Belan Wali Bahu 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Family goes against Roopa because of Laddo

Belan Wali Bahu 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa is sad that Dada left house. She comes to her room.Laddo’s ghost says you must be angry? want to hit me with balen? but you cant now as I am dead, you know we have been in a match after you killed me, all kept praising you and I kept losing but today when Dada, Lata, Ramnath scolded you, that was my victory, this is my first win against you and I am proud of myself, he turns to leave but Roopa says you didnt win, you lost even after winning, if your old dada had to leave house for your winning then you lost, if your father got sad then its your defeat, your mother was ashamed so its your defeat, your Dada had to leave house in this age, what if something happens to him? even then you will be proud of yourself? that will be your biggest defeat, she leaves in tears. Laddo’s

ghost says she gave me guilt, I wanted to take revenge from her, I didnt know Dada will leave house instead of throwing her out, I dont care if he wanders around on roads.. no.. he is my Dada, I cant let him be on streets, I have to do something.

Dada and Suzzi comes to hotel, Dada asks manager if he has room? Manager eyes him and Suzzi, he says I didnt see this situation before, you want a room in this age? Dada says yes I have to take room in this age too, its necessity, manager says you are in old age, you shouldnt dance in old age, its like old fort have weak walls and it can fall down if you try to dance too much.. just like you. Dada says you are old fort not me, just tell me if you have room. Manager asks who Suzzi is? she says I am his nurse, he says its ‘I see you’ instead of ICU, I can give you room in 1500rs, give me ID, Dada says why you need it? all know me here. Manager says you need ID in this age, Dada says why you keep talking about my age, to hell with your room, he leaves with Suzzi.

Suzzi and Dada are on streets. Laddo’s ghost comes there, he says Dada it was my mistake, I thought you will throw Roopa out but you left, you shouldnt be out in this age. Dada doesnt see him and says I wont go home. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa killed me in a way that only she and dogs can see me.
Dada and Suzzi are on road. One neighbor says how can they throw out elders of house? its like you dont matter anymore. Dada says I am not that old from you. Neighbor says I was just asking if they fully threw out? Dada says I didnt leave my eyes or legs in house, I left house on my own, I left because of my self respect. Shopkeeper says he even promised that he will never comeback in house, they cant call him back otherwise they will see his dead face. Neighbor says what self-respect, what honor, you wont go back for 14 years now. Suzzi says where will we go? Roopa comes there and says I am sorry Dada, please dont punish yourself, I am folding my hands infront of you, please comeback home. Dada looks on and says okay, lets go.. Neighbor says no he wont go, he has self respect. Dada looks away. Roopa says how will you sleep on streets? All neighbors gather around and says he wont leave, he has honor. Roopa says you cant live here, please come with me, Dada says okay lets go. Neighbor says no! he wont leave otherwise you will see his dead face, its man’s words and he wont go back on it. Dada says but.. neighbor says no he comeback home. Roopa says please Dada. Dada says what happened was not nice, I wont comeback. Roopa sadly leaves. Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and asks what we will do now? Roopa says I will do what I have to, you did what you wanted. Laddo’s ghost says I didnt ask him to leave, these neighbors are making him dance like bear, Roopa says you keep saying rubbish, your elder is on roads and you are talking about bear? she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says God please show a way.
Suzzi says to Dada that where we will sleep? Neighbor says you can take mattress from my house, other neighbor says I will give you pillows, they leave. Dada says they didnt let me go with Roopa and now doing this, not even giving a place to stay.

Scene 2
In house, all family members are working in kitchen, Shalini is making tea in cooker. Lata glares at her. Ramnath puts a lot of water in flour and hit becomes flowy instead of kneeding. Roopa comes there and asks what they are doing in kitchen? Shalini says making food.Roopa says I will do it. Lata says no, Dada is out of house because of her.

Dada and Suzzi are lying on mattress outside neighbor’s house. Neighbor comes out and ask them to wake up, its morning. Dada says its not time. suzzi is sleeping while sitting against pillow. Neighbor asks him to wake up, guests are coming, he ask them to leave from here, Dada says we will leave, give us tea first. Neighbor says you can drink tea from stall but leave from here, you cant stay here. Dada says Suzzi lets leave

Roopa says to Lata that I know I did a mistake but please leave, I will make food. Lata says no, till Dada dont comeback home, we wont eat food from your hands nor we will talk to you. Roopa says but.. Lata says we wont talk to you, Shalini tell her. Shalini starts telling her in sign language that they wont talk to her. Lata asks Shalini what she is doing? Shalini says you said we cant talk to her so I was telling her in sign language, Lata asks her to make tea, they start fighting over food. Roopa thinks no one is talking in house and dont know how Dada spent night outside house.

PRECAP- Dada and Suzzi comes to tea stall but Dada sees his wallet is empty.
Suzzi says we have no money. dada comes to his scented sticks store, he looks at his packets and says these will change ours lives once again.
Dada and Suzzi gets dressed as beggars. Suzzi takes one poor kid too and says you made me beggar. Dada says no youa are salesgirl. Dada and Suzzi starts pleading people to biy their scented sticks, they beg for people to buy it.
Roopa’s family sees Dada begging and is hurt. Ramnath says to Roopa that because of you, our respect and honor is begging on roads today. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are sad to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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