Belan Wali Bahu 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Lata stops house division

Belan Wali Bahu 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa’s side of family is enjoying poha while Shalini is making omelet for her team.
Shalini is working in kitchen, Jitendra comes near window, he starts guiding her, she doesnt know about frying pan, he points it out, she puts it on stove, he points to break the egg but she starts cutting it with knife, he smacks his forehead with irritation, Shalini copies it and breaks egg on her forehead.
Prem is waiting for omelet. Shalini and Jitendra comes there with egg smeared on her, all look on. Jitendra wipes her face. Dada says Prem your omelet is here, Naren snickers. Suzzi says I have been hungry, what will I eat now? Prem says me too. Dada asks Suzzi to eat poha. Prem says I can eat Roopa’s poha. Roopa asks Jitendra to eat it too. Jitendra says Dada made rules that

if I eat from your side then I will be punished. Dada says Suzzi is hungry. Train comes, they all hold things. Roopa deliberately pushes Poha on Shalini’s side of table. Roopa says to family that because of train, poha went on other side. Dada says yes now Suzzi can eat it. Jitendra and Suzzi eats it. Roopa asks Shalini to eat it too. She looks on. Jitendra says I will eat in room, he takes poha from there, Shalini goes behind him.

Suzzi asks Shalini to give her warm water, Shalini says I have been mopping and you came her with slippers, Suzzi leaves. Roopa mops her side of house. She goes to bring clean mop, Shalini pushes her side of trash on Roopa’s side, Roopa comes there and starts mopping again. Jitendra comes there and asks Shalini why she is not mopping? Shalini says I mopped it before, Jitendra says you must be tired, I will rub your feet, he lifts her and takes her from there.

Dada sees cleaned floor on Roopa’s side and says I want to give something to Roopa as reward. They take roses but they slip on wet floor and slips to Shalini’s side. Shalini and Jitendra comes there. Jitendra says you people broke the rule, rule was if someone crosses the line then that will be whipped.

Jitendra brings whips. Dada says we will hit ourselves. Shalini says this is cheating, Dada says no this was rule. Jitendra gives them whips and ask them to start. Prem, Dada and Naren hit themselves with ships. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa what they are doing? there were going to gift you and now they are getting punished, Roopa says sorry.

At night, Jitendra says I am hungry, I should eat something. He silently starts going to kitchen, he sees Suzzi going there too and says dont tell anything to Shalini, she will be angry. They come in kitchen and sees Shalini on Roopa’s side and already eating her food, she says I am hungry. They see Prem hiding and eating too. They laugh, they all start eating food prepared by Roopa. Roopa, Dada and Naren comes there, they clap. Dada says when I made rule then it meant to not steal food from our side, Naren says when we went to their side, we were whipped so its their time. Prem turns to leave but Dada says you were found stealing too so you will be whipped too.

Naren says to Jitendra you said you will get punished when you do a mistake. Dada says can we leave Suzzi on medical grounds? Suzzi says thats not a strong point, say something else. Jitendra says you have to whip yourself you. Jitendra, Suzzi, Shalini and Prem whip themselves. Roopa screams and sees a rat on line. Laddo’s ghost starts screaming, Roopa says its dead. Dada asks Naren to take it. Naren asks Jitendra to take it, Jitendra says its not on our side, Dada says its on line so Prem should take it, he says why should I? Shalini says our side will not take it, Roopa says it will spread germs, I will take it and throw it out. Laddo’s ghost says no Roopa you wont take this rat, no one is taking it so why should you? Roopa starts grabbing rat but Laddo’s ghost says you have swear on me. Roopa says I wont take it too. Shalini and Jitendra leaves. All leave. Dada and Suzzi look sadly at each other, Dada asks her to not take this rat, she says you too.

