Belan Wali Bahu 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa takes a stand for herself

Belan Wali Bahu 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lata gives wine bottle to Roopa and asks her to hide it in her room. Roopa says okay but mistakenly drops it and it breaks. She says sorry mummy. Lata says this was a nice thing, start is good, now I am sure you both can handle the house. Shalini asks her to not worry. Lata says okay. Lata says bye to Prem and leaves house. Jitendra says to Dada that dont you think Suzzi should handle this house too? Dada slaps him and says Suzzi will take care of me, she is always busy with my work. Roopa nods at Shalini. Shalini recalls how Lata asked them to take care of house till she doesnt return and she needs house like she left. Shalini nods to herself.

Roopa prays to God and says God be with me, Lata gave us responsibility, I will be able to do it right? Laddo’s ghost says you cant

do it, why did you let Lata go? she used to handle your mistakes. Roopa says Shalini will handle some mistakes and I will handle some mistakes, we will do it together. Laddo’s ghost says when did you see Shalini working in this house? never. Roopa says you are overreacting, I will do half work and Shalini will do half work.

Shalini is making chores list. She says to Jitendra that I have worked to make this list, half work will be done by Roopa and other half will be done by Roopa too, I will check if works are done or not, there are a lot of work in house, you have to make breakfast then eat it, then wash dishes, then wash laundry, bring veggies, do dusting, check if everyone is right, bring water to them and other stuff… Roopa will do all work and I will check on them, After Lata, all work is on me. She takes selfie and says there is so much work, I cant even sit, she leaves. Jitendra says my Shalo have to work so much.

Roopa is cleaning walls. Laddo’s ghost asks if he has become fat? Roopa says you cant become fat or slim now, He glares at her and says I am useless now like Shalini. Roopa says why you are behind her? now mummy is gone so she will handle everything. Shalini comes there and says Roopa I have made list of work. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that see she has made list of work, she is such a nice sister in law, we will handle all work together. Shalini says I have written all work tasks, you will do it right? Roopa says we will do it together? Shalini says yes you do the work and I will handle if they are nicely done or not, you just follow me. Laddo’s ghost laughs. Shalini hugs Roopa and says mummy is not here so take me as your mom, dont take stress, she gives her list and leaves. Laddo’s ghost laughs and says she did hardwork by making list? He asks her to show the list. She glares at him but laughs. Laddo’s ghost says you will do all work alone and there will be mistakes only and Shalini will supervise you? so more mistakes. Roopa says you keep saying that, I am going to work and you will see how everything is handled, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says Shalini is clever.

Roopa is working in kitchen, Shalini is supervising her. Prem asks for food, Naren asks to press his shirt. Roopa is mistakenly throwing things here and there. Prem asks how much time? Roopa says coming. Roopa rushes to make food but keeps dropping things, Shalini just keeps telling her to clean here and there. She keeps giving her instructions. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Roopa cleans all the kitchen. Shalini takes selfie and write younger daughter in law tired after work, Roopa is stunned.

Roopa bring water for Dada but drops glass on his knees, he cries in pain. Roopa says sorry sorry. Roopa brings broom to clean the mess. Dada says be careful, see Shalini never does a mistake. Suzzi asks Shalini to bring water, Shalini says Roopa will bring it. Roopa says yes I am bringing it. She leaves.

At night, Jitendra is rubbing Shalini’s feet. Shalini says Roopa only does mistakes, I am always with her so I keep an eye on her. Jitendra says I know there is work load on you. Shalini says I am managing it otherwise someone else would have left house long ago.

Roopa is tired and says wish someone can rub my feet and hands. Laddo’s ghost says you are doing all work and Shalini doesnt do a single thing. Roopa says dont provoke. Laddo’s ghost says you do all work then do mistake, you are working Shalini’s part too and getting scolded for mistakes, atleast raise your voice for yourself, that Shalini has made you a servant, let her do her work. Roopa looks on.

Shalini asks Jitendra to stop rubbing her feet. He thanks her and turns to leave but Jitendra asks her to rub her hands. Roopa calls Shalini. Shalini says dont know what mistake she did now.

Roopa calls Shalini sternly. All come there. Shalini asks if she broke something else? Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to talk. Roopa says to Dada that I cant work alone anymore, I do all work then I do mistakes so I get scolded, you were asking me why Shalini doesnt do any mistake because Shalini doesnt do any mistake, I threw things mistakenly because I was handling it. Shalini says when Roopa was doing all that, I was watching if all work was done nicely, I kept watching her, I kept telling here where dust is when she was dusting, I get tired just by supervising. Jitendra says yes then I rub her feet because she gets tired. Dada says Roopa Shalini is younger, you are mature, Roopa says no this is not done, please take a decision. Dada thinks and says okay after seeing all this, I have decided to divide their work, Roopa will do her work and Shalini will do her work. Shalini sighs and says okay, I have work list, I will make it half and half. she tears it and says now Roopa will do her part. She give her part, Roopa says I will do my part of job. Dada says great.

Scene 2
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I will do work of this half list. Laddo’s ghost sees list and says this is complete list, Shalini took empty part. Roopa rushes to Shalini, she stops everyone and says Shalini you are cheating now? she shows Shalini’s half list which is empty, Roopa says my list have all work, Shalini says it might be a mistake but what happened has happened, this is fate. Dada says enough Shalini, I have decided what to do now. All look on. Jitendra says Suzzi can do all work and problem is solved, Dada slaps him.

