Belan Wali Bahu 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa solves divorce case of Prem and Lata

Belan Wali Bahu 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In house court, Jitendra asks Lata what watch did Prem wear on wedding night? Laddo’s ghost says this is difficult question. Lata brings watch and says he wore this one. Dada says I gave it to him. Jitendra shows it to Prem. Prem says I was finding it for 20 years. Lata says I kept it save as this watch started our time together, all clap. Judge Dada says Shalini will ask now. Shalini as lawyer of Lata says that Prem tell Lata’s full name before marriage. He says Lata Awasti.. she says before her marriage. He says I dont remember. Lata says my name was Asha Lata before marriage. Shalini asks Prem which color lehnga she wore in wedding? she shouts to tell it. Prem says its 40 years old thing. Shalini says this watch is 40 years old too, she throws it. Lata screams that I

kept is safe for 40 years. Shalini asks Prem to close eyes, he does, she says tell which color saree Lata is wearing now? he doesnt know. Shalini says whats Lata’s favorite veggie? he says aubergine. She says no I like parwan but nobody likes it so I make aubergine because all like it. Shalini asks Prem whose face Lata see in morning? He says I dont know. Lata says I wake up before him so I watch his first thing in morning and make breakfast for him. Shalini asks Prem who Lata miss most? He says shopping? her parents house? She says no, I miss my Laddo most, she cries and says dont know where he went. Laddo’s ghost says dont cry Maa, I am always here. Roopa cries and says mom he is always with you, he is always by your side. Dada gets emotional and says no one will talk about Laddo in court, court in adjourned.

In room, Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that Lata miss you most. Laddo’s ghost says Lata remembers everything, do you too? she says yes. He asks what color kurta I wore at first karwachauth? she says white, I remember it because I mistakenly threw color on it. Laddo’s ghost says do you remember my first salary? she says yes because I washed your shirt and cheque was inside. Laddo’s ghost says you remember all things because of your mistakes. Laddo’s ghost says tomorrow you tell Dada that you will fight case from both ends. Roopa says why? he says just do it.

Scene 2
In morning, Dada comes to court and calls everyone. All come there hurrying. Dada asks where is Roopa? Roopa comes there with Laddo’s ghost. Roopa says I am on right time for right thing. Dada says lets start case. Katori comes there and shyly smiles at Prem, he asks her to sit down, she does. Roopa says I want to request that I become lawyer for both ends. Dada says it never happened in court. Roopa says this type of court didnt happen before too, Dada makes her lawyer for both of them. Roopa says I want Prem and Lata to do something, I want 5 minutes. Laddo’s ghost says all the best.

Roopa makes all women hide their faces from Prem and only show their hands from holes in doors. Roopa says to Prem that you have to recognize hands of Lata which you held 40 years back. Prem looks at all hands. He touches Katori’s hands, she giggles, he leaves it. Prem looks at all hands and holds Lata’s hands only. Roopa says he did correct. Then its Lata’s time to recognize Prem’s hands from holes. Lata looks at all hands, she recognizes all hands and recognizes Prem’s hands too. All clap. Laddo’s ghost says women remember everything.
In court, Roopa says they know each other well. She blindfolds Prem and he has to recognize Lata by smelling. Prem looks around. Katori whispers to him, he touches her hand but then touches Lata’s hands and recognizes her. All clap. Then Lata is blindfolded and have to recognize Prem. Lata comes near Prem but he switches place. Lata moves around,she holds Prem’s hands and recognizes him. Roopa says they can recognize each other without even seeing so they dont need divorce. Prem says no this is not some game, I want divorce. All are tensed. Dada says Roopa you did what you wanted, now they will get divorce. Laddo’s ghost tells something to Roopa. Roopa says Dada just give them 30 minutes, send them to room alone for half an hour and then decide. Lata and Prem goes to room.

Scene 3
Lata and Prem scream at each other in room, Lata comes out and says I cant live in room with him. Prem says I want divorce. All are tensed. Roopa says okay if they want separation then one has to leave house. She asks Prem if he will leave house? he says but.. Roopa says you have to leave house. Prem says fine, ask her first who broke this wedding. Lata says Prem that you are sinner too, we cant live under one roof, I am leaving this house right now, Dada will go with me, he says no. Dada says I will go with her, Prem says no. Dada says no, you cant stop me, my son is useless, I wont leave her alone, she takes care of all the time, she knows your habits but you dont even know one like of her, and you want to divorce? you dont deserve her, I order that Prem is a criminal of his family so we order to separate him from his family, his kids and his wife. Prem says no, I cant live without my family, he says sorry to Lata and says I cant live without you, he side hugs her. Dada says it was Roopa’s idea, flashback shows Roopa giving separation idea to Dada. Dada says Roopa is our hero. Roopa thanks Laddo’s ghost. Laddo’s ghost says family is not breaking. They take selfie together.

Scene 4
Lata brings tea for Roopa. Lata says I kept taunting you for not being good enough but you are good enough than anyone else.
In morning, all take breakfast from Lata.

Lata comes to her friend’s house. Friend orders her servant to make tea for her. Friend orders her servants around. Lata sasy you have so many servants. She says I have 5 servants for every work, how many servants you have? Lata lies that I have 8 servants, she recalls working in house and cries, she says I dont have even one servant, me and my daughter in law works in house. Friend says its not your age to work in house, get servants and free yourself.

Lata comes home, she is silent. Prem asks what happened? Jitendra asks if someone said anything to her? Roopa says she is silent from the time she came from her friend’s house. Lata says I want what she have, I want servant. all look on. Roopa says I can handle everything. Lata says you are not servant but daughter in law, all work will be done from servant. Prem says we wont eat food cooked from a servant. Lata says you have fooled me for years and made me work like servant. Dada says okay servant will come from now on.

All family members are searching for servant. Jitendra hires one servant. Dada says atleast he did something. Jitendra says she wants 6 months advance with agency commission too. Dada slaps him and says it will cost too much. Suzzi says finding a servant is difficult. Lata says I want a servant at any cost. Dada says where to find her? Roopa says we can give ad in newspaper, servants will come themselves.

In morning, a servant comes in house for interview. All family members sit to take it. Lata says she is very young. Prem says she will do nice work. Dada says you are young. Servant says I have elder with me, my mother, she calls her mother. An old woman comes there. She asks what work I have to do? Dada says you are too old, you should rest.
Family meets another servant candidate, Dada tells her work. Servant says I will do some work, I wont wash dishes, I wont mop but I can broom, I will take rs20000, all are stunned.

PRECAP- Roopa prays to Mata to give servant to her house.
One woman comes to Laddo’s house with her daughters. She says you people are looking for servants? we are three so we will handle whole house. Servant says to Roopa that I will give tea to everyone in their rooms, we just need a chance.
One servant brings tea to Prem and Lata’s room. Lata says someone served me to tea in room for first time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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