Belan Wali Bahu 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Police doesnt accept balen as murdering weapon

Belan Wali Bahu 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Teams are playing Rugby to win last round of the contest, they get break, Lata says I cant play it anymore, Suzzi says I am tired too, I want to go home, Shalini says I cant play anymore. Dada says lets leave, they start leaving. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that they are leaving, nothing can happen now. Roopa stops Lata and says if we all leave then cheating will win, our family will lose, think that balen as our house’s key, think of it as Jitendra’s job, Dada’s medicine, we need them at any cost, we have to win that balen. Shalini says but Katori’s team is strong. Roopa says but difference is their team was made today but we were always a team, right? she extends her hand, all put their hand on her hand and says go and win. Rugby match starts again,

Lata takes balen and says this is my house key, she shouts to not touch it. Laddo’s ghost says my mom’s screaming can make anyone scared. Lata runs and throws balen in goal, she wins first goal for Roopa. Roopa hugs her. Round starts, Shalini gets balen, she throws it to Roopa, Roopa gives it to Shalini, Shalini says ghost.. ghost.. she acts like she controlled by a spirit, all get scared, she runs to goal coast and goals for Roopa. Host says score is 2-3 now. Round starts, Suzzi keeps Katori away from balen, she makes her smell sleeping medicine and says now you will sleep. Roopa gives balen to Lata, Lata scores for her, score is now 3-3. Host says only 2 minutes are remaining in this match, if this match is tied then Katori will win as she has more points in last task. Round starts, Roopa takes balen, Katori’s team tries to stop her but Roopa recalls how Laddo’s ghost asked her to win it at any cost, she tries to run to goal coast but Katori holds her legs back, one heavy teammate of Katori’s team sits on her back, Roopa tries to move to goal coast, she recalls her promise to Laddo that she wil win balen at any cost. Host says only 10 seconds are remaining. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa get up, you have to win, this balen is your proof, get up Roopa. Roopa screams and pushes everyone away, she runs and throws balen in goal coast. She wins the match and contest. All family members hug her, Roopa cries looking at balen, she shows it to Laddo’s ghost, he chants for her too. Host says Roopa’s score is highest and she won this contest, she is balen wali bahu.

All come to award ceremony of the contest. Host asks Roopa to come to stage and take her award, balen and 5 lacs. All clap for Balen. Roopa come stage, she doesnt take trophy, she looks at cheque and ignores it too, she sees her balen in judge’s hand and takes it, she runs from there without taking cheque, all are stunned. Roopa leaves with balen, all are confused.

Roopa comes to police station with balen, she says I killed my husband with this balen.. he asks her to talk loudly. Laddo’s ghost comes there too. Roopa says arrest me, I killed my husband with this balen. Laddo’s ghost says arrest her, Rooppa says dont interrupt, let me talk. Inspector says whom you are talking to? He looks at balen and says where is blood on it? there is flour, mud and spice on it, how we believe that you killed him with it? Roopa says I tied red thread on this balen, its my balen, I killed him with it. Inspector says this is not a proof, leave. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you cant leave, you have to get punished, Roopa says I tried, I won contest to win this proof, I tried everything, I cant do more, lets leave. They leave. Inspector says this Roopa have some problem, she is talking in air.

In house, Ramnath says I cant believe Roopa didnt take prize money. Lata says I collected it for her. Train is passingby, all are holding things down. Ramnath gets a call from inspector, inspector says your daughter in law came and said she killed Laddo. Ramnath says to family that inspector said she was talking to herself, she has mental instability. Lata says I saw her talking to herself. Naren says I saw her talking to herself too.
Roopa takes rickshaw, Laddo’s ghost says why you are not going to commissioner? Roopa says I dont want to go anywhere, rickshaw driver says you dont want to go? she says I am not talking to you. Laddo’s ghost says are you happy now? Roopa says I won this balen, I brought it to police and confessed that I am the killer, Laddo’s ghost says you destroyed the proofs, how many people you killed? she says 25 and now I will kill 26th if you dont stop bothering me. Rickshaw driver is scared to hear it. He takes Roopa to home and leaves without taking money.
Roopa comes in house. Laddo’s ghost says you cant enter this house, Roopa says you cant stop me. Family sees Roopa talking to herself. Roopa says you cant throw me out, Lata says we are not throwing you out. Roopa says I am not talking to you, he has made my life hell.. tell them why I won this balen, she moves balen and it hits Suzzi, Suzzi cries, Roopa says sorry. Laddo’s ghost says you will kill everyone. Roopa says I wont spare you, she runs behind his ghost. Family doesnt see Laddo’s ghost and sees her running around house alone, Ramnath says what happened to her? why she is running alone? Roopa leaves from there.

Katori comes to Laddo’s house and borrows sugar, she says now you have money so get is painted, she leaves. Jitendra says we have to do something about Roopa, she is not stable, Ramnath says she is violent too, she hit Suzzi. Naren says should we call doctor for her? Lata says it seems like ghost have captured her, Jitendra says Shalini would have seen souls or ghosts around her, she can see them, Dada says but she was talking in air, Jitendra says maybe this ghost is seen by Roopa only, Lata says my mom used to say that if you tie black thread on foot then ghosts run away from you, Shalini you have to tie black thread on Roopa’s foot, Shalini says why me? Lata says do it, she glares at her. Shalini says okay I will tie it.

PRECAP- Roopa is in her room and says I am tired, I didnt want to do it, I am tired, she says to Laddo’s ghost that I am tired, I know I did a mistake and I should be punished, what can I do? she cries, Laddo’s ghost looks on.
PRECAP- Shalini takes black thread and says how to tie it on Roopa’s foot? what if ghost catches me? Suzzi says I know how to tie it. She wears white saree and comes to Roopa’s room at night with thread. In morning, Roopa asks Jiitndra if he wants tea? he says sure, she goes to make it. Dada says she is behaving fine, I think ghost left.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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