Belan Wali Bahu 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Men try to run house for a month

Belan Wali Bahu 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem comes home and gives 50K to Lata, he says this is for this month’s expenses. Lata says its very difficult to run house in this money, Prem asks her to cut on shopping cost, 50K is enough, we can run house in this money easily. Dada says yes its very easy. Lata says so its decided that men will run house this month in 50K. Dada says we will teach women that running house is easy. Laddo’s ghost says they have taken challenge which no men won. Jitendra whispers to Prem that we can use ATM cards. Lata takes cards from them and says you have to run house in 50K only.

In morning, Prem is reading news paper. Lata brings tea for Dada, she gives grocery list to Prem and asks him to ring it. Prem says today is the first day of our rule so we have ordered Pizza for party.

Lata says okay we will eat too. Prem says I will bring this grocery. Jitendra brings packages of mangoes. Naren says to Dada that 5K will be given for pizza bill. Jitendra says I have brought grocery for whole month.

Prem comes to market to buy veggies, he asks for rates, he says 70rs kg cabbage, Prem buys some veggies.

Jitendra shows grocery to Lata, Lata says why did you bring branded rice, they are expansive, Jitendra says dont worry about that, they are good quality. Prem brings veggies there. Lata says you brought tomatoes for 60rs? Roopa says you have brought extra stuff too. Dada says we will eat it.

After some days, Dada is doing calculations for budget, Laddo’s ghost says they cant do it. Lata comes there. Dada says we are saving money, Prem says its 10 days we handling house and money is being handled nicely. Jitendra says we can announce that men can handle house well. Jitendra says we gave salary to laundry man too, Lata says I already gave him money for 6 months, atleast ask before giving money.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says these men cant handle house, they will realize soon what they are doing. Roopa says you are on girls side, I thought you would be their captain, he says no I am not on their side. Laddo’s ghost gets miffed and leaves. Roopa says he looks good in anger.

Lata bring mangoes to Prem, he says they are stale. Lata says you brought so many mangoes that they got stale. Roopa says veggies are stale too, you shouldnt bring so much veggies. Dada asks Jitendra to throw these stale mangoes, Laddo’s ghost says no dont throw them, you can find some good mango pieces. Nobody can hear him and throws mangoes.

Jitendra says to Dada that its only 8K remaining and 15 days of month is remaining. A man brings a bill of 3K, Prem is stunned. Dada says this is too much for laundry bill,. he pays it. Jitendra says now 5K is remaining. Dada blames Prem for spending too much money. Prem says you people eat so much so I brought extra food. Milk man brings bill of last month. Prem pays him 1K. Jitendra says now only 4K is remaining.

Lata comes to Prem and asks him to pay 1K for parlour. Dada says that is separate money, you cant take it from house money, Lata says we used to get money of parlour from house money. Prem pays her 1K. Prem thinks I cant let this money go. Prem says to Lata that you are so beautiful you dont have to go to parlour, Lata blushes and says we have to go. Prem says what if we provide parlour services in house? just give us a chance, they say okay and gives 1K back to him.

Scene 2
Men of house starts their parlour services. They are doing their facial and other services. Lata asks Prem to gently apply mask. Roopa says to LAddo’s ghost that you would have applied face pack on me, Laddo’s ghost says if I was alive then I wouldnt have let them do it, I am leaving. Naren does face massage to Roopa. Shalini asks to bring a cucumber. Jitendra whispers to Prem that we dont have cucumber, Prem says apply Brinjal, they are not looking. They bring Brinjal and puts on women’s eyes, Suzzi says its not soothing, Dada says it will start working soon.

At night, Prem and Jitendra laughs over Brinjal using. Jitendra says we have 15 days to spend in 4K. Dada sys how it will work. Naren brings electricity bill and says we have to pay 5K for it, Dada says how we will pay for it? Naren says if we dont pay then electricity will go. Prem says we have to save our ego too.

In morning, Prem is selling flowers outside mandir to get some money. Dada is sitting as a priest outside mandir, Prem sells flowers and ask men to give flower to big baba, he will bless you, he shows baba as Dada. One man brings flowers to Dada, Dada blesses him as a priest, Dada asks for money but man says I dont have money. Prem keeps sending people to dada. Naren is putting shoes in rack outside mandir and taking money for it. Laddo’s ghost sees it and says men cant say sorry to women, they are polishing shoes but cant say sorry to them.

Scene 3
Dada, Naren and Prem counts money. Dada says we earned nicely.

Jitendra is selling movie tickets in black. He says I am earning good but buying all tickets. One goon comes there and sees him selling tickets in black, goons surround Jitendra, they take tickets from him and shows him knife, Jitendra says I am inspector but suspended, goons threaten him and takes all his money too.

Shalini and Suzzi are in market, Suzzi have worn desi clothes. Scrap seller strikes with Suzzi and falls in her arms, Suzzi laughs and leaves.
Suzzi and Shalini comes to mandir. Prem is stunned to see them, he hides his face. Shalini asks to buy flowers, Prem says this is not free. Shalini asks why you are hiding face? he says its burning in heat. Suzzi sees Dada’s scented candles in flower basket and says keep it. Suzzi comes to Dada as baba, he hides his face. Suzzi asks when will she get married? he acts like looking at her hand and says you have prince in your life. Shalini pays him. Scrap seller comes to mandir and asks baba if he will get that Suzzi? Dada slaps him. Suzzi and Shalini leaves. Prem says that Dada that we got saved and have money. Naren calls Jitendra. Goons ask Jitendra to call his family members here.

Jitendra calls Prem and asks him to come to movie theater. Prem, Dada and Naren comes to movie theater. Goon asks Prem to give him money, Prem says we wont give it, this is our hard earned money, goon says we will see and approaches him.

PRECAP- Jitendra says to Prem and Dada that do something, we need to pay electricity bill otherwise it will be cut. Prem ask them to find all old things and sell it to scrap seller.
Naren and Jitendra brings scrap of house to scrap seller. He weighs them and says all things will cost 120rs. Jitendra is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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