Belan Wali Bahu 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Personality development teacher comes to house

Belan Wali Bahu 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
At night, family comes outside Mohan’s house and starts chanting bhajans loudly. Mohan is trying to sleep but they keep chanting and screaming. Mohan comes out of house and ask them to stop it. Dada says give me one glass of water, Mohan says I will give it but dont chant again, they say no. Mohan turns to go but they start chanting again. Mohan cries and says stop it. They roam around Mohan and chants.. they leave from there. Dada is still sitting outside his house and says you didnt give me water. Mohan says I will bring it. Dada chants bhajan and leaves. Mohan says whole family is like that. He goes to sleep but family comes back, knocks on his door and runaway. They keep coming and going from outside his room, disturbing his sleep. Mohan pleads them to stop it, even dances with

them while crying.

Family keeps coming every night to disturb his sleep. One night, family comes outside his house at night and sees him sleeping while standing near his gate, they start chanting loudly. Mohan sees them passing from there. He says its useless to burn my blood, when their third round is done then I will go to sleep. He keeps standing near gate. Family comes back again, sees him standing there and leaves. They comeback, Mohan is still standing there, they chant infront of him and leave. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that tell family we will not take third round. Roopa says why? did this plan flop too? Laddo’s ghost says just tell them to not take third round. Roopa says okay and leaves. Mohan is standing near gate and says their second round is done, they will take third round and then leave me alone, he keeps waiting for their third round, he falls asleep but wakes up and waits for them.

In morning, Mohan comes to Laddo’s house and looks around. He sees family with cloth on their noses. Mohan says your third round is remaining for today, when will you finish it, I have been waiting? Roopa says to family that plan was successful. Mohan says okay finish it when you want but I beg you to stop chanting every night otherwise change your route, why infront of my house every night? Dada says we will not change route for even one inch. Mohan recalls how he said to Prem that trashcan wont be moved even one inch otherwise they will be fined. He says okay I got it, I will get that trashcan removed from front of your house. All family members get happy. Mohan says you will stop this band baja every morning then? Prem says its not band baja, its prayers, you can get fined for saying it wrongly. Mohan says no more punishments, I will give order to remove this trashcan from here. Prem thanks him. He leaves. All family members cheer and dance.

Scene 2
Mohan brings his men and ask them to remove trashcan from their house. He gives them instructions to move it, all family members and neighbors look on. They take trashcan from there. Mohan says trashcan is removed, are you happy now, it will be near the end of street, all will throw trash in trashcan. Family cheers. Mohan runs from there. Roopa gives thumbs up to Laddo’s ghost. Lata says Roopa your idea worked. Prem says the one who doesnt bow to anyone, bows to Devi. Roopa thanks them. Shalini says Roopa how did you know that if we didnt take third round then Mohan will come to us? Roopa smiles and looks at Laddo’s ghost, they smile at each other. Roopa says one extra smart person comes in my dreams and tells me everything. Lata says really? Prem is infront of me but never talked smart things. All laugh. Roopa winks at Laddo’s ghost, he says Devi.

In morning, Lata serves food to everyone. Prem asks where is Roopa? Lata says Roopa’s mother is ill so she went there with Suzzi. Naren sadly comes to family and says good morning. Shalini says you had breakup again? he says yes, it was my 7th girlfriend. Prem says if you didnt break up then you would get married and would be like me. Lata asks him to stop it. Lata gets a call and says Jhanki how are you? you are in London, your daughter is in London? wow, okay she ends call. Lata says to family that Jhanki is my friend, she has a daughter who doesnt have a boyfriend, she is of Naren’s age. Naren says really? whats her name? Lata says her name is Ahana, she is coming here, she will stay in house for 2 days. Jitendra says if Naren has setting with her then I will shift to London. Dada says will she adjust with us? she has different upbringing. Jitendra says we have to groom ourselves. Shalini says I will call personality development teacher.

Scene 3
Personality development teacher Haris comes to house. Everyone welcomes him. He sits down, and says always say please sit down. He says I take 10,000rs fees in advance. Prem whispers to Dada should we give it? Haris says bad manners, can you pay fees? dada says no issues, we will pay. Haris says we will learn table manners, wearing clothes. He asks Dada to tell spelling of diamonds. Dada tries to spell it, all laugh. Haris says you people dont have class manners, your english is weak too. Haris ask them to go and dress up, all leave. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says I know table manners, know english but no one can see me, he leaves. All men come there wearing kurtas. He says you should wear suits, they go and wear safari suits. Haris says from which age these suits are?

PRECAP- All are wearing suits and gowns. Haris asks what is the first thing you say in the morning? Jitendra says God give me my job. Naren says baby baby.. Prem says I think I shouldnt drink that much. Lata says I shout that train is coming. Haris looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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