Belan Wali Bahu 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa uses balen to relieve Laddo’s pain

Belan Wali Bahu 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In morning, Laddo comes to brakfast table and is crying in pain. Ramnath says why you are crying so much doctor. Laddo says I am drying. Roopa says you will be fine, Suzzi give him more pain killer. Suzzi says he has cavity, show me your teeth. She asks Laddo to open big mouth, he does, she asks to open more, Roopa says dont open mouth more otherwise your beard will come out. All say what? Roopa gets tensed. Lata says what did you say? beard will come out? what it means? Roopa laughs and says he forgot pain, I was just distracting him from pain, he doesnt remember it now. Laddo says but now pain is back. Suzzi says he has to take out tooth, he has cavity. Laddo says I will not get my tooth taken out, I cant do it. Roopa says just go to dentist, he will take out in one go. Laddo says

you know to do everything in one go, it pains a lot, I cant do it, he runs away. Dada says this doctor is patient himself. Roopa says I will go and check up on him. Lata says why will you go? Suzzi you go and check up on him. Dada says she is my nurse not him. Lata says its emergency, Suzzi go and check, Suzzi leaves. Roopa is tensed.

Laddo is crying in pain. Suzzi comes there and says you have pain? I will make it fine, she makes him sit on bed and says I will do icing, it will lessen your pain. She sits beside him and starts icing his cheek. Dada comes there and sees them close, he gets angry and shouts Suzzi what is all this? she gets scared and moves away, she shows she was only icing his cheek. Suzzi says you scared me, I was doing icing to lessen his pain, Laddo says its not lessening, he leaves. Dada says icing doesnt lessen pain, lets go from here, Suzzi takes Dada from there.

Laddo is crying due to toothache. Ramnath gives him wine and says it will lessen your pain. Lata comes there and says I made kada, drink it, she makes him drink bitter kada but pain doesnt lessen. Jitendra says you should break nut with your teeth then your teeth will break and pain will end. Dada says you should go back to your hospital, get treated then comeback to treat me. Lata says he is in pain and you are saying all this. Lata asks Roopa to make herbal medicine for him.

Roopa is making herbal medicine for Laddo. Ramnath asks Laddo since when he has toothache? Laddo says from last birth, all laugh thinking he is joking. Ramnath says you should brush your teeth, Laddo says I have done it. Dada says get your whole set of teeth out, problem solved. Roopa is making herbal medicine, she tries to use balen but it falls from hands and swings and hits Laddo directly on his cheek and his tooth breaks and comes out. Jitendra holds his tooth and says Roopa broke his aching tooth with her balen. Laddo smiles at Roopa. Lata says very well. Laddo is still in shock, Roopa says sorry. Laddo says pain is gone. Lata says roopa broke tooth in one go. Train passesby, all go to hold things. Laddo keeps looking at Roopa.

Scene 2
Suzzi is making kheer and recalls how Laddo/Dr. Guddo hugged her in dark, she day dreams about him. Lata comes there and asks what she is doing here? Suzzi says I am making breakfast. Dada comes there and asks what you are doing here? Suzzi says I am making healthy breakfast, they make oily and healthy food so I thought to cook breakfast. Dada takes off evil eye from her and gives money to Lata to give it to poor, he says Suzzi is working like new daughter in law of house. Lata says taste her food first, we might have to give it to poor. Dada asks Suzzu how much time will it take? Suzzi says just few minutes. Dada says okay and leaves. Lata is irritated with their weird flirting.

Roopa asks Dada what paratha he will eat? Dada says I will eat healthy food that Suzzi made. Jitendra says I heard Suzzi knows only to boil water, Dada slaps him and asks him to shut up. Laddo comes there as sardar doctor. He smiles at Roopa, Roopa blushes. Laddo says I had to bath from cold water, your greaser doesnt work? Ramnath says we have to start it from night. Suzzi brings breakfast there, she smiles at Laddo and serves him food instead of Dada. Suzzi says I made healthy food for you, its not oily. Laddo weirdly looks at her, Roopa snickers. Suzzi says I took these recipes only for you. Dada says and for me? Suzzi says you eat your parathas, I got to know that Dr. Guddo doesnt like indian food, he is healthy so he wouldnt eat oily food. Laddo is reluctant but tastes her food, he says its nice, Dada is jealous. Roopa silently laughs. Laddo says it was nice breakfast, thank you, now I will check Dada’s reports. Suzzi says I will go and discuss that with you, Dada says let me come too, Suzzi says you are not needed, lets go doctor. Laddo sadly leaves with her. Roopa gives him thumbs up. Jitendra says Suzzi insulted Dada, Dada slaps him.

Dada comes to guest room and says to Suzzi and Laddo that I should know whats in my reports. Laddo says I can leave. Suzzi says no patient is Dada so he should leave, he can get shocked. Dada says no, whats in my reports? Laddo says its all normal. Dada says then leave, when I am fine then doctor is not needed. Suzzi says if you are fine then I will leave too, I will go to his hospital. dada says no he can stay for somedays and monitor me. Suzzi says I will show you his reports, his sugar went high. She shows him reports, Laddo is not interested and thinks where I am stuck? who will save me? Roopa comes there and gets an idea. Roopa deliberately falls and screams. All rush to her. Roopa says my ankle got sprain, doctor can take me to my room, Laddo says yes come, he takes Roopa with him.

Laddo says to Roopa that how you got sprain? you should walk properly. Roopa smirks and says I am fine, I didnt get any sprain. Laddo says what you did that drama to get me out of room? she winks at him, he thanks her. Ramnath is standing behind them and hears all that, he is stunned. They leave. Ramnath says Roopa lied about sprain? what is going on?

Ramnath tells Lata about Roopa lying about her sprain. Lata says I dont believe it. Ramnath says I saw doctor and Roopa together. Lata says our Roopa can never do this, she would tell me. Ramnath says she is innocent, doctor can fool her. Lata says no I like him, he is like our Laddo, I see Laddo in him. Ramnath says I like him too. Lata asks him to leave.

Laddo comes to Dada’s room and says you called me? Suzzi says I was thinking about you and you are here. Dada says I called him here and says you are here for me so why you keep roaming here and there? you should stay with me in my room, you are doctor so you can take care of me, you will stay in my room? Laddo says yes. Suzzi says yes we three will live in this room. Dada says no only me and him will stay in this room, you want to make healthy food so go and make lunch and dinner too, I will stay with doctor in this room and play patient-doctor here. Laddo looks on.

Laddo looks at Dada’s medicines and cant recognize them, he asks Dada if they are sugar medicines? they must be new.
Dada tells Suzzi that Dr. Guddo is not a real doctor, he is faking it and I will prove it.
Dada screams and says to family that I have heartattack, all panic. Laddo says someone call the doctor. Dada says but you are doctor yourself. Lata says yes, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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