Belan Wali Bahu 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa shows Laddo’s ghost his friend flirting with her

Belan Wali Bahu 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost I am sorry about hug thing. Laddo’s ghost says leave it, I am happy and I want to gift you, open cupboard there is something there. Roopa opens it and finds stale gajra inside. Roopa says I should throw it, Laddo’s ghost says no I brought it the day I died, I thought to give it you but you.. Roopa says sorry, now I will wear it. Laddo’s ghost says no they are stale now. Roopa wears it and says they still have aroma, he stares at her. Laddo’s ghost asks how did you learn dance? Roopa says Bobby helped me, he is a dancer. Laddo’s ghost says he is my best friend, thank him, Roopa says I will do it tomorrow, its night. Laddo’s ghost says no no.. go and thank him now, she says okay and leaves. Laddo’s ghost says

Bobby fulfilled my last wish.
Roopa comes to bobby’s room, he is sleeping and dreaming about Roopa’s dance. Roopa says he is sleeping but I have to say thank you, she says Bobby ji.. he wakes up and says you? I was seeing you in dream, I mean remembering your performance. Roopa says I want to thank you for that, you did what never happened before. Bobby blushes and says I have same feelings, I want to thank you, I never felt like this before. Roopa says what you mean? He says I mean I never taught like this, Roopa says it wouldnt have been possible without you. Bobby says now I am here, I will make everything possible. Roopa says Dada is sleeping on floor? Bobby says he didnt want to sleep on bed, I can ask him to go out of room so we can talk, she says no no.. I was leaving, I just wanted to thank you. bobby says can we have coffee? she says no no I was just going, he says okay good night, sweet dreams, she smiles and leaves. Bobby is mesmerized by her and cant stop smiling,

Scene 2
In morning, Bobby brings tea for Roopa. She wakes up and says you here? Bobby says good morning, I like to dance in morning for practice, Roopa says yes do it in your room. Bobby says Dada is sleeping there, I thought to do it with you as you are my dance partner, we can practice together. Roopa says but I danced last night. Bobby says but we will start practicing today. Roopa says I have to get fresh. bobby says okay you can join me. Roopa goes to washroom. She gets freshen up and comes out of bathroom with toothbrush in her mouth. bobby dances around her on salam-e-ishq, Roopa looks at weirdly. Roopa tries to clean her room but Bobby follows her around dancing. Bobby sits on his knees infront of her and dances. Roopa imagines Laddo’s ghost dancing with her and smiles.. Roopa turns to leave but Bobby says what about dance practice, she says I have to make breakfast and leaves.

In lounge, Jitendra says to family that Shalini danced so nicely like Meena Kumari, Shalini says you could have called me Deepika. Ramnath says Lata danced so nicely that ground bent, all laugh. Ramnath asks Dada if he had good sleep? Dada says I had to sleep on floor and my back hurts, he asks Suzzi if she slept without him? I mean did you sleep nicely outside room? Suzzi says I slept so nicely, I never slept in your room that well, I will sleep outside your room from now on. Roopa starts serving breakfast to family. Bobby starts serving food he made. He looks at Roopa with flirty attitude, Roopa feels weird and leaves.

Roopa comes to her room and makes Laddo’s ghost wake up, she asks him to get down from cupboard, he does and asks what happened? Roopa says Bobby is behaving weirdly, I dont feel he has right intention. Laddo’s ghost says he looks like thief but he wont steal. Roopa says no I mean he is taking too much interest. Laddo’s ghost says its his work, he used to do it at office too. Roopa says what? Laddo’s ghost says he gives money and take interest on it. Roopa says not that interest, he looks at with bad intentions. Laddo’s ghost says what are you saying? he never took interest in his own wife. Roopa says men dont take interest in their wives, you didnt too. Laddo’s ghost says you are saying rubbish, he is not like that, he is my childhood friend, he had bad wife, she used to destroy things so I got him divorce, I wont listen bad for him, he leaves.

Bobby says to family that why you people dont get Roopa married again? she is young and its good for her to get settled again. Ramnath says who will make food? who will work in house? who will give us food? Lata says no, Roopa is a little different, he break things a lot but we bear her. Bobby says what if someone is able to bear her? Jitendra says people dont do it. Naren says marriage should be banned seeing matters in this house. Ramnath says I agree. Lata glares at him. Bobby says I can see Roopa’s future, she will be happy with second marriage, he asks Dada what he thinks? Dada says its about Roopa’s life, if she wants to get married again then we will agree, her approval is our approval.

Bobby comes to Roopa’s room and says why you are alone? Roopa says he is with me, Bobby says who? Laddo’s ghost says I am here. Bobby says to Roopa that I shoulg have met you before.. I mean your family, they all are nice. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to talk nicely to him, he is my friend. Bobby asks Roopa if she can take him to mandir? I had fast, Roopa says girls keep that fast for good life partner, Bobby says I want good life partner. Roopa says mandir is close to house, you can go there. Bobby says can you come with me? I will be lost, she says no I have work, he sadly starts leaving. Laddo’s ghost says what work do you have? say yes to him, he wants to go mandir, say yes. Roopa says yes. Bobby gets happy and says thank you, we will go together. He leaves. Laddo’s ghost says he is sweet, you go to mandir everyday but cant go wit him. Roopa glares at him.

