Belan Wali Bahu 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost promises to never see Roopa again

Belan Wali Bahu 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shalini takes black thread and goes behind Roopa, she says I cant tie thread on her foot, she sees Roopa talking to air in room and runs away from there being scared.
Jitendra says to family that Shalini will ties thread on Roopa’s foot. Shalini comes there and says I didnt tie thread on her foot, Roopa is crazy, she was talking nicely to that ghost, I cant do it. Suzzi says I know how to make ghost runaway, I will use holy water to shoo him away, Dada says do it, Jitendra says holy water cant do anything, Dada says if Suzzi said she can make ghost runaway then she can. Suzzi leaves. Suddenly lights go, all get scared seeing Suzzi coming there in white saree holding holy water and candle.
Suzzi comes to Roopa’s room, Roopa is sleeping. Suzzi sprinkles holy

water at her. Roopa wakes up, she puts blanket on Suzzi and doesnt see her face, she start beating Suzzi shouting thief, thief, thief.. all family members come there. Dada takes off blanket and sees its Suzzi.. Roopa says sorry I thought it was a thief, Suzzi says she beat me with her slipper. Dada says what you did with my Suzzi, he takes her away. Lata asks everyone to leave, let Roopa rest, all leave. Roopa cries and says to Lata that I am sorry, I didnt know it was Suzzi, Lata says it was her mistake that she came here in dark. She asks her to stay here, she leaves. Roopa says to Laddo’s photo that everything wrong is happening with me. Lata brings chilies and says I will take of black eye casted on you, she asks Roopa to lie down, Roopa says I am tired, I cant do it anymore, Lata asks her to rest. Roopa goes to rest. Lata thinks to hell with ghost who is behind my Roopa. Laddo’s ghost is sleeping on balcony, he feels Lata slapping him, he wakes up and says why I felt mom slapping me? I am ghost and I am scared of everyone, sometimes dog, sometime mom.

In morning, Roopa greets everyone in family. She asks Jitendra if he wants tea? he says yes, she leaves. Lata says seems like evil eye is gone from her. Ramnath says one evil live with me too, Lata glares at him. Roopa brings tea for Jitendra and asks Lata what should I make in food? Lata says you must be tired, dont make anything, all are tensed since Laddo left so we should rest, we will order food and I have called parlour people to come for massage.

All family members are getting massage from parlour staff in house. Men and women both have masks. Lata asks Roopa how she is feeling? she says nice, Lata says I pray no bad soul comes near you, no evil is is casted on you. Roopa rests while getting massage. Laddo’s ghost wakes up and comes there, he looks around and sees all getting massage. He says to Roopa that you are having fun here? Roopa shouts who.. all look at her and asks what happened? Roopa says nothing relax. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you were running behind me with balen yesterday, Roopa says I said sorry, think about others. Laddo’s ghost says do you think about me? my family cant see me, dogs run behind me, I am just some cheap ghost, loyal wives cry and mourn over husband’s death and you are having massages and relaxing? Roopa shouts enough, when will you let me have peace? I am tired of it, I didnt call for massage, Lata did. She runs behind Laddo’s ghost and shouts at him. All family members see her talking in air, Lata says seems like evil cast didnt leave her. Ramnath says the soul hurting her should rot in hell. Jitendra says this is complex case so I will call specialist who will make ghost go away.

Jitendra brings a baba who makes souls runaway. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that who called him? he will make me free from world, I am not coming near him, he runs away. Lata makes Roopa sit infront of Baba and says its for your peace… I mean house peace, he used to come when Nirupa was here, Baba says but I came here for first time. Lata whispers to Roopa that he forgets things, ignore him. Shalini takes selfie with Baba. Baba starts mantra and starts touching everyone with broom to make ghost go away. He makes Roopa stand up and keeps hitting her with broom. Roopa realizes it and says one minute, she asks if he is called here for her? She asks Dada if they called baba for her? she asks Lata, all are silent. Roopa says you all think that I am crazy, I talk in air, let me tell you which ghost is behind me, your Laddo is behind me, all are stunned. Roopa says to Jitendra that Laddo is with me, he talks to me, he scolds me too, he is here, Dada says it happens.. when you miss someone, you think he is near. Roopa says no he is here, in this house, you want proof? I dont have that, you people dont believe me, I dont have proof of him leaving or him here but he is here, I promise he is here, she cries and leaves. All are sad seeing her state. Lata says I will check up on her.

Scene 2
Lata comes to Roopa’s room who is crying. Laddo’s ghost is sitting on cupboard. Lata says why you think we did this pooja for you? we know you can see Laddo, we did this pooja so we can see him too, we want to see him. Roopa says really? Lata says yes, now we will be able to see Laddo too. Roopa says can you see him sitting on cupboard? Lata cant see him but says yes, he is sitting there. Roopa says tell him to not irritate me. Lata looks in air and says I will slap you if you irritate her. Laddo’s ghost says you can see me? Lata says dont irritate our daughter in law, dont make her cry. Jitendra comes there and says whom you are talking to? Lata says with Laddo, we did pooja so we can see Laddo, she winks at him and says see he is there. Jitendra says where? Lata says there.. there.. she nudges him. Jitendra realizes she is acting and says I can see him too, Laddo come for dinner. Laddo’s ghost says they can see me, he leaves with Roopa. Lata says to Jitendra that we have to do drama for Roopa she is tensed.

