Belan Wali Bahu 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dada leaves house because of Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In morning, Dada is getting ready. Laddo’s ghost and Roopa comes there. Roopa says dada tea. She says I was thinking you should go to have fun, Dada says I dont like to go out after Laddo left. Roopa says you should go out once in a while. Dada says should I go aboard? She says no no, you can go to cinema, she shows him tickets and says you can go with Suzzi to watch it.. Dada gets an idea and says you brought it with heart that I should go out to watch it, he takes tickets and says when I have to leave? he says at 10AM. Roopa says okay and leaves. Dada says to Suzzi that Roopa brought movie tickets, now we will leave to get new photo, I will get my modern photo, we will surprise them. Laddo’s ghost hears it and says now Roopa will be stuck.

All family members

are getting ready for family photo for packaging. Ramnath asks Roopa when photographer is coming? Roopa says soon. Dada comes there and asks if they are going out? Ramnath says we just thought to wear new clothes today. Lata says lets do breakfast, they all go.
Outside house, Laddo’s ghost sees photographer coming there, he says Dada is still in house, Dada cant see photographer otherwise my plan will fail. Laddo’s ghost comes in house and says to Roopa that photographer chikoo is outside, send Dada out soon. Roopa hints at family to send Dada out. Ramnath asks Dada to not eat too much, you have to watch movie, Dada says but I am hungry. Roopa says to Dada that there will be traffic, you should leave. Door bell rings, Naren comes out of house. Chikoo is outside, Naren says please wait for sometime, we are not ready, just 10 minutes, Chikoo says strange people, Naren says please wait in street, Chikoo is miffed but leaves.
Naren comes in house and hints that he asked Chikoo to leave, he says to Dada that you can eat easily, Roopa says eat easily. Dada start eating. Roopa gets a call from Chikoo and says what is this nonsense? I am on streets, Roopa says Dada is just leaving, Chikoo says I will leave in 5 minutes, she says okay and ends call. Roopa says to Dada that you will miss movie so leave please. Dada leaves house with Suzzi. Roopa says Dada is on streets and Chikoo is on street.
On street, Dada is leaving with Suzzi, he says they dont know I am going to get my photo. He sees Chikoo with his equipment, he asks if they are shooting movie? Chikoo says no its still photography for some oldie who has a wish, Suzzi and Dada leaves. Naren comes to Chikoo and says sorry, come inside.

Chikoo comes in house, he sets his equipment. Chikoo says I am best photographer, who is the model? All start fighting that their photo should come on packaging, Roopa says this is Dada’s family and we are doing it for him so family photo of all members will come on packaging, all agree. Chikoo says I dont have time, I have to shoot model next, get ready. Roopa says we are ready, Chikoo says okay to touch up. They start checking their makeup. Laddo’s ghost sees it and says all will take photo but Roopa will be thrown under bus, it will be fun. roopa puts square in Ramnath’s waist coat, he thanks her. Chikoo tries to take their photo but says you people are not coming in frame. Jimmy says Gudiya should leave so all will come. Ramnath says this is family photo so all come together. He pulls Lata closer, Lata says have shame, kids are here, he says if I had shame then kids wouldnt be here. They all sit together. Roopa sees Laddo’s ghost standing in corner, she says one minute, she goes to him and says all are taking photo together, its family photo so you come in photo too, he says its okay, I wont be seen by anyone, she says not anyone but atleast I will be able to see you, please come and stand. He is stunned and goes with her. Laddo’s ghost and Roopa stands in frame, Lata says where were you Roopa? Roopa says it was dark, I brought light, she smiles at Laddo’s ghost, he cant look away. Chikoo takes their family photo.

Otherside in studio, Dada wears nice coat and wig, he takes photo for scented sticks.

In house, Laddo’s ghost says it will be fun, they have called media, neighbors and everyone to show family photo for scented sticks but they dont know that Dada have gone to take photo too and he will not be pleasantly surprised to see all that. Media comes in house, roopa says once Dada is here then we will reveal family photo for our new packaging. Ramnath says to Roopa that Dada will be so happy, we will have new photo of family on packaging and its all because of you. Roopa thinks how to tell him it was Laddo’s idea.

Dada and Suzzi comes back to their street. Dada looks at his new photo frame, he says I am looking like hero, when family will see my modern photo, they will be surprised. Laddo’s ghost see them going in house and soon Roopa will be out of house when Dada see what she did.
In house, Naren says to family that Dada is coming. All welcome Dada in house and says surprise. Dada is stunned to see all media taking his photos. Roopa says its inauguration of new photo on scented sticks, Ramnath says it will be new photo for new era, Jitendra says we prepared a performance too for you. Dada thinks they are talking about his new photo and smiles. Lata says Dada will sit in front of stage, he is chief guest, Dada makes Suzzi sit beside him. Suzzi says do they know about your new studio photo? Dada says they must have taken some old photo of mine to put on packaging. Dada says to family that I have surprise for you too, Shalini says but our surprise first. Ramnath comes on stage and starts his speech to media, he says our sticks are most scented, it has Dada’s bad smelling sweat behind it, when he was in 5th grade, he failed and used to steal from shops, in young age, he was beaten by girl’s father but then that girl became my mother. Dada says is he praising me or cursing me? Ramnath says Dada used to live in stable, he once burnt cowdung to shoo away mosquito but all thought it was scented sticks and Dada got idea to start this business, this was how it started, all clap. Roopa offers sweets to everyone. She looks around and thinks where is Laddo’s ghost? he should sees dada’s happiness.

