Belan Wali Bahu 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost traps Roopa to throw her out of house

Belan Wali Bahu 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dada is Jagran and is about to apologize but Jitendra and other family members come there. Jitendra says lets enjoy more bhajan, lets make lion dance. Naren comes there wearing lion costume and start dancing to keep attention away from bhog.
Otherside Roopa is crushing mangoes seeds to make halwa for bhog. Laddo’s ghost cheer for her.
In jagran, person wearing lion costume keeps dancing, all clap for him, he gets tired and falls down. Jitendra asks Naren to keep dancing, we have to keep their attention, Naren tries to dance more but gets tired.

In kitchen, Laddo’s ghost helps Roopa to make halwa. They work together to make it.

In jagran, host says last bhajan ended and now we will have parsad. Laddo’s family gets tensed but Gudia and Jimmy

comes there dressed as Parvati and Shiv. Jitendra says we have Gods here, we should have bhajan for them too before bhog. He asks host to start another bhajan.

Roopa makes Halwa, she says to Laddo’s ghost that if you were not here then.. he says I am not here. Roopa says yes but what you did for me.. Laddo’s ghost says I did this for my family, not for you.
In jagran, Jimmy and Gudia starts performing. Dada says I never saw Parvati and Shiv in Jagrata. Ramnath says problems call for Gods.

Jitendra comes to Roopa and asks if parsad is ready? Roopa says it will take 15 minutes. Roopa asks him to bring dry fruits from market. Jitendra says but shop is closed, Laddo’s ghost says ask him to bring from parsad given to God in Jagran, Roopa tells him.Jitendra says I cant steal from God’s parsad, Roopa says just do something and bring it, he nods and leave.

In Jagran, Jitendra comes there dressed as hanuman. He starts entertaining people. He takes dry fruit basket from mata’s feet, he asks Jimmy and Gudia to entertain for 15 minutes and leaves. Dada says what is happening here? Ramnath says just enjoy. On stage, Jimmy says I cant do this anymore. Jimmy says to host that lets end it. Ramnath comes on stage as Ganesh, Ramnath says I came to bless everyone. Jitendra comes there. Ramnath asks when will Roopa bring bhog? jitendra says she is making it. Ramnath says we cant stop people for longer, Jitendra says I will do something. Jitendra takes mic from host and says to people that my Dada wants to say something. Lata says to Shalini that we have to see this day because of Dada, Dada will be insulted for first time in 25 years. Dada comes on stage and is sad. Dada says me Rajnath.. Roopa hears his voice from house kitchen too. Dada says to people that everyone knows that I was born here and lived here, I started business here and 25 years back, I sent bhog in Jagrata and then it became ritual for 25 years and this year too, I promised to bring parsad but.. Roopa comes there with Bhog and says Dada its here. All smile. Roopa brings tray to Dada, he is stunned to see halwa. Jitendra starts giving bhog to everyone. Katori takes full bowl. roopa smiles at Laddo’s ghost. She eats it. Dada says to Roopa that you made such nice parsad. Jimmy gets a call and says okay I will do it, he ends call and says Babblu called, who took pickle and bhog, he liked our chinese pickle and wants more, he is giving me 5 lacs, Dada says good. Lata says Roopa you did great. Roopa looks at Laddo’s ghost and says he did great. Lata thinks she is talking about God and says yes God did save us. Ramnath says you made such good bhog. Dada says Roopa is naive but have good heart. Laddo’s ghost says idea was mine, I worked and people are praising her, she murdered me and still all are singing her praises, I wont spare her.

Scene 2
In morning, Suzzi is taking Dada on wheelchair in market. Laddo’s ghost is there. Dada says Roopa saved our respect yesterday. Suzzi says only Roopa is sensible in your family, she is ideal daughter in law, Dada says no one is like Roopa, they leave. Laddo’s ghost says I saved respect of family and they are praising the one who killed their heir, what to do about this Roopa.

In house, all are praising Roopa’s mangoes halwa. Jimmy says if I didnt steal mangoes, then we wouldnt have chinese pickle and Roopa wouldnt have mangoes seeds so I am root cause of this happiness. Gudia says if you didnt steal mangoes then bhog wouldnt have been gone so you are root cause of our problems. Roopa ask them to enjoy breakfast. Laddo’s ghost comes there. Ramnath says Roopa is our good omen, she did what no one could too. Laddo’s ghost says cant they stop praising you Roopa? Dog comes there and runs behind Laddo’s ghost and barks on him. He sits on cupboard and says you never let me live even after dying, Jitendra says he used to bark on Laddo then why he is barking now? Suzzi says maybe he can see Laddo. Laddo’s ghost says him and Roopa only.

Dada comes to a shop. Shopkeeper says your scented sticks(agarbatti) are not selling so I am throwing them away, it has your photo which is so old, they dont have marketing and old packaging, and have bad odor, Dada gets tensed.

In house, gudia eats 12 parathas. Jimmy says to family that I got married in 35 years because I wanted a slim wife like Deepika but after honeymoon Gudia became fat. Dada comes there and says we have to do something. Ramnath says you took time for your walk. Dada says you want me to go on long walk and never return. Ramnath asks what happened? Dada says I saw reality of my business, no one is buying our scented sticks, sellers are saying they are old and useless, this is marketing time, no one in house thought to change packaging and my picture, Ramnath says Laddo used to handle all business. Dada says he is not anymore and no one is handling it, only he used to handle everything, you all are useless. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Ramnath asks Dada to have breakfast, he says I dont want it and leaves. Laddo’s ghost says atleast dada miss me. He looks at tensed Roopa.

