Belan Wali Bahu 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Family tries to learn manners

Belan Wali Bahu 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Haris gives suits to family on rent. All men of house comes to Haris wearing suits. Haris says what is all this? I gave you these suits and you all mismatched, go and match them. They all go and comeback wearing right combinations of suits. Haris says now this is good. Shalini and Lata comes there wearing gowns. Haris says thats very nice. He asks them to walk elegantly and why you are wearing slippers? you have to wear high heels with these dresses, I will give you high heels. He gives Lata high heels and says its rent is 1000rs only. Lata wears them. Haris asks her to walk elegantly. Haris shows her how to catwalk like a woman. Lata tries it but he asks her to practice with a partner. She walks with Prem but Haris says there is no elegance in this, walk like a royal couple. Prem says

what? Dada says put hand in hand and walk swaying. Prem and Lata try to walk again. Laddo’s ghost says they are walking like they are buying veggies from market. They all argue over how to walk and take photos. Haris is disappointed.

Haris makes family sit and says its time for english improvement, I will start with ABCD. Dada says 10000rs for ABCD? we know it, Prem say alphabets. Prem dramatically recites ABCD. All clap for him. Haris says I am talking about pronunciation of alphabets, we have to learn it. He makes them learn the sounds and pronunciations. Dada says enough, my jaw is shaken. Haris says now tell what is the first thing you say in this morning? Jitendra says I say ‘God give me job back’. Naren says I say baby I love you. Dada says I sing Suzzi Suzzi. Lata says I shout that train is coming. Prem says I say that I shouldnt drink that much. Haris says good morning is the best thing to say in the morning, you should practice it. They all practice it. Haris says I am tired of making you people learn, I am going to take a nap. Lata says what is it? He says its sleeping time for few minutes, he leaves. Lata says practice to talk in english. Dada says we will not take in english. Jitendra tries to talk in english but they cant talk or understand it better. Dada says this teacher is greedy for money, he is a dog.. Dada laughs and says curses dont look bad in english. They laugh.

Haris comes to lounge, they all say good morning. Haris says its not morning, lets go towards dining table. They all come to table. Haris says its time for learning table manners, there is always a right place for cutlery, fork should be on the left side. He ask them to sit down and take notes, he gives them notes, show them cutlery, Dada says how much this costs? He says it will be hundred rupees a piece. He shows them how to place it on the table. He shows them how to use fork and knife to eat. They all take notes, he says now its your turn, Shalini says us? Haris says dont be scared. Shalini says we are not scared of anyone. Lata whispers to Prem that who will wash these many utensils? Prem says we wont wash them, its his utensils. Shalini says there is too much to learn. Naren says think about London. Haris says I have got some napkins, he gives it to them. Jitendra cleans his plate with napkin. Haris shows them how to use napkin. he ask them to eat food with fork and knife. They try to use fork but cant. Shalini chews and gulps. Haris says you have to chew for 32 times for better crushing of food. Dada says I cant eat with fork, he throws it away. Haris glares at him. Dada says sorry. Jitendra is about to open egg with hand but Haris says open it with a spoon. Shalini says you cant even break an egg, Dada says he is suspended policeman. Jitendra angrily throws egg away and it falls on Haris’s suit and breaksdown. Jitendra says sorry. Haris wipes his face. Naren brings sweet dish and it mistakenly falls on Haris.

PRECAP- Haris says to family that you people cant learn manners, no one will be able to make you learn. Dada gets angry on Haris and asks him to get lost. They all take off his suits and asks him to get lost. Haris says I will see you all, he cries and leaves. Naren says we threw him out, now how will we learn manners? A modern girl comes in house and sees all men in tank tops and shorts, they all try to cover up seeing her. She is Ahana from London.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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