Belan Wali Bahu 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa about to marry her childhood sweet-heart

Belan Wali Bahu 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dada slaps Jitendra and says this was all done by you, Lata says why did you bring that goon Lallan here? Naren says we didnt expect this from you. Jitendra says what should I do? I did all this to bring Roopa’s memory back but I didnt know Lallan would be her childhood friend. Roopa’s mom says its Roopa’s fault, I will slap her and she will comeback to her senses. Lata says its not Roopa’s fault, she doesnt remember anything, we cant put pressure on her. Dada asks Jitendra to give money to Lallan as much as he wants and ask him to get lost from this house and this society, Jitendra nods and leaves.

Roopa is dancing and getting ready. Laddo’s ghost comes there and asks where she is going? She says Lallan called me on date, he says you cant go, family

wont agree. Roopa says you dont understand this date and all? its common in our generation but I will ask family, if they say yes only then I will go otherwise I will be sad, let me ask them, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says family wants to bring her memory and she is liking something else.

Roopa asks family if she should go on date with Lallan? Jitendra comes there and says he is not agreeing and not taking money. Roopa asks who? Jitendra lies that it was scrap seller. Roopa asks her mom if she should go? mom says no.. I mean I dont have a problem, go. Roopa hugs Shalini and says I am going, she asks if they like Lallan too? Lata says yes he is a nice robber.. I mean nice guy. Roopa says I am no less, she leaves. Dada says this all is happening with Jitendra, Jitendra says she has jsut gone to eat food with him. Prem says even then we have to keep an eye on him, he is a thief. Naren says we have to go behind Roopa and keep an eye on Lallan.

Scene 2
Lallan and roopa comes to restaurant, they do their handshake. Lallan pulls out chair for her. He calls waiter. Jitendra has disguised himself as waiter, he checks his beard and comes to them. Lallan asks for water, Jitendra ask them to order something, he reads menu for them, Lallan says we need water for right now. Jitendra says we have nice sweet dishes too. Lallan asks him to bring water. Jitendra nods and leaves. Roopa laughs. Lallan says to Roopa that remember in childhood I stole a cycle and we roamed so much on it, Roopa says yes I remember, Lallan says see after romaing, here we are, I think this is fate. He is about to touch her hand. Prem coems there as another waiter, he serves them water. Lallan takes rose to give it to Roopa but Prem takes it and says its not for this table, he leaves. Lallan says Roopa I.. Naren comes as another waiter, he serves them food, Roopa says but we didnt order? he says its complimentary and leaves. Lallan and Roopa talks and laugh. Dada, Prem, Naren and Jitendra comes to their table as waiters, Dada says we provide music with food, they take violins and poorly plays it, Roopa puts hands on her ears. Lallan thinks there is something fishy here. He stares at Dada and recognizes him, He then recognizes all of them and thinks that Awastis are here but I will tune their music now. Lallan shouts for manager, manager asks what happened? Lallan says they are making us listen to poor music. Manager takes them from there. Jitendra asks manager what he is doing? manager says Jitendra brother I let it happen for you but now its about my customers, dont disturb them, he leaves. Lallan says to Roopa that I brought something for you, he shows her gajra. Dada, Prem and others look on. Roopa says Gajra? she starts remembering how Laddo brought a gajra for her, its blurry for her but she recalls how someone made her wear it before. Roopa says I remember something looking at gajra. Dada and others look on, they leave. Roopa says to Lallan that I remember once I tried to wear a gajra in school but teacher punished me so you pulled on her hair, they laugh. Roopa blushes and takes gajra from him, she tries to tuck it but Lallan helps her in tucking it in her hair.

In house, Dada says Roopa remembered something looking at gajra, now she should see gajras everywhere. They all take gajras and hide. Roopa comes to house. She calls out for Nirupa. Shalini comes there holding gajras in her hands. All others come there holding and playing with gajras. Roopa asks if there is a fesitval of gajra? Prem says yes gajra brings blessing in house. Shalini asks if she remembers something? Roopa says my head is hurting with its smell, she leaves. Prem says this plan flopped too.

Scene 3
Suzzi asks family whose idea was of gajra? Roopa’s mom says it was Dada’s. Lata says we have to make her remember good memories of her wedding. Lallan comes there and says you all are here? he glares at them. Dada says before you say anything, let me tell you that if you want to marry Roopa then marry her, he is stunned. Prem says if Roopa remembers her memories before marriage then our luck otherwise you be happy with her. Lata asks him to keep Roopa happy, he says dont worry, I have a lot of work, he leaves. Lata says our plan started, roopa’s mom asks what plan? Lata says tomorrow we will get Roopa and Lallan married and before marriage, Roopa will recall her marriage. Jitendra says she recalled gajra today, Prem says when she will be about to take pheras then she will remember her pheras with Laddo. Shalini says then what will happen with this Lallan? Prem says we will beat him nicely.