Dada is looking at his pictures, he says to Suzzi that I will change my picture on scented sticks packaging. Suzzi says but your picture would look more old. Dada says Amitbh Bachan is still working. Laddo’s ghost comes there. Suzzi says you can put your kids photo on packaging. Dada says it was always my picture on it,I can never change it, I will change my appearance, I will become modern. Suzzi says you want your kids to handle business. Dada says but they cant change my photo, I wont let it happen, Laddo’s ghost thinks about it.

Scene 2
Laddo’s ghost comes Roopa in kitchen and says you work so much, you should rest sometime, the way you saved family’s respect yesterday was great, I never understood your value. Roopa gets elated hearing it. Laddo’s ghost says I didnt deserve you thats why this happened with me, can you come on roof? I want to talk? I have this much right? please come, she nods. Laddo’s ghost says you are so sweet, such a nice girl, he leaves. Roopa cant stop smiling. Lata looks at her. Roopa says I will go to roof to throw peas peel, she leaves.

Laddo’s ghost is on rooftop and says I couldnt send Roopa to jail but I will get her thrown out of jail. Dog starts barking at him again, he sits on tank. Roopa comes there and gives peas to dog. Laddo’s ghost says he always come behind me. He asks her to sit on tank with him, she says how can I jump? he says jump on ladder. Roopa jumps on ladder and sits on roof, Laddo’s ghost looks at her from top to bottom,she smiles. One neighbor sees her sitting on tank from street and asks is she repairing tank, she laughs, he leaves. Laddo’s ghost says I am happy with you but Dada is sad, you know our scented sticks business was created by Dada with so much hardwork but its dying now, he wants to change packaging for new market, he wants to change his photo and put his kids’ photo on packaging, Roopa says when he said it? Laddo’s ghost says he said his old photo should be removed and kids should take over business, Roopa says he said it. Laddo’s ghost says can you fulfill Dada’s last wish? will you change Dada’s photo from packaging and put his kids’ photo on it? I could have done it but I cant now, Roopa says I will do it for him, Laddo’s ghost says keep it secret, when you change it only then show him, he will be so happy with you, she nods, Laddo’s ghost says you do so much for family, be blessed, she smiles and leaves.

Roopa comes to Dada and says sorry for business, Dada says no one cares about my anger. Roopa says I just want ask you want to change photo on packaging? change old photo and bring in new one? Dada says we have to change with time but when will my kids understand that? Roopa says your happiness is important for us, they didnt change photo because they fear you but now if you want to change photo then we will do it. She turns to leave but strikes with suzzi which have soup in her hand, it falls on Suzzi, she screams, Roopa says sorry.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says you went to Dada to confirm about photo thing? I told you he wants kids’ photo on packaging so you went to confirm? Roopa says I just dont want do anything to hurt Dada’s wishes, I will tell everyone, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa will be thrown out soon, he dances.

Roopa gathers all family members in room. She says I cant talk infront of Dada so I called you here, she says Dada said we have to change photo on packaging, he wants to change his photo and put his new generations’ photo, he said that to Laddo too. Gudia says he loves his photo on packaging more than his business itself. Roopa says but he is changed, he knows new marketing, he said he wants to change photo and put modern photo on packaging. Ramnath says yes he said to put modern photo. Jimmy says I am businessman, we should understand that we should change Dada’s photo as he wants, I will take your family photo. Ramnath says no we will call somoene. Ramnath says who to call to capture photo? Roopa says I will call some photographer, we will surprise Dada.

Dada is looking at his photos and says they are all old. He says to Suzzi that I should take my new photo in new studio with good photographer and when my new photo will be put on packaging then all will be surprised.

Roopa is in her room and says Dada will be so surprised to see his kids photo on packaging. Laddo’s ghost thinks only she will be surprised.

Ramnath says to Lata that I am Dada’s only son so my photo should come on packaging, Lata says let your kids’ photo on it, Ramnath says but I am Dada’s son, not them.

Jitendra irons his officer uniform and says to Shalini that policeman’s photo will look good on packaging.

Jimmy says to Gudia that I dont have to ask Dada, he said his kids should understand, I am like his son, his sons didnt do business but I did 25 businesses, Gudia says all flopped. Jimmy says I have experience, I have good nose for nice aroma of scented sticks, I used to always first smell who farted in my class in school, I have good nose, I will have my photo on packaging.

Naren says to Roopa that we need product photographer for packaging photography, I know one photographer Chikoo, he is expansive, she says its about Dada’s respect so just give me his number, Naren does. Roopa calls Chikoo, she books appointment with him to take photo of family for packaging, he agrees to come and ends call. Laddo’s ghost comes there, Roopa says Chikoo agreed to come tomorrow morning to take photo of family, Laddo’s ghost says but Dada will be at home then it will not be surprise, you have to ask him to leave house, Roopa says but how can I ask him to go out. Laddo’s ghost says you can send me out world but cant send me out of house for some hours? Roopa bursts out laughing and says when you joke like this, he laughs too saying you sent me from world, they look at each other and smile.

PRECAP- Roopa shows movie tickets to Dada and says you can go out watch movie with Suzzi, Dada takes tickets.Dada comes to Suzzi and says we will go out but not for movie, for taking my photo.
Roopa says Dada will be surprised to see family’s photo on packaging. Laddo’s ghost thinks you will be surprised with Dada’s reaction when he throws you out of house. Ramnath asks Roopa when will photographer come? She says he will come soon.
Laddo’s ghost sees Chikoo photographer outside his house and says he came early and Dada is still in house, what to do. Roopa sees photographer coming in house and hints at family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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