Belan Wali Bahu 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Family tries to impress Ahana

Belan Wali Bahu 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Naren mistakenly pours sweetdish on instructor Haris, all are stunned. Prem says I will clean it with my coat, he says no. Shalini says move back, she throws water at Haris and says now he is cleaned. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa is not home but entertainment is full. Jitendra sees water going in Haris’s eyes and puts orange juice in his eyes to clean it. Haris ask them to stop it. Lata asks him to go and take bath. Prem says why we should get our bathroom dirty? He asks Haris to take off his clothes on roof and sit there to dry off. Dada says clothes will dry there too. Haris is petrified. Lata says you can jump up and down, all this dirt will fall off. Haris shouts shut up.. this is mental house, you all are mental, first learn to be a man and then learn english, you all should

be in cage and get beaten from hunter daily. Dada gets angry and says you were teaching us manners, where are your manners? Haris says to hell with manners and you people, you all are donkeys, donkeys. Laddo’s ghost says he is going overboard. Dada says how dare you call us that, listen you Haris, you came here to teach us english and cursing us in hindi? you could have called us doggy, monkey but how dare you call us donkeys? Prem says you could have called us elephants, hippo but why donkey? Prem slaps him. Jitendra beats him with stick and says how dare you call Dada a donkey. Shalini pulls on his hair and ears. Prem shakes him and says why did you call him a donkey? All family members beat him. Haris cries and ask them to stop it, he screams enough! He says you all are jerks, animals, doggies, cheap people, you people cant learn anything, no one will be able to make you learn, you will remain like ants. Dada says these ants will eat now, they take off his suits and throws at him. Lata goes to bring his money, she leaves with Shalini. Men take off their shirts and pants and throws it at Haris. They are in tanks and shorts. Only Naren is wearing his tuxedo. Haris says I will see you all, he leaves. Naren says how we will learn english now? Prem says we will call another instructor, take some time. Suddenly a girl enters house and says hello. All men try to hide that they are shorts. Modern girl is wearing shirt and skirts. Naren asks who is she? She says I am Ahana, Jhanki’s daughter. He is stunned and says I am Naren. Ahana asks where did people who were here go? Naren says they must have left, they are servants. Ahana says okay. He makes her sit in lounge. All family members come there wearing suits and gowns. Dada says you must be Ahana? She says how do you know? Dada says you were telling Naren. Ahana says but there were servants here that time. Prem says we are very servant.. Dada says we have big house. She says yes lovely house. They try to talk to her in english. Dada says I am Naren’s grandson. She says what? Naren says he is my grandfather. They all introduce themselves. Lata asks how was your journey? she says it was good. Lata says you were coming tomorrow? Ahana says there must be some confusion, I just landed sometime back, I messaged mom and she told me I could stay here for two days, thats not a problem right? they say no problem. Lata asks if she is tired? she says yes I am tired. Lata says you rest in peace.. Naren says she means you can rest. Ahana says you guys are funny. Prem says we cleaned everything in guestroom, so you can stay there. Ahana says I want to ask you remain ready in house too? thats so nice. Prem says we like London things, all London wearing, Dada asks him to stop it, enough. Jitendra says we love India but we want to settle in London, Shalini says I just want to take selfie in Eiffel tower in London. Ahana says its not in London, its in Paris. Shalini says I was joking. Ahana says have you people heard about Big Ben in London? they say yes. Ahana says I have jet lag so can I rest? see you at lunch, she leaves.

Scene 2
Lata says to family that should I make halwa for Ahana? Jitendra says call cake and pizza for her. Dada says dont guess, go and ask Ahana what she wants to eat. Dada asks Jitendra to go and ask her, he thinks if I go then I will have to talk in english. Jitendra says someone else should go. Lata asks Prem to go, he doesnt want to go but leaves.

Prem comes to Ahana and asks what she wants to eat? she says I like corn flakes but now I want to eat indian pudding fast. He says okay fast.

Prem comes to family and says she wont eat anything, she has fast. Dada says confirm with her again, Naren should ask her.

Naren comes to Ahana and says Prem said you have fast? she says no I wanted to have indian pudding, halwa. He says okay.

They all set lunch table for Ahana. Lata says I made halwa for you, Jitendra shows her many dishes from italian to chines. She says I will have halwa, she ask them to join her. They all recall how they couldnt use forks and knives. Lata says we will eat later. Dada says we have fast today. Ahana says she said she will eat later? she says I mean after fast. Ahana eats. All are hungry but doesnt eat with her. Ahana shows them wine and says I brought it especially for you all. Prem gets excited. Lata gets angry on him and says we have fast today. Ahana says why you are fasting? Shalini says we celebrate all festivals like christmas too, she eats and leaves. All family members rush to food and eat with hands. Lata brings her desi dishes, they all eat it fast.

PRECAP- Lata asks Ahana to go and have bike ride with Naren, she says I love bike rides, she leaves. Naren says what did you do? roads are broken here, how she will manage here? Lata says we want that, we want her to like you but not this city so she will take you to London and then we will all come. Ahana comes there, Naren takes her for a bike ride.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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