Belan Wali Bahu 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa agrees to personally dance for Laddo’s ghost

Belan Wali Bahu 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In bar, one man asks Roopa to talk. Roopa says I am talking to my husband, he says I cant see him, I am talking to my invisible wife here too, they dont let us talk in house, you go talk to your husband. Drunk man starts acting like he talking to his wife, he says I feel bad when you scold me. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that when you call from office and doesnt ask me if I am fine then I feel bad, when I wait for you home but you dont comeback, I feel bad. Drunk man says we are not your servants, we can come at anytime. Roopa gets up from table and says what you men think about wives? they cook, they take care of house and family and you dont even thank them? you come here, drink wine and curse them there, all drunk men look at her. Roopa says you people get drunk here and

leave sadness but what about wife? she cant get drunk and forget pain, where wife can go? she doesnt have friends after wedding, she doesnt have time from family and husband that she can make friends. Laddo’s ghost ask her to stop it, we dont want bar closed, please leave with me. Roopa says to bar that my husband has ordered me to leave so being good wife I am leaving. Laddo’s ghost starts leaving and murmurs that she doesnt care about my respect, I am dead but still have respect.. he is about to leave bar and turns and sees Roopa missing, he says where did she go? He looks up at stage and is stunned to see Roopa dancing. Roopa is drunk and starts singing and dancing on meine hooton pe lagayi tou.. All men start dancing around her, Roopa throws her purse and jumps off stage, she dances between men and enjoys herself, Laddo’s ghost tries to stop her but she dances around him too, Men start splurging money too. All clap for Roopa after dance. Laddo’s ghost says come home. Singer says to Roopa that you can come here to dance daily, we will have 50% share of income, you made me earn a lot today. Laddo’s ghost says you are offering my wife to dance between drunk men? I will beat you. Roopa waves at everyone and starts leaving. One man comes to Roopa and says you are best, she thanks him and stumbles.. he balances her and says I can drop you home, I have car. Laddo’s ghost says I wont spare you. Roopa asks man which car you have? he says sports car, we can enjoy ride and go home. Roopa says which house do you have? he says banglow. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa lets go. Roopa turns to leave but man holds her hand.. Roopa gets angry and slaps man, she says I like small car of my husband, I like cute face of my husband, she turns to stunned Laddo’s ghost and says lets go cutie? he nods and goes behind her.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes home. Roopa says I fulfilled all your wishes, he says yes. He says you cant go in house, you are drunk. Roopa says you like when I get scolded. Laddo’s ghost says yes but you are drunk right now, Lata wont like it. Roopa says we can sleep on street tonight. He glares at her. Roopa says I dont like these eyes, I know from where we can do inside. She comes out of house and says you can go inside from door, nobody can see you. Roopa jumps in house through window. She jumps in kitchen but Lata is working there. Laddo’s ghost comes there too. Roopa hides behind Lata. Lata doesnt see her, Roopa keeps walking behind Lata. Laddo’s ghost says run from here. Roopa starts leaving but Lata turns and says Roopa? when did you come? Roopa says I was here working. Lata says but I didnt see you. Roopa says you had back to me. Lata asks her to set plates for dinner. Laddo’s ghost says she keeps throwing things when she is not drunk then what she will do now? Roopa holds all plates and glasses in one hand and puts it on table. Lata is stunned. Roopa comes to Lata and says even Nirupa couldnt hold them from one hand. She turns to Laddo’s ghost and says I didnt disappoint your wine, I love you.. she leaves.

Scene 2
Roopa comes to her room, she is still drunk. Laddo’s ghost asks her to stop it. Ramnath comes there. Laddo’s ghost says dont talk, he can smell that you are drunk. Ramnath asks why did you say to Lata that I am smelling like wine? she beat me so much, she threw glass at me, she pulled my hair, I was not even drunk, he asks her why she is silent? why did you tell her that? Roopa shrugs, he says just like that? you lied and made me get beaten. Roopa lies in bed. Ramnath says I smell alcohol but I didnt drink. He turns to leave, Roopa says good night.. Ramnath leaves. Laddo’s ghost says what are you doing Roopa? Roopa says I enjoyed dancing so much, your wish fulfilled too, do you have any other wish? he says I have one more wish. She says I will fulfill all your wishes, she goes to sleep.

In morning, Roopa wakes up and sees Laddo’s ghost close to her mouth, she screams and asks what he is doing? he says smelling alcohol, I am sorry I took you to bar, I have one more wish but I dont need anyone for it, I can do it alone. Roopa says what is it? Laddo’s ghost says its Munni’s dance, I used to go there. Roopa says what kind of man was you? Laddo’s ghost says I like it so I will go today too. Roopa says no no.. no need to go to Munni, you can fulfill wish here. Laddo’s ghost says should I call Munni here? She says no I can become Munni, he laughs and says you cant do it. Roopa says I danced in bar too. Laddo’s ghost says Munni have attractions, steps, curves.. Roopa says I will bring it, I will show you dance tonight with curves and all, come on time, he says okay, he sings salam-e-ishq and leaves. Roopa looks in mirror and says what Munni have that I dont have?

