Belan Wali Bahu 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo plans romantic date for Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In morning, Roopa wakes Laddo up and says you know what could have happened last night? If I didnt take you out from there last night then you would have become ghost again. Laddo says I am sorry, I just wanted to have some drinks, it was my wish. Roopa says I fulfilled all your wishes, but you never think about my wishes, you want me to die to ask for my wishes? Laddo says no no, tell me your wishes, I will fulfill it, you want shopping? I will go with you. Roopa says I dont want anything. Laddo says no no, tell me what is your wish, I will fulfill it. Roopa says I want to sit with you and talk alone. Laddo says is it your wish or my punishment? Roopa pouts at him. Laddo says I am joking, talk to me. Roopa says I dont want to talk to Guddo, I want to talk to my husband Laddo, alone.

Laddo closes door and says now we can talk. Roopa says no I want good environment, slow music, candle light and then we talk. Laddo says its just talk, why would we need good environment and candles? we have same faces and talks. Roopa says leave it, you would never understand. Laddo says no no, I was just telling, we will do everything you said, we can go out. Roopa says what if someone sees you as Laddo? I want to sit with my husband. Laddo says I will do setting in house, you just send family out, I will do all arrangements. Roopa smiles at him lovingly.

Ramnath, Jitendra and Naren have hangover. Ramnath says I will not drink that wine anymore. Shalini brings lemonade for them. She gives it to Ramnath and Naren but drinks Jitendra’s glass, she says make your lemonade and drink like you drank wine. She takes selfie with Ramnath and says its hangover selfie. Ramnath says Lata kicked door too. Jitendra says mummy beat you so much, it was nice. Shalini says you want beating too, she starts beating him. Roopa comes there and stops Shalini. She says to Ramnath that in mandir, its darbar, I thought you all should go for wedding. Ramnath says but we have take wedding cards to guests. Roopa sadly leaves. Jitendra says sorry to Shalini, Shalini says you will listen to me? he nods, she says okay then.

Roopa comes to Laddo and says I asked them to go to mandir but Ramnath is going to guests. Laddo says so what? we just have to send them out of house, it doesnt matter if they go to mandir or guests. Roopa laughs and says yes I didnt think about that. Ramnath comes there and says we are going to guests to give cards, you both come too. Laddo says I cant go, I have to go my friend to give him card so I thought to take Roopa too. Ramnath says he can meet Roopa at wedding. Laddo says but he is going to US. Ramnath says then why you are giving him card? Laddo says I am inviting his wife, can I take Roopa? Jitendra comes there and says lets go Ramnath. Ramnath says I am asking Roopa to come with us too. Jitendra says leave them, she will get bored with us, Ramnath slaps him. Ramnath says to Laddo and Roopa that you both can go. Jitendra says I was saying same thing, Ramnath says its my mistake, I shouldnt have slapped you. Jitendra says no I shouldnt have interrupted you, they argue whose mistake it was. Ramnath slaps him again, they leave. Roopa says it was Jitendra’s mistake. Laddo says but Ramnath shouldnt have raised hands. He cups Roopa and says you are cute, we will spend time tonight. They gush about it.

Scene 2
Family is leaving house. Lata and Dada are waiting in car. Ramnath says to Laddo and Roopa that call me if you need anything. Ramnath says to Laddo and Roopa that you both come with us too, we will drop you. Roopa says there is no space in car. Ramnath says we will sit in laps. Roopa says yes I cant sit in Guddo’s lap. Laddo says no, we have to go to my friend’s house. Roopa says we have to go to opposite side. Lata screams for Ramnath to come, he runs away. They all leave. Laddo says yes! he turns to see Naren eyeing them. He has not gone with family. Laddo coughs and says you are not going? Naren says I am not in mood, Laddo says just leave, he pushes him, Naren leaves too. Roopa and Laddo smiles. Laddo gives red rose to her. Roopa gives yellow rose to Laddo. They are about to hug each other but Ramnath comes back and says check taps of all bathrooms. He says why did you take flowers? put them back, seller will cut money. He leaves. Laddo says what a man. Roopa says he is your father only, she goes in house. He closes door too.

Shalini and Jitendra comes home. Jitendra says you acted so nicely that Lata sent us home back, we will be alone in house. Shalini says it will be just me and you, we will take selfies. Jitendra says I have surprise for you, lets go to room.

Laddo gets ready as himself, he takes off his turban. Roopa comes there and says you are looking nice. Laddo says I have ordered your dress, its just coming. Roopa says you didnt have bring anything, I could have worn anything. Laddo says you wives do this, when we bring gifts, you say that it was not needed but when we dont then you start scolding us. Roppa eyes him, he says I am not talking about you. Door bell rings, Laddo says it must be your dress.

Jitendra comes to door, courier man gives him dress box, Jitendra says Shalini will like it, he takes box and leaves. Courier man says there is another box.. he puts it at door and leaves. Laddo comes there and says Roopa will like this dress.

Laddo brings dress for Roopa, Roopa says thank you, you have brought dress for me for first time. Laddo says I will fulfill your wish, Roopa thanks him, they smile.

Shalini wears dress which Jitendra gifts her. She shows him, Jitendra thinks that I ordered short dress then how come its long? Shalini says I really like this dress. Jitendra says I will prepare for our date, he leaves.

Laddo is blowing balloons to prepare for date, he blows many balloons but thinks that I should bring machine, he leaves. Jitendra comes there with machine and says I thought to blow on balloons but we already got them. He takes all of Laddo’s balloons and leaves. Laddo comes back and sees machine there, he says where did all balloons go? who took them? he starts filling air in balloons with machine.

Laddo brings balloons to his room. He says I should bring lights too.

Jitendra lights candles in lounge and goes to bring more. Laddo comes there and says candles? he leaves lights there with CD and takes candles, he says Roopa likes candles more.
Laddo brings candles to his room. He says I should bring CD. He goes to lounge and takes Jitendra’s CD and leave his own CD there. Jitendra comes there and says where did my candles go? I should take lights, he takes CD which is of Laddo and leaves to his room.

Scene 3
Jitendra brings all balloons and hugs Shalini. Shalini likes decorations in their room. Jitendra says I have brought CD of fast songs. He plays it but its Laddo’s CD and Sooraj hua madham starts playing. Shalini says this is your fast song? they try to dance on it but dont enjoy it, Jitendra stops music and says I will sing for you. He starts raping of Sooraj hua madham. Shalini looks at him weirdly. They hear door bell. Jitendra says it must be food. Shalini says I will bring it.

Laddo lights up their room with candles. Roopa comes there wearing nice knee length dress. Laddo is mesmerized seeing her. Roopa is shy and says how I am looking? Laddo cant speak and nods. She asks again. Laddo says so beautiful, this dress? Roopa says I never wore this kind of dress but you brought it with love so I thought to wear it. Laddo says I brought it? I never brought it. They look at each other confused.

PRECAP- Door bell rings, Roopa says it must be food, I will go. Roopa goes to door. Shalini comes there for food too. Shalini sees Roopa and is stunned, she says Roopa? Roopa is shocked to see her too. Shalini sees Roopa wearing small dress and says what are you wearing? Roopa says he gave me this.. Shalini looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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