Belan Wali Bahu 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost makes Roopa fulfill his weird wishes

Belan Wali Bahu 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dada and Suzzi comes back home. Dada glares at Roopa.
Roopa sits in his feet and says I am very sorry, please forgive me. Dada says tell me truly how you got me out of jail? Roopa says just with a trick saying you are ill. Dada laughs and says I forgive you, family ask Dada to forgive them too. Dada asks what illness they told police to about him? all family members say they need water and leaves.

Dada’s friend’s grandson comes home. Ramnath greets him, Dada asks how is his Dada? He says I brought him in suitcase, he brings out his Dada’s asthiyan and says to Dada that your friend died, Dada hugs his kalash and says how to meet you? Dada says my friend Kinaar died, Dada asks Ramnath to greet his uncle, Ramnath says wish he was here. Son says he wanted to meet Deepika

before dying too, well I will leave, he leaves. Ramnath asks Dada if has some last wish? his time is near too. Dada says I want to slap you, I am living for 100+ years. Roopa hears it and thinks that maybe Laddo had some last wish too.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and says what was your last wish which was not fulfilled? Laddo’s ghost says I wanted ajwain parathas but what you did? killed me. Roopa says but any wish you had? like you wanted to for pilgrimage or something? Laddo’s ghost says I had a wish but you cant do it. Roopa says I will fulfill your wish, any wish. Laddo’s ghost says I wanted to hide all pajamas of Ramnath, Roopa laughs. Laddo’s ghost says he insulted me for pajamas, I remember that day, he insulted me for destroying his one pajama, he made me roam around in towel, I was so humiliated so I promised myself to hide all his pajamas one day. Roopa says what kind of wish is that? Laddo’s ghost says I knew you wouldnt fulfill my wish. Roopa says no listen.. I will fulfill it, I will hide all his pajamas.

Ramnath and all others try to search their pajamas but Roopa have hidden it, they tie towel around their waists. Lata hears train passingby and ask everyone to hold things,they try to hold their towels. Lata asks why they are holding towels? Ramnath says there are no pants or pajamas in my cupboard. Naren says I dont see my jeans or pants too. Jitendra asks if Shalini washed all clothes? Lata says she can never do that. Dada is in towel too. Lata and Shalini laughs seeing them in towels. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I asked you to hide Ramnath’s pants and pajamas but you hid everyones’? Roopa says you asked me to hide all pajamas so I hide all pajamas in house. Laddo’s ghost glares at her, she says sorry. Ramnath calls inspector and says I want to file FIR that someone stole our pajamas, inspector ends call. Katori, their neighbor comes there to take sugar. All men are in towel, she sees them , they turn around, she says you people became so poor that you dont have pants to wear? Laddo’s ghost laughs and thanks Roopa. Roopa says I feel weird doing all this. He laughs. Jitendra says to Ramnath that inspector didnt take you seriously, someone stole our pants as they dont like to wear boxers. Dada says wow what logic, he takes off his towel, Jitendra is shy. Laddo’s ghost says but they didnt get insulted like I was, Roopa says I have plan for that too, just see. Pest control team comes there, Dada asks who called them? Roopa says me, they were doing it for free so I called them, pest control team head says you all should go out of house, we have to spray for 2 hours and it has poison so go out of house. He sees all wearing towels and says if they have this dress code in house? Laddo’s ghost laughs. Ramnath asks him to do his work. They all go out of house. Laddo’s ghost says you did great work Roopa.

Scene 2
All family members come out of house, Dada says Roopa had to call pest control team today only, they all are wearing towels. One boy’s ball goes beneath Dada’s wheelchair, Jitendra tries to bring it out but has to hold his towel too, Dada slaps him and asks him to move away. Neighbors passby and laugh at them. Jitendra says this is not circus, leave from here. One girl passesby, Naren hides behind Dada. Dada says you have shame suddenly to see a girl? Laddo’s ghost comes there and says Ramnath destroyed my respect like that, now they all are paying for it.

Roopa is working in kitchen. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says dont make this food, she says why? Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that my wish is that you make my favorite food and make all family members eat that, cook burnt parathas and burnt bitter-guard for them. Roopa says but no one likes that, I cant do it, I am making their favorite food. Laddo’s ghost says you always made me hurt, this is your chance to make me smile, give this dead face smile, its your chance to make my soul have peace, this is my last wish, its your chance to make me dead happy. Roopa nods. Dada asks Roopa to bring food. Laddo’s ghost thanks Roopa.
Dada says to family that my mood will be better when I get my favorite food. Roopa comes there with Laddo’s favorite food and gets tensed hearing Dada wants his favorite food, Laddo’s ghost looks on.

Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that we will out tonight so get ready, Roopa says you want to go out with me? thats your wish? Laddo’s ghost says yes, Roopa asks where? he says dont ask that, I will just take you.
Laddo’s ghost brings Roopa to a seedy bar. All drunk people only see Roopa there, they start taunting that what a naive girl is doing in a bar? does she want to get drunk too? is she bad one? her wish is to get drunk in a bar? Roopa looks around scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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