Scene 3
All family members are working in house but rat is still lying on line. They have covered their noses because of smell. Scrap seller comes there and sees a rat on line, he pukes and gets dizzy, he falls down and faints on division line. Roopa covers her nose and calls everyone, she says scrap seller is gone. Jitendra says why did he die on line? Suzzi says lets see if he is dead? She checks his pulse, seller wakes up at her touch, he smiles at her and faints again, Dada says he is fine, they all leave. Shalini says I should take selfie with him, she takes it. Her phone slips and falls in Roopa’s side of house. She screams, all come there. Shalini says my phone fell on their side. Jitendra says its gone. Shalini smiles and asks Roopa to give her phone. Roopa nods and takes her phone, Laddo’s ghost asks her to not give it, its on your side, Roopa says to Shalini that it fell on our side so you will not get this phone. Shalini says how can you not give it? you can take Jitendra, Jitendra says you will put your husband on stake for a phone? Shalini says this phone is my life and you are just a husband, if you love me then bring my phone back. Jitendra says I will get whipped again, dont worry if you get any call then Roopa will put on speaker. Shalii says I didnt get phone for calls, this phone is my life, I feel like my hand is cut. Roopa says I have solution, you want a phone right? throw this rat out and get your phone back? she dangles her phone infront of her. Shalini says with heavy heart that I agree to do it. Prem says what are you doing? Shalini whispers something to them. Laddo’s ghost says this Shalini will do smartness, take our memory card. Roopa nods. Shalini holds mouse with his tail, she is shaking. Roopa puts phone in her other hand. Shalini throws rat on Roopa’s side of house and smirks, she dances. Roopa is stunned. Dada asks her to throw rat out. Shalini says its on your side so you throw it. Roopa shows her memory card and says I knew you would do something like that thats why I took out memory card beforehand, I know there are many selfies in it. Shalini is stunned. Naren takes memory card and breaks it. Roopa and Shalini are stunned? Shalini screams and gets mad, she takes vase and is about to break it but takes out flowers and throws them on Roopa’s side. Roopa brings pillow and throws cotton on their side, all family members start throwing things around, they keep breaking things, hitting each other. Jitendra throws pillow on scrap seller too. Whole house is a mess. Lata enters house and is stunned to see mess and whole family fighting. Shalini hits her with pillow too. Lata screams, all are stunned to see her back. Lata asks what have you people done? She says to Roopa and Shalini that you have made this house hell, I gave you responsibility, who did all this? Roopa and Shalini point at other. Lata says who did it? Shalini says Jitendra did it. Prem says Dada divided house, Dada says I had to stop daughter in laws fighting, they all start arguing, Lata shouts enough, its not important who did what, remove this division line, anything should happen in house but there should be no division of house, work or relations. They all nod. Prem asks her to make breakfast, they are all hungry, Jitendra says please throw rat out too, she says what? Jitendra says I will throw that rat away, I will do it. He goes, takes the rat from tail. Lata asks Prem what he wants to eat? Prem says I can even drink juice of flour, I am so hungry. Lata says I will make it. Roopa says I will help too. Dada asks Shalini to go and help too, Shalini acts like ghost caught her hand, Roopa tries to go with Lata but Roopa slips. Lata asks her to leave it, she will make it. Shalini and Roopa starts taking selfies. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to take this scrap seller away, she shrugs and leaves. He is still sleeping there.

In morning, Lata says to Prem that my left eye is twitching and it happens always when a problem is coming to us. Prem says yes on our marriage your left eye was twitching and then we got married, such a big problem happened, she glares at him. Prem says we should tie lemon and spice on gate of house so problems remain away from us.

Lata is tying spices and lemon on door when Jimmy enters house. Lata says so this was the problem? even spice and lemon cant stop him. Jimmy sees her and says I didnt see you on door. Lata says I was waiting to welcome you, why you are here? he says I have setup a new business, he says again? Lata says no one is home. Jimmy shouts that train is coming, all family members rush to her. They see Jimmy there. Prem murmurs he is here to attack bank balance again. Jimmy greets Prem and Dada. Prem says take inlaws as inlaws only, not your house. Jimmy laughs and says I have come for a work.

Roopa makes tea for Jimmy, Jimmy asks her to pack some tea bags, they are nice. Dada says what work do you have? He says I have started work of mannequin, I have got a foreign client, I dont have place so I thought to use this house for exhibition, all look on.

PRECAP- Jimmy cries and says to family that the mannequins fell in water and all destroyed, Roopa says so exhibition is canceled? Jimmy says no my client will kill me. Dada jokes that so should we become mannequins? Jimmy says yes I as thinking if you people can become statues? all look on.
Exhibition starts, client comes in house. Jimmy shows him statues which are family members only, one person bumps into Prem, he acts falling like a mannequin.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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