. Dada says Laddo’s ghost ate 15 gol gappas so he won. Shalini says Laddo’s ghost told me that he ate more gol gappas than you so he won. Bobby thinks ghost eats gol gappas? seller must have told them and they think I am a fool and leave being scared of ghosts then they are wrong, I will make Roopa mine.

Bobby comes to his room and says I will write love letter for Roopa. He starts writing, my dear Roopa, I want to tell you whats in my heart, I love you so much, I cant live without you.. Laddo’s ghost hears all that and says write more, I will make you scare of love soon. Bobby looks in mirror and says I have no right to look so pretty. Laddo’s ghost says I will show how pretty you can be, he glares at him.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and tells her about love letter. Bobby comes there. Roopa asks him to sit down. Bobby says I wanted to talk to you, I have written what I want in future in this letter, I have written my feelings in this letter, I hope you read it with cool mind. Roopa says I know what you wrote, its ‘whats in my heart, I love you so much, I cant live without you’. Bobby is stunned and says how do you know? Roopa says I know it. Bobby says who told you? Shalini comes there and says I told her as Laddo’s ghost was in room with you when you were writing letter and he heard it, Laddo’s ghost said he will come to meet you tonight, he is busy as he have become head of ghost society as he is most scary. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa make her stop. Roopa says Bobby you will meet your friend’s ghost tonight, you will like it. Bobby gets scared and runs from there.

Bobby comes to store room and says I will hide here, I dont believe in ghosts, I will hide here and then I will see how Laddo’s ghost tells them that I am here. Bobby hides in container. He says I cant sleep here. He starts playing games and then tries to sleep.

Scene 2
In morning Roopa and Shalini comes to store room. Roopa knocks on container and says good morning, tea. bobby says how you got to know I hid here? Shalini says Laddo’s ghost told us that you were hiding here whole night. Roopa says he told that you were playing snake games, he wanted to meet you but you were busy in game so he didnt want to disturb you but he will come tonight to meet you and take you with him. Bobby gets scared and says why? Shalini says he is bored so he will take you to ghost world. Roopa says this is your last night, Shalini takes selfie with him and says its last selfie with you. Bobby shivers in fear.

Bobby comes to mandir and says I dont understand all this, mind thinks that ghosts are not real but heart says that I can get heart attack from fear, how did they know I was playing game in store room? Ramnath speaks from hiding behind mandir and says you fool, donkey, its ghost that knows everything. Bobby says who is speaking? Ramnath says its God speaking. Bobby says really? Ramnath as God says Laddo’s ghost is bored without you so he wants to kill you and take you with him to play ghosts-ghosts. Bobby says I dont want to play that. Ramanth asks God says so runaway from there. Bobby says can I collect my things from house? Ramnath as God says that you want to put your life in danger for some things? runaway, far away that no one can you see there. Bobby turns to run. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes there. Roopa says where did you go? come home with me. Roopa says I wanted to tell about letter. Bobby says I am sorry, I will never write letter to anyone, I did mistake, I am sorry. Bobby runs away from there. Laddo’s ghost says how dare you flirt with my wife? Bobby runs away. Ramnath asks Shalini how she got to know about what Bobby was doing in private? Shalini says Laddo’s ghost told me, now you all believe that I can see ghosts? see there Laddo’s ghost is waving, all believe at her and waves back while Laddo’s ghost and Roopa rolls their eyes.

PRECAP- Roopa sees a dream in which
dream Yamraj tells others and God on sky that there is one soul which is left behind in world and havent been brought here, Yamraj says I will bring him here.. Roopa wakes up shouting no dont take him, please. Laddo’s ghost asks what happened? she says I saw a bad dream of you leaving. Laddo’s ghost says I wont leave till I get you punished, I am not going to leave you soon thats why Yamraj didnt come to take me too.
Yamraj comes to Laddo’s house. He starts dragging laddo’s ghost out of house to take him with him. Laddo’s ghost says sorry sir, please dont take me, please but he doesnt listen and keeps dragging him. Roopa runs behind them and shouts to stop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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