Belan Wali Bahu 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost makes Katori runaway

Belan Wali Bahu 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Katori comes to Dada’s house and says I am not leaving, she goes to sleep.

Laddo’s ghost tells an idea to Roopa to throw Katori out of house. Roopa mixes a stomach upset medicine in Katori’s juice and goes to give it to her but Jitendra comes there and drinks it before she can stop him. Roopa is stunned.

Dada says to family that we have to get rid of this Katori. Prem says give me free hand and I will throw her out. Dada says okay I am giving you free hand. Jitendra says I know the solution of throwing Katori out of house. He winces from stomach pain, Roopa says I am sorry but I had mixed jamal gotha in juice for Katori but you drank it. Lata says that was a bad idea. Jitendra runs to washroom. Suzzi goes to give medicine to Jitendra. Dada says this Prem

cant do anything, let me think.. he says why dont we spread itchy powder on Katori’s bed. Prem says she wont runaway, she will just get itchy, she will ask us to get treatment for her. Roopa says yes and she sleeps on my bed. Naren says we can get her kidnapped, Lata says you have just left nappies and thinking about kidnapping, forget it. Shalini says we can take her to her house when she falls asleep. Prem says she will comeback wen wake up. Laddo’s ghost says I will think of some idea, Jitendra got ill because of you.

Katori is enjoying fruits in Roopa’s room. Laddo’s ghost comes there and sits down. Katori says to herself that they were thinking about miracle but now I will show them such a miracle that they will forget its name. She turns and sees Laddo’s ghost sitting there, she is shocked. She screams ghost. Laddo’s ghost sees her screaming and starts screaming too. Katori runs away from him.

Katori comes to family screaming ghost. Laddo’s ghost comes there too. They both scream seeing each other. Katori says to family that your house have Laddo’s ghost, I wont come back here ever even for sugar, she runs away. Dada says what rubbish was she saying? Prem says atlest she left us alone. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that Katori saw you but how? Roopa says oh yes, what miracle had to happen by guest coming here has happened. Laddo’s ghost says miracle was that she could see me because you people served her well. Roopa says miracle happened, miracle happened. Dada says what miracle? Roopa says I mean she came as a guest but said she will never return, that is a miracle. Lata says yes that is a big miracle, she will never comeback to take sugar.

Scene 2
Jitendra and Naren are doing sit ups. Lata comes there and shouts why didnt they take bath? Roopa brings tea but Lata says till they dont shower, dont give them tea. She asks Prem to give her newspaper, get fresh. Prem says I get fresh by reading newspaper. Prem takes tea from Roopa. Lata says only me and Roopa showers on time. Dada says Suzzi knows my time for shower. Suzzi says when your hearts wants to take a shower then thats the right time for you. Lata says if his heart doesnt say then he wont shower for even 10 days? Dada says I start to get itchy from 7 days only. Jitendra says when I get my job then I will shower first. Lata asks Shalini to go and take shower first, Shalini acts like some ghost held her hand and says I cant move. Lata asks Naren to go and take shower, Naren says if I am younger that doesnt mean I have to go first. Lata asks Shalini to go but she says ghost is not allowing me, I told you. Naren goes to take shower. Prem says its good he went otherwise Lata could have made him work so much.

Naren comes back wearing a towel and covered in soap. Naren says there is no water in washroom. Roopa says no water in kitchen too. Lata says tank must have finished. Naren says do something. Lata gives him water pot from kitchen to use.

Shalini comes after taking a bath. Lata asks how did she shower? Shalini says from water, Lata says there is no water in tank then how did you? you are lying. Shalini says no actually I took a bath from milk. Lata glares at her.

Scrap seller asks tea seller to give him water but tea seller says I only give water, scrap seller says then give me ingredients for tea, I will take it home. Tea seller says I know you want water but I am not giving it.

Scrap seller sees a water bottle at a grocery shop. Seller says one bottle for 100rs, only four bottles are left. Scrap seller says but thats too expansive. Shopkeeper gets a call and says yes I have four water bottle, I can send it to you, scrap seller says no I am taking them, he pays 400rs and takes four bottles. Shopkeeper says to himself that my phone is not even working let alone a call coming.