Lata shouts that train is coming. All family members hold things down as train passesby. One man enters house, pot falls over his head. Man says hello to family, Lata says why did you come without grocery? Shalini says he is not from grocery store, he is laundry man, Ramnath says he doesnt look like laundry, he is plumber. Man says I am Bobby, I am not plumber, I am your guest, let me talk, is there any sensible person here? all raise their hands, Roopa asks him to talk. Bobby says Laddo.. Dada says you want to become Laddo? fooling us? Bobby says no I am Laddo’s childhood friend, I couldnt come when he died, I was in city so I thought to pay visit for his death but I am leaving. Ramnath says I am sorry, I am Laddo’s father. Bobby says I know everyone, he recognizes everyone. He greets Roopa and says I know bad happened, Laddo was so young,he was great man and great friend, I miss him a lot. Ramnath asks why he didnt bring his wife? Bobby says I am divorced, Laddo made is happen, he was helpful, such nice friend. Ramnath says you cant stop bad from happening. Ramnath asks him to stay, he can stay in Dada’s room. Dada scowls.
Bobby puts his bag on Dada’s bed and takes out idol, he puts it on table. Dada looks on. Bobby takes off his shoes and starts kathak. He comes to Dada and says there is only one bed, we can share it. Dada says I sleep alone. Bobby says then Suzzi? Dada says she used to sleep on floor, I can sleep on floor,you can take bed, I wont share it.

Scene 3
Roopa tries to practice dance, she keeps hitting things in room and says I cant do it.
Laddo’s ghost is outside house and says to dog that wives can do anything to not make husband leave house, she doesnt know that Munni have years of practice, these wives have no logic, they have to go anywhere, I used to not tell her about Munni, told her for first time and she wants to become Munni like its joke.

Roopa is practicing dance, Bobby comes there and says I have some things of Laddo, wanted to give it to you, he comes inside and shows her bat which they used to play with, he shows her their gun, he shows her arrow and says we used to take part in Ram leela, we stole it from there, Bobby says this is Laddo’s first love letter, he wrote it from my blood because it matched with the girl he wanted to give it to, Roopa laughs. Bobby asks what happened to Laddo? how did he die? Roopa gets tensed and says Balen hit on his head. bobby says really? once tree fell on his head, once car went over his head but he was fine and one balen killed him? Roopa thanks him for sharing memories with him. Bobby sees ghungroo there and says you dance? Roopa says no, I occasionally do it, family doesnt like it, Bobby says I will talk to family, you are talented and family should know it, he leaves.

Dada says to family that Bobby is little weird, he started dancing in room. Bobby comes there and says to family that you people didnt know there is diamond in your house? Dada says where did you find it? Lata says its mine. Shalini says its mine, Ramnath says its mine, Suzzi says its mine, they all start fighting over it.. bobby ask them to calm down and says that diamond is of everyone, its Roopa, she is so talented but I heard you people dont like her dancing, Dada says why would we feel bad? I ask Suzzi everyday to dance, Lata glares at him. Shalini says I like dancing too. Ramnath says I used to dance in barats too, we have no problem with dancing. Roopa comes there. Dada says we got to know you are diamond. Bobby says Roopa everyone likes dance here. Lata says we didnt know you like to dance. Roopa says I do it casually. bobby says I can make you learn, I am a classical dancer. He starts dancing. Dada asks Roopa to learn too. Shalini says I want to learn too, Lata says I will learn too, Suzzi says I will learn too, Bobby says so I will teach them dance all day and in evening they will show you dance. Roopa thinks I will fulfill Laddo’s wish tonight.

Bobby starts dance class. Shalini says we should dance on dewani mastani, Lata says we should dance on dola re dola. Suzzi says we can dance on hips dont lie. Roopa says we should dance on salam-e-ishq. Lata says no thats mujra song(dancers’ song), Roopa says he likes that.. I mean I like those songs. Lata says have you seen that song? Roopa says yes Deepika was looking nice it, Bobby says its old song. Roopa says I want mujra song only. Bobby says lets make chits, I will choose one chit and we will perform on that song. All make chits of their songs. Bobby takes one chit, he opens it and says its Salam-e-ishq. Roopa gets excited and says now we have to do it. Bobby says we will meet for rehearsal soon.
bobby comes to Roopa and says I know this is Laddo’s favorite song thats why you want to do it, he used to go to watch Munni on this song, I wrote this song on all chits so we get to perform on this song, this is tribute to Laddo, he leaves. Roopa thinks his friend is nice, I will perform for him.

PRECAP- Roopa dances on salam-e-ishq song for Laddo’s ghost. She dances sensually, Lata, Shalini and Suzzi dances with her, all clap for them. Bobby likes Roopa dancing.
Later bobby brings Roopa on date and goes on one knee, he says will you marry me? Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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