Belan Wali Bahu 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Dada takes Laddo’s medical test

Belan Wali Bahu 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dada says to Laddo that we will live in this room, Suzzi leaves. Dada says give me some medicine, Laddo says which one? Dada says BP medicine. Laddo tries to recognize which one is it. Dada says dont you know medicines? you are doctor only? Laddo nods. dada asks him to sit down. Dada says give me sugar medicine. Laddo tries to get it but doesnt know which one is it. Dada glares at him and has doubt on him.

Suzzi comes to Dada, Dada asks where is Doctor? Dada says he is fraud and not doctor. Suzzi says you are wrong, he is sweet and nice and handsome. Dada says but he is not doctor, I will prove it, dont tell anyone that I have doubt on him, I will do something to test him. Suzzi says okay. Suzzi says he will put tablet under your tongue and take you to hospital. Dada says

he doesnt know these technical details because he is not real doctor.

Dada comes to lounge and screams that I have heart attack, all family members get tensed and says to take him to doctor. Dada says but Dr. Guddo is here, he knows what to do. Laddo says yes I know. He gives him right medicine and winks at Roopa. Roopa recalls flashback of how she heard Dada and Suzzi’s plan that Dada will fake his heart attack, Roopa asked Laddo to keep Dada’s medicine with him, flashback ends. Ramnath thanks Laddo for saving Dada’s life. Lata says thank God, they take Dada away. Laddo thinks that I got with them again after hard work and they want to send me away.

Suzzi says to Dada that now you know that Dr. Guddo is not fake. Dada says no he lied, when I had heart attack, I saw tension in Guddo’s eyes and doctors dont have that. Roopa comes there. Dada says I will take his exam again. Roopa asks whose exam? Dada says what you think about Dr. Guddo? Roopa says he is nice person, he saved your life. Dada says what to hide from you, I didnt get any attack, I was just acting because I have doubt on Guddo that he is not doctor and fraud. Roopa gets tensed and says no no, he is not. dada says he is thats why I want to take his test, I will ask questions about medical to him and if he doesnt know things then we will send him away, go and call him, dont tell him anything, Roopa says yes and leaves.

Dada calls all family members and make Babbu sit infront of him. Roopa leaves from there. Dada says I have doubt on you that you are not real doctor so I will ask medical questions from you, Laddo says witch which right? Dada says I am your patient and I want to know your credibility, first question is that which blood group is universal donor? Laddo hides earphone in his turban, Roopa is sitting in her room and searches question on internet, she tells him answer is O negative. Laddo tells answer to Dada, Dada says right answer. Dada says next question is how HIV works? Roopa searches it and tells answer to Laddo, Laddo tells it to Dada, Dada says right answer. Dada says next question is that if water gets filled in lungs then which illness you will get? Roopa is making tea too and says oh tea water.. Laddo thinks its answer and says tea water illness, Dada says you answered wrong. Roopa tells sorry, answer is Pneumonia, Laddo says I was joking, right answer is Pneumonia, Dada says right answer. All cheer for him. Dada says which organ of body is biggest? Roopa hears it through earphone, she searches and says liver is biggest organ. Laddo answers it. Dada says right answer, all clap. Roopa dances and mistakenly drops her phone, her phone breaks. Dada says next questions is what is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol? Laddo says you will get the answer. He waits for roopa to respond through call but Roopa’s phone is broken. She thinks what I will do now? Laddo is waiting for Roopa to tell him answer, he says to Dada that answer is coming, I mean my mind is working. Roopa is in kitchen and tries to repair her phone. Laddo is waiting for her. Roopa comes there with tea sadly.

PRECAP- Roopa says to Laddo that we shouldnt meet at home, lets meet somewhere outside. Laddo says okay we will meet at Cool Cafe. Suzzi is passingby and thinks Laddo is talking with her and inviting her to cool cafe, she gets excited. Ramnath hides and hears Roopa and Laddo’s plan of cool cafe, he thinks to go there too.
Suzzi gets ready in red shalwar suit and says to Dada that I am going to cool cafe, she leaves. Dada says she must be going to meet Dr. Guddo/Laddo, I should go and spy on her.
Dada and Ramnath comes to Cool cafe disguised as sardars, they sit on same table but doesnt recognize each other. Dada says I am here to spy on someone. Ramnath says coincidence I am here to spy on someone too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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