Scene 3
Bobby and Roopa starts going to mandir. Bobby sees gol gappas and asks Roopa if she wants to eat them? Roopa says no, I dont want to. He says why? Roopa says I dont like them. Bobby says you are lying, Laddo told me they are your weakness, you can never say no to them, Roopa says I dont want to eat them. Bobby says just think you are eating with Laddo. Roopa recalls flashback, once she came to eat gol gappas with Laddo, Laddo remained stiff, he ate one gol gappa and starts huffing saying they are so spicy, Roopa says it was for me, she gives him sweet gol gappa, flashback ends. Bobby says eat them for Laddo’s sake. Roopa nods. Bobby brings gol gappas for her, Roopa and he start eating. They start leaving. Bobby buys gajra for Roopa and says you are wearing stale gajra, I have bought fresh gajra for you. Roopa says no I am fine, lets go to mandir. Bobby says Laddo told me you like gajra, will Laddo like that you are wearing stale gajra. Roopa says yes he feels good, he says what? She says I dont like new gajras after him. Bobby says he will like you in new gajra, I will make you wear it. She says I wont take this off, give me this new gajra, I will wear it later. Bobby gives money to beggar, Beggar blesses that they remain couple. Roopa says we are not couple, Bobby gives him more money and says we are couple, like friends couple, Roopa thinks he is crossing limits, I have to do something. Bobby leaves. Roopa gives Bobby’s gajra to beggar and leaves.

Roopa and Bobby comes to mandir. Bobby whispers in God’s ear and says to Roopa that if you tell wishes to them then they make it fulfill. He says I pray that all should get partners in life, me, Roopa bhabhi, all should have partners in life. Roopa glares at him. Roopa says to Bobby that I remember Laddo when you were doing pooja, I felt he was doing pooja, only one difference, when used to come here, he used to wash whole mandir, I liked that so much, only he could do that. Bobby says no I can do it too. He starts washing whole mandir, he cleans whole mandir. He gets tired and asks Roopa if they can go home? She turns to leave but some thief snatches Roopa’s purse and starts running. Roopa says Laddo would have caught him. Bobby says I will catch him too. Bobby starts running behind thief, he huffs with heavy breaths. Thief stops and says if you cant run behind me then dont. Bobby says lets have a deal, he gives him money and takes Roopa’s bag, he gives it to her. They go home.

Bobby comes to Dada and says can I take Roopa out for dinner? Dada says if Roopa is ready then I dont have problem. Roopa comes there and hears it, she smirks and says I am ready, if he wants to take me out then great. Bobby gets elated and thanks her.
At night, Bobby starts getting ready, he imagines Roopa guiding him to get ready, she points at him to wear glasses and cut his nose hair, he does and turns around to see she is gone, she was his imagination.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and says we have to go to dinner, your friend Bobby is taking me on dinner and I want to show you his intentions are not good with me. Laddo’s ghost says dont put false allegation him, I am not going. Roopa says then I am not going too, you have to come with me, please. Laddo’s ghost agrees.

Bobby brings Roopa to date on nicely decorated hotel, Roopa is wearing nice white saree, Roopa says no one is here. Bobby says I booked this whole area for us, I dont like loud noise, Laddo’s ghost says he doesnt like noise. Bobby brings out chair for Roopa, Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost to sit with her, they share chair. Bobby says you can order anything you want.. Laddo was such nice friend, we were such good friends, I never thought he will leave like this, I feel lonely without him, I wish he was here with us. Laddo’s ghost says Bobby you loved me so much? even I dont love you that much. Bobby says Roopa I know you miss Laddo, I have same nature like him, Roopa you both are not different at all? he says yes. Roopa says then I have to leave as his nature was third class, he used think about his happiness only, he never took me out, he was an angry husband all the time and if you are like him then I should leave. Laddo’s ghost says what are you saying? Roopa turns to leave but Bobby says we were very different, yes I never told you to not make you feel bad, we were so different, he was cheap, jerk and I always wanted to get away from him. Laddo’s ghost says he was calling me best friend. Roopa says you were best friends? Bobby says no we were like enemies, I know you were not happy with Laddo, he was a frowning person, people used to hate him in college, he made my life hell, he always used to ask things from me like my bike, even my clothes. Laddo’s ghost says he is such big liar, I wouldnt even fit in your clothes. Roopa says you must miss him. Bobby says he is nightmare, I feel we should come out of his memories, dont miss him, not worth it. Laddo’s ghost glares at him. Bobby says when you married him, I couldnt sleep thinking how.. how such a frowning person can get such beautiful wife second time, I mean his first wife was your sister and then he got you, I dont know how. Bobby says yes promise we will never talk about Laddo, he couldnt make you happy but I promise to make you happy for life, accept my salam-e-ishq(love wave). Bobby says I want to tell your my heart thing. Bobby sits on his knees and says Roopa would be Mrs. Bobby? He takes out ring and asks Roopa if she will marry him? Laddo’s ghost and Roopa are stunned.

Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that how dare Bobby stab in back, he kept calling you bhabhi and flirting with you. Roopa tells family about Bobby’s bad intentions. Ramnath says I will beat him and throw him out. Dada says no need for that, I will talk to him and make him leave silently.
At night, Dada asks Bobby whats his plan to leave? Bobby says I have some work, I will do it and then leave.
Lata says to Bobby that we have fast and we havent made anything so you will remain hungry. Bobby says no worries, I will keep fast with you all.
Jitendra attacks Bobby and slaps him a lot but Bobby ignores it and says I am going for dance practice, he leaves. Ramnath says we kept him hungry, thirsty, beat him too but he is not ready to leave the house. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost worriedly looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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