Scrap seller comes to Dada’s house, he says I have brought water for you all. Naren says we have such nice neighbors. Seller says you can buy it for 500rs each bottle, I will give one bottle to Suzzi for 200rs. Dada asks him to stop it, he leaves with Suzzi. Scrap seller asks if they dont water? Jitendra asks him to get lost, he leaves. Jitendra sees a hand pump in house and starts extracting water from it. They all try to take out water but hand pump breaks.

Family tries to repair hand pump, they are all tired. Scrap seller brings water and asks if they want to buy it now? its more expansive now. Dada says I will beat you. Prem says we need water. Dada pays scrap seller to get water but he asks for more, Jitendra puts scrap seller in bucket and beats him.

Scene 3
Roopa is praying to God and says please bring water to us. Laddo’s ghost jokes with her. She says you are joking, we dont have water in house, there is no water in market and hand pump in house is just for show. Laddo’s ghost says yes great grandpa used to take it out in anger, it was just for that, not for extracting water. roopa says what we will do now? Laddo’s ghost says I have seen that water come in mandir’s tap for one hour between 4-5PM, you tell it to family and go there. Roopa thanks him.

Dada says to Suzzi that we havent take a shower so I am feeling itchy, he asks her to scratch his back but she says its smelly. Roopa comes there and tells family that there is a place from where we can get a water. Jitendra brings buckets and asks where? Roopa says water in mandir’s tap comes from 4 to 5. Lata says its already about to be 4PM, lets run there. They all about to leave but Laddo’s ghost says its 4 to 5 in morning, not in evening. Roopa tells it to family, all look on. Roopa says its good, we can go there and nobody will know. Dada says Jitendra, Naren and Prem should to go to mandir at night and wait for water so we dont miss out on it.

At night, Jitendra, Naren and Prem are leaving for mandir. They have buckets. Prem says I had to drink wine to keep me awake. Naren says Prem have three buckets and we have two. Jitendra says wow, my father has made me proud today. Prem says you do something like that too but I brought three buckets to give you one more extra each, I will take one bucket there to take a shower, you fill my bucket till I keep taking shower and then fill all buckets and bring them back home. Jitendra says thats confusing. Prem slaps him and says now you will understand, they all go.

In morning, all are waiting for Prem, Jitendra and Naren to bring water. Dada asks Lata to make tea but she says we need water for that. Shalini sees them coming and says they must have brought water. Jitendra, Prem and Naren comes back home with empty buckets, all are stunned. Lata says why? Prem says there was no water in that tap. Lata says but Roopa said water comes there. Roopa says I had a good source, dont know why water didnt come there. Prem says there was a such a big line there that even water did come, it was finished till our number came. Jitendra asks Lata to make tea from milk. Jitendra says we have some dry fruits and snacks that we can eat for breakfast but plates are dirty, Prem says we will use newspaper. Dada hears water tanker coming and goes to stop it. All family members bring buckets of water from tanker. Dada says I am missing Laddo today, Prem says why did you see some angry man? Dada says if he was alive then we would have gotten one more bucket of water. Lata says for how many things we will use this water? Roopa says I have an idea.

Dada comes dressed as a Saudi man, Roopa as a muslim girl, Jitendra as a cowboy, Prem as a fisherman. Lata in a burqa. Naren as a poet, Shalini and Suzzi also in burqa. Prem says Roopa’s idea is good, we have changed getup so we can take water again from tanker, then we will change getup again to get more water. Dada says we are not awasti family, we will behave as our getups. They all nod and go to take water.

After sometime, family comes back. Dada says to Roopa that your idea flopped, neighbors recognized us in our get ups and didnt let us have even one more water bucket, Roopa says sorry. Prem says we did so much hard work so they could have given us some water. Suzzi says to Dada that I have wash my head, from where will I get water fro that? Dada says you can use my bucket for water, you can take my life so water is nothing. Lata glares at him. Dada says I meant humans should help other humans. Lata says if you give your water to Suzzi then how will you take shower? Dada says I will take Jitendra’s bucket, he will give his water bucket to me. Jitendra says I wont give it. Dada slaps him.
PRECAP- Lata says what will happen with one bucket, we need water for washing, using in kitchen and washroom. Naren says why dont we make water?
Naren shows a model diagram to family, he says to Roopa that we created this model in our college fair and we have to make machine on same model. Roopa says yes this machine can bring water.
Naren makes a huge machine to generate water. He starts it, all family members look on but machine blasts and all family members fall down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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