Dada divides house in two, he says half portion of house will be handled by Shalini and other half of house will be handled by Roopa. Dada says kitchen will be divided too. Naren says what about us? Dada says those who want to be on Roopa’s side can come to her and others can go to Shalini’s side. All rush to Roopa’s side. Shalini says Jitendra you too? Roopa says Shalini will need someone for help too. Dada makes chits and says now we will take out names to decide who will go on which side and if someone tries to change their sides then they will be beaten. Dada makes everyone take out a chit. Prem says there is no chit for me, I am on no side now, Lata is gone too. Dada says you can be on both side. Prem says thats good, enjoy both sides. He ask them to come to their respective sides by opening chits. Dada have Roopa’s side chit, he gets elated. Suzzi checks her chit and Shalini’s side comes in her chit, Dada gets sad. Shalini’s side have Suzzi and Jitendra, Roopa’s side have Dada, Naren and Prem. Dada asks Suzzi to come to his side, I mean on Roopa’s side. Prem says remember if someone tries to change side then he will be whipped. Suzzi says no I cant get whipped, I will remain on Shalini’s side. Roopa says see now how I will do work of my part of house. Shalini says you will how my side people will do all their work. All are stunned.

Scene 3
All are waiting for breakfast next morning, Jitendra says to Dada that Roopa will mistakenly throw tea for you guys. Dada says atleast we will get tea, Shalini have never made tea.
Shalini and Roopa are making tea in kitchen. Shalini follows Roopa. roopa sees it and puts spices in her tea, Shalini follows her and keeps putting spices in her tea too. Roopa puts red chili in her tea, Shalini puts it too. Roopa smirks. shalini thinks all these things are put in tea too?

Prem is waiting for tea from either side.
Shalini is putting spices in tea, Roopa tries not to laugh. Roopa pours leaves in tea, Shalini does it too. Roopa adds milk in tea, Shalini does it too. Dada asks for tea. Shalini says I will bring it first. Roopa mistakenly burns her hand. Shalini laughs, she pours tea in her cups and leaves.
Shalini brings tea for her side. Jitendra says my Shalini is always first, Prem says I will go on their side. Jitendra says this tea have different color, Suzzi says I have seen it first time. Jitendra asks Prem to drink it. Prem and Suzzi hesitantly drinks it but throws it out. Jitendra takes a sip and tries not to puke, he gulps and says Shalini such nice tea, very good. Prem slaps him and says there is nothing good in this tea. Suzzi says this tea is paratha. Dada and Naren laughs. Dada says we will drink our normal tea. Shalini says you will get same tea. Roopa comes there and says no Shalini this is normal tea which I made earlier, I made that spice tea just because you were following me. Roopa goes to serve tea but slips and tea falls from her hands. Shalini laughs. Roopa goes to make more. Jitendra says I knew she will throw tea. Dada asks him to stop it. Scrap seller brings tea. Dada says you here? he says I heard you people shouting for tea so I brought tea, he gives them all tea. Dada says neighbors should be like these. Roopa brings broom and sees them all enjoying tea. Scrap seller pours tea for Suzzi and whistles at her. Dada gets angry and says such bad neighbors, he asks him to leave. Scrap seller says 50rs per tea cup. Prem says are you mad? its 10rs per cup.

Shalini is called for work, Jitendra asks her to press his shirt. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that see people are calling Shalini too. Shalini comes there and says to Roopa that you think you fooled me by putting spices in tea? I didnt know when you were adding spices but when you poured milk in tea then I knew you were upto something, tea doesnt have milk, Roopa tries not to snicker. Shalini says I came to ask who is provoking you? there is always a woman behind provoking a woman against another woman? who is provoking you? Roopa points at Laddo’s ghost and says he is provoking me, Shalini sees Laddo’s photo and says Laddo how? Roopa says he came in my dream, Shalini says Laddo was angry man but he was not a person to provoke. Roopa says he had a woman in him, he had instinct to provoke. Shalini says I have taken up the challenge and now I will not spare you, she leaves. Suzzi comes to Roopa and says I am hungry. Shalini comes there and says what you want in food? I cant make cuisine but anything else. Suzzi says omelet will work, Shalini says which has flour in it? Suzzi says no it has egg, Shalini says oh yes I was joking, my team will get food, Roopa says I have already made food for my team in morning, if you wake up early morning then half work is done. Shalini says I do full work, she leaves with Suzzi asking how much sugar to add in omelet. Roopa looks on.

Jitendra says to himself that my Shalini is working so much, wish I could do something for her. Shalini comes there. Jitendra asks why her face is pale, she says I asked Suzzi to make omelet but I dont know how to make it. Jitendra offers to help Shalini in making omelet. Shalini says no Dada cleared it that we have to work in kitchen on our own, Jitendra says no one will know. Shalini says no I will lose then. Jitendra says come with me, I will teach you and you make it. Shalini says no if someone sees that other person is helping me then my image will be tarnished, Jitendra says how to help? Shalini says you keep telling me from kitchen window and I will make it, Jitendra says great, Shalini dances and says now I will make omelet. They leave.

Roopa serves breakfast to Dada, Naren and Prem. She says I made poha. Dada asks Suzzi where is your breakfast? Suzzi says she is making omelet for me. Prem says I want omelet too. He moves to Shalini’s side. Suzzi says seems like she is making omelet.

Shalini is in kitchen trying to make omelet and looking for Jitendra.

PRECAP- At night, Prem, Shalini, Suzzi and Jitendra are eating food made by Roopa. Roopa and her members catches them. Naren says when we broke the rules, we were whipped, Roopa says yes now you broke the rules so you will be whipped.
Prem, Shalini, Suzzi and Jitendra whip themselves. Roopa suddenly screams and sees a rat on border line in house. Dada says who will pick it up? Shalini says not our side since its not on our side. Naren says then we will not pick it either.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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