In morning, Lata says to Prem that I will make Lallan wear Laddo’s sherwani and give Roopa lehnga which she wore in her weddig with Laddo.
Prem and Lata comes to Lallan. Roopa comes there too. Lata shows sherwani to Lallan and says you might not have good clothes so wear these. Roopa comes and blushes seeing him. Lata shows lehnga to Roopa and says wear this in your wedding. Prem asks her to look at clothes closely. Roopa looks at sherwani and remembers her wedding night with Laddo and him wearing same sherwani. She is confused but then says this sherwani’s color is dull. Lallan says its nice color, she brought it with love so I will wear it, Roopa says sorry, she takes her dress and runs from there. Lallan says I will try this sherwani, he leaves.

Roopa calls her father and says I know but try to come for sure.
Suzzi asks Dada why he didnt take his medicine? Roopa comes there and says I know why you are sad Dada, you are worried about your daughter Suzzi’s wedding, Dada says its nothing like that. Roopa says I will find a good guy for Suzzi, Dada is fuming in anger. Roopa asks Suzzi what kind of guy she likes? She says I like tall, dark handsome men. Dada asks Roopa to go, someone is calling you. Roopa says I will find a groom for Suzzi, she leaves.

Shalini says to Jitendra that I am tired of wearing this veil. Roopa comes there. Shalini wears her veil and acts like her sister Nirupa, Shalini says to Roopa that we were thinking which lights to use in your wedding. Jitendra asks her if she remembers anything hearing all this? Roopa remembers some wedding in blur and says yes I remember Nirupa and Laddo’s wedding. Roopa sees Naren wearing joggers, he is acting like Shalini in veil, she says Shalini why you are wearing joggers with a dress? Jitendra says my Shalini loves me so much that she is wearing my shoes. Shalini says Roopa which flowers do you want in wedding? Roopa says genda flowers. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says what is going on? Roopa says what is your problem? I am so happy for first time in life, I am getting married and you are not happy? do you want anyone in my life? do you not want me to move on in life? I was happy in your wedding but you are like this? I am really happy with Lallan, I love him, he is my childhood friend, try to understand, I want to really move on in my life. Laddo’s ghost is hurt hearing all that. Roopa leaves.

Laddo’s ghost says to dog that its time to leave this world, only Roopa could see me but she would leave after marrying, if she leaves then its of no use to wander as a ghost, I dont think she will remember anything anytime soon, he asks dog to take his kalash and pour in river, once its done then my soul will leave this world.

Roopa’s mom says to Lata that I am very thankful that you are trying to bring Roopa’s memory back, Lata says she is like our daughter.
Wedding starts, Lallan comes there as a groom. Lallan asks Jitendra to book honeymoon for him, Jitendra asks him to shut up. Lallan sits in mandap. Roopa’s mom says to Lata that Roopa’s memory has to comeback otherwise this pocket picker will become my son in law. Shalini brings Roopa there dressed as a bride. Suzzi says I hope her memory returns. Dada says it will. Roopa sits in mandap with Lallan. Shalini says I am her sister, she throws an apple towards Roopa and asks her to catch it. Naren holds kalash but Prem says it has ants, Naren throws it away, Prem catches it and says these red ants bite, he throws it to Dada, they keep throwing it to each other.

Laddo’s ghost asks dog if he will miss him? Dog has Laddo’s kalash dangling from his neck, he says once I leave this world, roopa wont even remember me, she has got someone else.

In mandap, all are throwing wedding kalash here and there. Suzzi stops them and says there were sweets near it so ants came near it, Prem says who puts sweets here? Jitendra says me. Prem slaps him. Roopa sees family fighting and looks around in house, she feels weird. She sees dog coming there with Laddo’s kalash in his neck, she goes to him, she says this kalash? Laddo’s ghost comes there and asks Roopa to go and do her marriage, he asks dog to come with him. Roopa says but this kalash? he says this is my kalash. She says I know I hid it i cupboard, what its doing here? he says I want to drown it so I will. Roopa says you were going to pour your kalash in river but why? if you did it then you will leave this world and you wont be with me, you want to leave me alone? why were you doing this? Laddo’s ghost is stunned and says you remember everything? She says what? Laddo’s ghost says you remember each and everything? Lata looks around for Roopa. She asks her why she is standing there? come and get married. She says marriage? She asks whose marriage? what is going on? Dada says this is for you, its your wedding today, she says I am your daughter in law, I am not marrying anyone. Jitendra ties priest. Lallan says Roopa you were marrying me, I am ready to accept you in any form, even if you remember everything, he says Roopa remember we used to play in childood, he sings their rhyme but Roopa says I dont remember all this, I dont remember anything. Jitendra pushes Lallan away and asks him to leave. Lallan says Roopa I love you, Laddo’s ghost he said I love you to my wife? Jitendra throws Lallan out of house. Roopa says oh I remember now, he was in grade two with me in school. All scream no.

PRECAP- Prem gives 50K to Lata to run house for one month. Lata says only we know how we run house in 50K. Prem says its enough, we can run house in this money. Lata says then its decided, men will run house for one month in 50K. She takes credit cards from all men and says Shalini make sure they dont use any other money, give them whole 50K to run the house. Prem and others look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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