Belan Wali Bahu 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost is impressed with Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bobby starts teaching dancing to women of house, Lata and Shalini gets tired and leaves, Suzzi says I have to go, she leaves too. Roopa says we will practice. Bobby starts teaching Roopa steps.

In evening, Suzzi gets ready as dancer. Dada comes there and says who are you sister? she turns and says you dont recognize me? Dada says you are looking so beautiful. He takes her photo and says very pretty. Suzzi says I will send this photo to dad to find boy for me. Dada deletes photo and says its not so good, it got deleted.
Jitendra comes to Shalini and says you are looking so nice in this dress.
Lata gets dressed and asks Ramnath to tie dori of her blouse, he ties and goes to read newspaper. Lata says you used to take so much time earlier. Ramnath says we were newly

married then, now we are old and dont have good vision. Lata says husbands change after marriage. Ramnath says we are married for life.

All women come in lounge dressed for dance. Roopa comes there in red dress and looks around. Dada says Suzzi is looking so nice, Ramnath says Lata is looking good too. Bobby says best of luck girls, Lata thanks him for calling them girls. Bobby says you have 7 minutes to perform, forget about everything and thinks actors are sitting infront of you. Roopa looks around for Laddo’s ghost, Bobby says lets start dance, Roopa says no.. wait.. I forgot my earring, Lata says take mine, Roopa says I have to drink water, Lata says its here only, drink it. Roopa thinks where is Laddo? I cant start dance before him.
Laddo’s ghost is sleeping outside house, dog barks at him, he wakes up and asks what? he then remembers that Roopa is waiting for him, he goes in house.
In house, Roopa says I have to go to washroom, she leaves. Roopa comes back, lights turn off. Roopa sees Laddo’s ghost there. She comes to him, he is mesmerized with her look. Roopa acts like she is shooing away dog, she asks Laddo’s ghost to come inside, he asks when did Bobby come? she says I will tell later, all these arrangements for you, I hope you like my performance. Laddo’s ghost says you are looking very.. go start. Roopa goes on stage. She starts dancing on salam-e-ishq like dancers, Lata, Shalini and Suzzi dances with her too. Roopa dances nicely. Laddo’s ghost is mesmerized by her. Bobby is enjoying her dance too. He asks Roopa to come near, Roopa keeps dancing nicely and seductively, Bobby thinks she is dancing for him as Laddo’s ghost is sitting beside him but he cant see him. Roopa dances nicely. Laddo’s ghost comes on stage, he dances around Roopa, she blushes.. it turns out to be Roopa’s dream and she is dancing alone while Laddo’s ghost is staring at her. Roopa ends her dance. Bobby and Laddo’s ghost both praise her but Roopa only sees Laddo’s ghost.

At night, Roopa takes off her jewelry and recalls how Laddo’s ghost enjoyed her performance. He comes there and says your dance was so nice, better than Munni, I wanted to hug you tightly. Roopa says so why dont you hug me? they both get tensed.

PRECAP- Bobby says to Dada that I want to take Roopa out for dinner, Dada says if she is ready then fine. Roopa comes there and says I am ready.
Later bobby brings Roopa on date and goes on one knee, he says will you marry me? Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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