Roopa sits down for dinner, Lata asks Shalini to give food to Laddo too, you can see Laddo right? see Laddo.. she glares at her, Shalini catches her lie and says I can see Laddo too. Lata says Roopa and Laddo you both shouldnt fight, live with love. she says I will make Laddo eat with my hands. She acts coming near Laddo’s ghost, only Roopa can see him. Lata asks Roopa to bring pickle for Laddo, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says Maa Roopa killed me, she murdered me with balen, he says to Jitendra that get her arrested, you can see me now. Lata says this is craziness of Roopa that she can see Laddo and we have to act like we can see Laddo too, we will have to act till Roopa becomes fine. Laddo’s ghost says they cant see me? they are all lying? Roopa brings pickle. Laddo’s ghost moves away from chair. Lata acts like she can see Laddo’s ghost and says I will make him eat with my hands.. she comes near chair and says Laddo its your favorite. Roopa says he is not there, he moved to lounge, you all think I am crazy that I can see Laddo’s ghost? your son has made me mental, Laddo’s ghost says me? Roopa says when you were alive, you never looked at me and now you dont look at anyone else, all think I am crazy talking in air, I should die, it will be better than this, she leaves. Jitendra says she must have gone to do suicide. Lata runs behind her.

Lata comes to balcony thinking Roopa will do suicide, she slips on banana peel and falls off balcony, she hangs from balcony and screams for help, Roopa rushes to her and says why you are hanging there? Lata says I came to save you. All family members come there and says Lata how you got there? Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that this happened because of you, Roopa says why you are blaming me? Dada says no one is blaming you. Shalini takes selfie with Lata hanging, Lata says save me. Ramnath says all are mental here. Dada says you called us all mental? Ramnath says I was calling selfie thing mental.. they start fighting. Roopa sees Lata hanging, she comes downstairs and says Lata I will do something. she takes rope, Laddo’s ghost says what you will do with rope? stand on this table and save her. Roopa says I wont reach her on table, Laddo’s ghost says you can stand on my shoulder, she says I cant. Roopa sees veggies stall, she throws all veggies from it, she puts mattress on it, she brings stall near Lata. Lata is stunned. Family members are still busy in fighting over mental thing. Lata loses balance and falls down but Roopa puts stall under her with mattress on it, Lata falls on mattress and faints. Roopa brings her in house, Ramnath asks her to open eyes. Roopa brings water and sprinkles on her. Lata wakes up, Roopa asks if she is fine? Lata says Roopa? Laddo’s ghost says you hanged because of Roopa. Lata says Roopa you saved my life, never talk about dying, what will happen to us if something happens to you? Laddo left us but we wont let anything to you, you are our daughter in law. Lata asks Roopa if she really sees Laddo? Laddo’s ghost says tell them you can see me. Roopa thinks that they wont believe me, if I tell them that I can see him then they will keep getting in trouble like this, I will have to hide it, she says no I dont see Laddo’s ghost, it was my mind playing tricks which is gone now, I dont see him. Laddo’s ghost glares at her.

In morning, Lata says Roopa saved my life, who told me that Roopa is going to suicide? Jitendra says Shalini, Lata glares at her. Roopa brings tea.Laddo’s ghost asks why you are not talking with me Roopa? Roopa ignores him. Suzzi asks Roopa if she is fine now? Lata says you should focus on your antics. Ramnath says to Roopa that we are grateful for you saving Lata. Lata says really Roopa you did favor on me by saving my life, Roopa says dont say it as favor. Laddo’s ghost asks why she is not talking to him? Roopa comes to kitchen and says to Laddo’s ghost that I wont talk to you infront of anyone, Lata’s life got in danger because of it, if you care for family then you wont talk to me infront of anyone. Laddo’s ghost says I am not dying to talk to you, I dont want to talk to you, I wont show you my face, you will cry to talk to me now, Roopa says I didnt mean that, Laddo’s ghost leaves in anger.

Roopa serves breakfast to everyone. Some people brings mangoes there and leaves. Jimmy, son in law of Ramnath and husband of Gudiya(Laddo’s sister) comes there and says we brought them. All greet them, Dada asks why did you buy so many mangoes? Jimmy says I brought it from my garden, Gudiya says he bought whole garden of mangoes, Shalini says but he used to sell insurance, Jimmy says I was thrown out of job, I sold 10crore insurance in one month but all people died and company had to throw me out. Jimmy says now I will sell mangoes, I have to pay rent for garden, its 10lacs. Ramnath says but it takes 3 months for mangoes to mature, Jimmy says I thought my garden is good so I will make them in 1 month. Ramnath says me and Lata are healthy people but that doesnt mean we made babies in 4 months, sameway it takes 3 months to mature mangoes. Jimmy says I will make pickles of these mangoes now. Train passesby from there, all start holding things down.

Katori comes to Laddo’s house. She greets everyone, all makes face seeing her. Katori takes sugar from their kitchen and says I will leave, Katori’s kids takes mangoes. Jimmy shouts to keep it back, they are not free. Katori says how dare you shout at my kids, you have small thinking, Jimmy says you come here everyday to take things like beggars, Katori says I just take sugar from here but you have taken lacs from your inlaws, they taunt you behind your back that he is useless, Jimmy looks at family with hurt.

PRECAP- Community head comes to Laddo’s house and says that every year you people make bhog for big function of the society so you will make it this year too? Dada says we will follow the ritual and we will make bhog this year too, head leaves. Jimmy says I have taken order to make pickles so first you all have to make pickle then you can make bhog if you have time. They all start making pickle. Jimmy says I have taken order to make chinese pickle. Lata says how we will make chinese pickle? Roopa says how to find recipe of it.
Roopa looks at Laddo’s picture and says I am so worried and you are still miffed with me, please comeback.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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