Belan Wali Bahu 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Lata goes to her mom’s home

Belan Wali Bahu 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All the men sneak in the house after a tiring day. Naren says see first if anyone is seeing us. Laddo’s ghost says come in. Jitendra says those thugs put a knife on me but why did dad have to become hero. He could give money easily. They all fall down.
Jitendra says we have to pay bill or they will cut it. Prem says or should go up and steal electricity. Jitendra says that would be dangerous. Dada says yes don’t. He says do you all think what would women do when their money end like us. Naren says they might not finish it completely. Prem says they would sell something to get money like old papers. We will sell old bottles. look around for anything that can be sold.
They collect it all and come to the recycler. He says only 180. Dada says what would we do with

180? We wont sell it. Dada says I brought something important. Mu gold medal. I got this in fight 25 years ago. The recycler checks it and says its fake. Its not real good. This is only plated. Take it back. Dada says how can you say that.
Jitendra says we need more things. Laddos’ ghost sees them. He comes to Roopa and says they are selling stuff from the house. She says they wound clean the house this way. I gave them your old stuff as well. He says go and stop them. She says don’t complain so much let them manage.

Roopa looks for saucepan. Lata says did you find it? She says no. Laddo says they are selling it. She says let me go look for it.
prem comes ot Naren and takes hi money bank. He says papa this is mine. Don’t take it please. They break it. it has small love chits as well.
Shalini says is everything going well? He says yes yes. Neighbor comes in and says is there sugar? Prem says no. She says at least think about me and my kids. Bring sugar by tomorrow. She leaves.

Shalini takes pictures. Jatindra sneaks in and look for something. He finds a pouch and sneaks out. Shalini says stop.. Lets pose first. I will take your picture. She takes the pouch from him and says don’t act smart with him. she comes to everyone and says I caught him trying to steal stuff.
Jatindra tells dad I got caught. Roopa says their money is over. They should tell us. Lights turn off. everyone says what happened to the lights. Lata asks Prem what happened to the light? Jatindra says we paid the bill. Shalini says the ration is over as well.m Prem says will bring it don’t worry. Lata says okay let us cook. Prem says we men will cook today.
Naren says how will we cook without ration? Prem says there should be something in the house. Prem says I found cheese. Roopa says I hid everything they shouldn’t be finding it. They pretend like they have found everything and pretend that they are cooking. shalini says if they are cooking why can’t we smell it. Jatindra says we will make halwa as well. Prem says we will make it from almonds. They make sounds in pots. They make noises like food is cooking. Prem says pita ji curry is boiling. Jatindra says lets cook halwa now. He says oh got my hand slipped and all the food fell down. Dada says clean the floor and throw all this food out. what will we serve now. They come out. Dada says all the food spilled in the kitchen. Lata says we will eat roti. Jatindra says dog came in and ate all the food. She says won’t you eat? They say no. Lata says but Naren is eating. They are dazed to see Naren eating on the table. Roopa says we already made the food and we knew that there was no ration.
Lata says yes we pretended that we can smell you cooking food. Prem says it isn’t easy to handle the house. I would have done this if they had not messed. Dada says agree that women handle everything well.
Roopa says we will have problem in doing your work as well. So it takes time.

Scene 2
In evening, Lata cooks in the kitchen. She says where are they both. Roopa comes and says I was running after the cloth that was flying in the air. The tea boils. Lata says you boiled the milk. Roopa says I was looking for the milk. She says let me clean. she spills the other pot as well. Roopa says I will clean it all. Lata says go and give this lemonade to dada. She collides with shalini and the lemonade spills as well. LAta says go out and don’t do work. dada comes and says where is my lemonade. she says your roopa messed everything. Dadaa says they are irresponsible because they know you are here to handle everything.

Lata says I have decided to go and meet my mom.. Prem says she is going to meet after 30 years. Not sure if she would recognize her or not. Lata says to dada I am going because of what you said. Lata says I am going. Prem says for one month right? she says no. I will come back soon. Lata says to Roopa and shalinin I want this house just the way it is. This is your responsibility. she leaves. Prem says text her I already miss you. Lata comes in. Prem says you already came back. She gives a wine to Roopa and saays hide it in your room. Roopa breaks it.
Naren glasses
Laddo’s ghost
Lata prem’s wife
Shalini Jat’s wife
Dada’s nurse suzzi

Precap-Roopa says I do all the work that is why I mess up. Dada makes a line in the house and says roopa will work on one side and shalini on the other side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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