Belan Wali Bahu 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo keeps trying to hug Roopa but can’t

Belan Wali Bahu 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laddo comes home as doctor. Lata asks him how he knows how she used to bless Laddo? Roopa says I told him over phone, Lata says on phone? Laddo says my grandma used to beat me with slipper for blessing so she told me how Lata slaps to give blessing. Suzzi asks who is he? Jitendra says he is a doctor and came to treat Dada’s mind. Dada slaps him and says no he is travel agent. Laddo says no I am a doctor and I came here from City hospital. Jitendra says but Roopa said you are coming from Country hospital? Laddo laughs and says city is in country so its like branch of city hospital, Suzzi must know. Suzzi says yes but how do you know my name? Laddo says Roopa told me you are most gorgeous here. Suzzi thanks him and asks his name? Laddo says you son’s name was Laddo and

I am Guddo.. Dr. Guddo, he asks Naren to bring his bag and goes in house. Roopa smiles and says I told your name too.

Laddo sits in lounge with others. Dada says I come to hospital everyday but I didnt see you there. Laddo says I have just started being visible. Laddo says I mean I would usually be in operation theater. Ramnath asks which specialization you have? Laddo says everything, Ramnath says do our checkups too. Laddo says I family doctor, I can hug you and read your heartbeat to check your health, can I hug you all? Dada says yes lets see this new way. Laddo hugs dada, Dada feels something. Laddo hugs Naren and he feels it too, Jitendra hugs him and he feels connection too, Laddo comes to Ramnath and hugs him, he feels connection too and looks at him, he comes to Lata, she says me? Laddo says like your son? Laddo hugs her, she feels peace in his arms, kabhi khushi kabhi gham plays, Laddo moves away from her but she is confused. Laddo comes to Roopa and is about to hug her but Lata says no enough. Suzzi says check my heartbeat too, Roopa says no no, enough. Dada asks Laddo how is he? Laddo says you are totally fit. Roopa whispers you are here for Dada. Roopa says he didnt mean that, he didnt check your BP and sugar. Laddo says yes I have to check you in detail, let me check it. He moves Suzzi’s hand aside, Suzzi blushes and smiles. Laddo starts taking Dada to his room, Dada says how do you know where my room is? dont tell Roopa told you that. Roopa gets tensed. Laddo says I have common sense, you cant walk so your room must be near, he takes him. Ramnath says he is weird doctor. Roopa says he has good name.

Laddo brings Dada to room and says we have to do checkup, he checks his back. Dada says when Laddo was child, I gave him candle and he burned my back with it, I have scar of that. Laddo says it was fun, its old scar. Dada says how do you know its old? Laddo says I can know about it seeing your old hair. Dada says you are doctor right then why you talk like railway boy? Laddo laugh. Laddo thinks I have to act like normal doctor. Laddo says to Suzzi you have pretty smile and eyes, get married soon, find some doctor for you, it will be good couple. Suzzi smiles and blushes. Laddo applies balm on Dada’s back and says you will be fine. Dada pulls him closer and asks Suzzi to look away and close her ears, she does. Dada says to Laddo that I have men problem, I have too much gastric problem, do you have some tablet for it? Laddo says when you have gas then give Suzzi off, I dont have tablet for it. Suzzi turns and says what tablet you are asking for? Dada is embarrassed. Laddo says I have to go, he leaves. Suzzi asks what tablet you need? Dada says there is one tablet men need in this age otherwise it hurts a lot. Suzzi is stunned and says you want that tablet? you are disgusting, she leaves. Dada says whats disgusting about gastric?

Scene 2
Laddo is going to Roopa’s room. Ramnath stops him and says its Roopa and Laddo’s room, Laddo says so what? Roopa comes there and says you are our guest so you have to stay guest room, she takes him.
Roopa brings Laddo to guest room and says you create so much trouble, I have kept all things there, your deodorant, things, she shows him wine bottle behind pillow and says I know you like it. Laddo says are you done? she asks what? Laddo says I checked all heartbeats only you are remaining, he opens his arms hinting for a hug, she blushes and says anyone can see. Laddo says cant a husband hug his wife? Roopa says you should have come as Laddo. Laddo says then I would have been shouting at you, being angry at you, when I was alive I never even touched you with love and today.. dont you want to hug me? Roopa shyly nods. He moves to hug her but Ramnath comes there and says doctor please check me. Laddo is miffed and acts like checking him, Laddo says you are fine, Ramnath says I have pain in tongue, Laddo says when you run then you have pain in feet so dont talk too much and rest tongue, Ramnath nods and leaves. Laddo is about to hug Roopa but Jitendra comes there and says I have a problem, I had a bullet in bum, can you check it. Laddo says okay. Naren comes there and says I do body building but I cant built it? Laddo says you wall want check up? you all come, I will do check for once and all, he goes with them. Roopa sighs.

