Belan Wali Bahu 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost jealous of Bobby’s flirting with Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode description/highlight: Laddo’s ghost gets jealous of Bobby proposing Roopa and wants to throw him. Whole family tries to get him to leave but Bobby is adamant to win Roopa’s heart.

Scene 1
Bobby proposes Roopa. Laddo’s ghost gets angry and says I would beat him, Roopa you wont stay here, go home. Bobby asks Roopa if she will marry him? Roopa says arent you ashamed to say bad about my husband infront of me? Bobby says you were bad mouthing about him too. Roopa says I can call him jerk, bad man, angry man or anything because he is my husband but you cant talk about him like that, and call me Roopa bhabhi, I am Roopa only for my husband, she huffs and leaves. bobby says I will pacify her, she will be mine. Laddo’s ghost hears it and says he is clingy, Roopa

was right, his intentions are not good, I will not let him in my house.

Roopa is in her room. Laddo’s ghost paces around and says Bobby tried to take advantage, I would kill him but you killed me, Roopa says I told you his intentions are not right. Laddo’s ghost says tell family about his truth so they throw him out. Roopa says okay, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says I will break his face.

Roopa tells family about bobby’s antic. Ramnath says I will break his face and throw him out. Jitendra says I am policeman, I can throw him out. Lata says I will beat him with slipper and he will runaway. Dada says no one will do bad with him, he is Laddo’s friend and if we do bad with bobby then Laddo’s soul will feel sad. Roopa says no actually his soul wants to throw Bobby out of house, I mean he told me when he was alive to throw these kind of people out. Dada says but is not alive so we are not sure, we are respected people and beating doesnt suite us, he came here respectfully so we will send him out respectfully, I will talk to him and ask him to leave nicely.

At night, Bobby comes to Dada’s room to sleep. Dada says we can share bed today. bobby says are you sure? I get touchy in sleep. Dada says you are like Laddo for me so its okay. Bobby and Dada lies in bed. Dada says whats your plan? bobby says I will stay for 10-12 days, I have some work to do. Dada says it will not be completed, I have experience. Bobby says but we should try till the end. Dada says if you try too hard then you can get slippers, you should leave, dont be stubborn. Bobby gets up from bed. Dada says you can get rickshaw from street. Bobby says I am not leaving house but your bed, you talk a lot. He lies on floor. Dada thinks he is stubborn, I have to think something else.

Laddo’s ghost is frowning. He asks Roopa to come and sit with him balcony, she says we will talk tomorrow, he says no Bobby can take you from here,come here. Roopa goes to sit on balcony with him. Laddo’s ghost says Bobby is not leaving house, he is stubborn kid. Roopa laughs and says you called him stubborn kid, he glares at her. Laddo’s ghost says you can be anything but I wont let any other man come in your life. She lovingly looks at him and says never? he says no, she says promise you wont let anyone enter my life? he says I promise. Roopa looks in his eyes and blushes, Haan hasi ban gayi plays.. Roopa says why did you say I can be anything? Shalini comes there and says Roopa why you are sitting balcony plank? Roopa says I am just tensed about bobby. Shalini says I am coming, your tension is mine. Laddo’s ghost says this is some festival. Shalini comes on balcony plank, Roopa asks her to not sit beside her, sit at a distance, Shalini sits at a distance, Laddo’s ghost is sitting between them. Shalini says why am I sitting at distance? Roopa asks her to sit on her otherside of her, Shalini does. Shalini says Dada will handle Bobby. Roopa says Dada couldnt do anything, I heard that Bobby didnt listen to Dada, he wont leave. Shalini says we can take selfie. Ramnath comes there and says why you are sitting alone here? I will sit you both. He sits beside Shalini. Naren comes there and says what is happening here? Roopa says we are just talking. Naren says I will sit with you, he sits on balcony plank with them.Jitendra comes there and asks what they are doing on plank? Roopa says planning to throw Bobby out of house,Jitendra says I am coming too. He sits beside Naren. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa I wanted to talk to you and now all are here. Suzzi comes there and says you are having family discussion? I am coming. She comes on plank, Roopa doesnt let anyone sit on her otherside as Laddo’s ghost is sitting there. Laddo’s ghost says only Lata is remaining, call her too. Roopa says Lata Maa you come here too. Laddo’s ghost says you actually called? I was joking. Lata asks what they all doing on balcony plank? Shalini says we are taking sad selfie. Lata says I am coming too. She comes on balcony plank. Ramnath says we are discussing serious matter here. Laddo’s ghost moves to corner and says I will fall down. Roopa says dont move too much, we should sit closer to each other. Ramnath says I have an idea. Lata says I have an idea too. Lata sits to otherside and Laddo’s ghost falls down from plank. Lata says I have a plan to throw Bobby out. Laddo’s ghost says I was crazy to think that I would be able to talk to Roopa, you are useless Roopa. He leaves angrily.

Scene 2
In morning, Bobby wakes up and asks Lata why they are not having breakfast? Lata says its our weekly fast, we keep fast on one day of week. Bobby says yes liquid diet it good. Lata says you cant even drink in this fast, its so hard that there is no water or food in house today. Bobby says means I wont get anything? Lata says you can go to hotel and call room service for food, pack your bags and leave. Bobby says if my family is all hungry then how can I eat? I will keep fast too, Bobby thinks maybe Roopa will like me if I fast.

PRECAP- Ramnath says to Bobby that I heard you do dance practice in morning? we will like to do it with you. Bobby says okay and starts teaching them but Naren and Jitendra circles around him and keeps slapping while acting like they are dancing.
Bobby writes love letter for Roopa to impress her.
Bobby says to Roopa that I wrote a letter for you. Roopa says I know what you wrote.. it says that you want to tell me your heart things, its beating for me.. Bobby says how do you know what I wrote? Shalini says I told her and Laddo’s ghost told me as he saw it. Bobby gets scared hearing that. Laddo’s ghost looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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