Laddo’s ghost says to dog that why you have problem with me? Roopa comes there and gives sweets to dog. Laddo’s ghost says you brought sweets for him? she says I brought for you but he seemed hungry. Laddo’s ghost asks if Dada saw photo? Roopa says no, you should come inside and see Dada’s happiness, it all happened because of you, come inside, thank you. He says I am not alive but I have to think about family’s happiness. Shalini comes there and asks Roopa to come inside, she says I am coming. Laddo’s ghost says to dog that I am so happy, I told Roopa that Dada wants family photo on his sticks packaging but she doesnt know that Dada went to studio to get his new photo captured for packaging as he loves nothing more than his face on packaging but Roopa doesnt know it, she called whole media to reveal new family photo and once she does that, she will be thrown out of house. He turns and sees Roopa standing there, he thinks did she hear me? He says you here? She says you should come inside, he goes inside. Roopa is in tears and recalls how she heard Laddo telling dog that he planned all that to throw Roopa out of house and that Dada wants only his photo on packaging, she cries.

In house, family starts dancing ek dusre karte hain pyar hum. Roopa comes there. Lata asks her to join performance. Roopa asks Dada to join too. Laddo’s ghost is sitting on balcony and all looking at them. Jitendra and Naren pulls Roopa and Suzzi on stage. Roopa dances with them. Roopa sees family photo sitting on stage to be shown. Laddo’s ghost gives her thumbs up. Roopa thinks I have to change Dada’s photo with family photo otherwise it will be big problem but how to take Dada’s photo from him? he is holding it. She takes samosa and asks Dada to eat it, Suzzi says its not healthy for him, Roopa says its bakes, its healthy for him. Roopa gives samosa to Suzzi and Dada. Dada takes samosa and gives his new photo frame to Roopa. Roopa thinks how to replace it? Suddenly train passesby, all rush to grab things. Roopa runs to change photo, train leaves.
On stage, Ramnath says to media that lets reveal new photo for packaging. He asks Dada to bless them for this new packaging. All clap. Dada comes on stage to reveal photo. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Dada takes off curtain from photo and its not family photo but Dada’s new photo. All are stunned, media claps. Laddo’s ghost says how photo changed? Flashback shows when train was passingby and all were busy in holding things, Roopa went and changed Dada’s photo with family photo behind curtain. dada thanks his family and says I am so happy for this ceremony, I didnt know my family cares for me so much. Media takes their family photo. Family is silent.

Dada says to family that all media will talk about me now. Dada asks Roopa how she put his photo behind curtain? did she know I was bringing new photo? Roopa says you left house so I thought you must be getting modern photo so we arranged media, we decided to put your photo on packaging. Dada shows her family photo and says you didnt want to put this photo? you think I am a fool? I saw you changing my photo with family photo, I remained silent infront of media but now I want to ask you all, how dare you all thought to change my photo from my packaging and put someone else’s photo? whose idea was this? who thought it? Laddo’s ghost dances at this. Lata and Ramnath says Roopa gave this idea. Jimmy says I was not even ready to get my photo done. Gudia glares at him. Jitendra says I was not ready to get my photo and I even told Roopa that I wouldnt be good in photo but she didnt hear me. Roopa glares at Laddo’s ghost. Gudia says this was all done by Roopa. Shalini says yes we can never think about it, Roopa just wasted our time with this photo. Dada asks Roopa if she did all that? I cant believe it, are they lying? tell me, he screams at her. Roopa is in tears and says they are saying truth, it was my idea, I wanted to put whole family’s photo instead of your photo, I am sorry, very sorry, she is in tears. Dada says I didnt expect this from you, when all say that you cant Nirupa’s place, I think you are clever than her but you proved me wrong, you cant be like Nirupa, I cant even blame you when my own blood ditched me, you people even didnt try to talk to me, I feel like I.. suzzi says you feel like you should leave house? all are stunned. Dada says yes I should leave house. Suzzi says respectable people never comeback home when this happens. Dada says I will leave house too, I will never comeback, I am a respectable man too, I will never return, I will never forgive anyone especially Roopa. Dada says to family that I will not eat in this house from now on, I will never look at this house, do not try to stop me otherwise you will see my dead face. All are stunned. Roopa plead him to not leave. Dada leaves from there. He leaves house with Suzzi. Roopa is in tears. Laddo’s ghost is happy to see all that. Lata says to Roopa that what you did? Roopa says I am sorry, Lata says are you happy now? he left house now. Ramnath says why you gave us this idea? do you have problem with Dada or Suzzi? Roopa says I didnt do anything, she looks at Laddo’s ghost and says please try to understand. Lata says Dada left, now what we will do?

PRECAP- Dada and Suzzi are on streets, Dada says I left house in a blink, I did the right thing? she says no, where we will go now? Dada gets tensed too.
Dada and Suzzi comes to a hotel, manager says you can get a room at 1500rs per day, give me your IDs, Dada says we dont have it. Manager says I cant give you rooms then.
Dada and Suzzi are on road. Laddo’s ghost says comeback home but Dada cant hear him.
In house, all family members are cooking kitchen, Roopa comes there and says what are you doing? they say cooking, Roopa says leave it, I will cook, Lata says no, we cant forget that Dada is not home because of you, he left because of you, Roopa is hurt hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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