Laddo checks Ramnath BP, he tries to read it, all family members look on. Laddo says your BP is 200, Ramnath says what? Laddo says its 120/80, so total will be your BP, Ramnath nods. Next is Shalini, he checks her mouth with torch and says you are fine, he calls next. Jitendra comes. Laddo checks him and says you are fine, next is naren, Laddo checks him and says you are fine. Suzzi comes next, Laddo checks her pulse, Suzzi is mesmerized by him and puts stethoscope on her heart, Laddo looks on, she gazes at him and moves on. Lata comes next, Laddo checks her pulse, Lata feels connection again when he holds her hand, she asks is everything fine son? he says yes and says all fine. Lata says all are fine, just eat and enjoy, live life. Lata says I have cook, she leaves. All leave. Laddo is left alone with Roopa. he asks her to sit down, she does and smiles. Laddo says they cant even let us hug, Roopa says they are a family, Laddo is about to hug her but Lata calls her, Roopa asks what he wants to eat? Laddo says I can eat, he gets excited and says make that burnt sabzi for me, Roopa says avatar changed but your are still same. Roopa says you have to go in your room before 10PM otherwise you will be invisible again, he nods and says make parathas for me, she nods and leaves.

At night, Laddo comes to dining table, he says wow nice food. Laddo says I will eat after so many days. Dada says what? Laddo says I was on dieting, I will eat today. Naren says you dont look like you diet. Jitednra says he doesnt look like doctor too, Dada slaps him. Suzzi says he is such a great doctor, he is fit and romantic.. I mean like roman man, very talented. Laddo says thank you, I have to eat and sleep. Lata shows him dishes but its not his favorite ones. Lata says its all your favorite dishes, I made punjabi dishes, Laddo says who told you I like all this? Lata says I know what you like, Roopa wanted to make bitter gourd dish and ajwain parathas, she thinks all like what Laddo used to like. Jitendra says our Laddo brother was very angry man. Laddo sadly starts eating. Roopa silently says sorry. Laddo eats and says I am going to sleep. Shalini says let me take selfie first, she takes it with him. Laddo says now I am going. Jitendra says this is not time to sleep, we should have fun. Dada says lets have entertainment, Roopa is tensed.

Scene 3
Family comes in lounge for some fun. Ramnath starts saree ka falls sa song, he starts dancing with Lata. All are surprised and enjoys it. Laddo and Roopa are tensed as there is only half hour in 10PM. Jitendra and Shalini starts dancing on keech meri photo, all clap. Next is Suzzi, she starts singing kuch kuch hota hai, she approaches Laddo but Roopa comes infront of her and starts dancing with her. Suzzi gives lovey dovey eyes to Laddo. Roopa shyly smiles at Laddo too, he smiles at her, Suzzi thinks he is smiling at her, all clap for them. Roopa hints at Laddo to leave. Laddo says it was fun, I am going to sleep. Jitendra says no, now we will have bhangra, he pulls him and all start dancing on shavan shavan, Laddo tries to leave but they keep pulling him. Roopa is tensed. Only five minutes are left in 10PM. All are busy in dancing, Roopa leaves and turns off lights, all are worried. Roopa runs with Laddo. Laddo pulls her in hug, he says its good no one saw, I got a chance to hug you, lets go, they go to room. Lights comeback. Jitendra says seems like doctor went to sleep. Suzzi is smiling to herself.

Roopa is touching her makeup in her room. Laddo comes there and coughs. Roopa says you must be happy now, finally you hugged. She glares at him and says you didnt hug me but Suzzi in dark. Laddo is stunned and says I thought it was you, I am sorry. Roopa says its okay I knew it was dark there and you didnt know, now there is no darkness, I mean.. she blushes. Laddo says one minute, he closes door and says only we are here, finally. He moves closer to her but suddenly gets toothpain.. he winces pain and says I had this pain before dying, do something, call Dr. Bhatia, I had an appointment with him but you sent me up before that. Roopa calls Dr. Bhatia, he takes call, Roopa says its Roopa, remember my husband had an appointment for toothache, he has it again. Bhatia says but he died months back. Roopa says case is similar, which tablet should I give him? Bhatia says I will check him after 3-4days, I am out now, she says okay and ends call. Laddo says I have too much pain. Roopa says I will bring pain killer from Suzzi.

Suzzi is singing dil toh pagal hai. Dada starts singing with her. Suzzi asks him to take medicine. Roopa comes to Suzzi and says give some medicine for pain, he has pain. Suzzi asks who? Roopa says Dr. Guddo. Suzzi says haw poor him. Dada says why you have pain for him Suzzi? he is doctor himself, he cant take tablet. Roopa says how will he know which tablet to take? Dada says what? Roopa says he is not dentist. Dada says but he is doctor of everything. Roopa says no no.. teeth are different, Suzzi give pain killer, Suzzi says I will go and give him. Roopa says I will give it. Dada asks Suzzi to stay here, Roopa you go and give this medicine, Roopa leaves.
Roopa comes to Laddo with medicine, she gives it to him and gives him water, he is wincing in pain and takes it. Roopa says you will be fine. Laddo says I cant have peace, why did I become alive again. Roopa says everything will be fine, she thinks what to do? she sees pot and gets and idea. She takes it and hits him on foot with it. He is stunned and says you broke my foot. Roopa says you forgot your toothache? if you want to forget one pain then get another pain, he is stunned.

PRECAP- Laddo have toothache, Roopa says you will be fine, she asks Suzzi to give another pain killer. Suzzi says it wont work, he must have cavity, she asks him to open his mouth, he does, she says more, he opens mouth more, she says more, he opens it more.. Roopa says enough otherwise your beard will come out. All are stunned to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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