Belan Wali Bahu 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Family searches for a good guest

Belan Wali Bahu 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that call your mother as a guest. Roopa tells it to Dada, Dada says thats best, call her. Roopa calls her mother, she says Dada and all family members were saying that you should come and stay here for somedays, we will talk.. oh.. okay, bye, she ends call. Roopa says to Dada that mother already read the article and she called her sister as a guest. Dada says then she will have miracle before us, think who can be our guest. Roopa goes to brush her teeth. Dada thinks about it and says lets ask Jitendra and Shalini.

Jitendra comes to Shalini and says I brought something for you, close your eyes and dont open them till I say, she does, he asks her to turn around too. She does. Jitendra tucks a rose in her hair but it gets stuck in her hair. Dada

comes there and sees them struggling. He says fool, this is how you tuck rose in her hair? dont force it, why rose today? Jitendra says I found this near a trashcan so I thought.. Shalini says eww.. you brought rose from a trashcan, Dada should slap you. Dada says no. Jitendra says he has work from me today so tell me. Dada slaps him and says I didnt want to slap you but you do things like that. Dada shows them article which says that guests are miracle and people should call guests to their houses. Dada says if we call a guest then positivity will enter house. Jitendra says a guest? he makes baby gestures and says we have to plan for a baby guest. Dada says I am not talking about that guest, some outsider. Jitendra says you want us to adopt a baby? Dada says I meant like an aunt, uncle, cousins or some guest like that. Jitendra asks Shalini to call her mom. Dada says great. Shalini says she will not even drink water of her daughter’s house so we will save food too. Dada says we have to serve guests not starve them, call someone else. He says to Jitendra that your commissioner always wanted come here so call him. Jitendra says yes we will serve him so much that he will give me job back. Jitendra calls commissioner but he cuts it. Jitendra says I will call him from shalini’s phone, he does it and introduces himself, he asks him to not cut the call, come to our house as a guest and we will serve you so much that you will always come here as guest.. okay.. fine, he ends call and says he cursed me, said no and warned he will beat me next time. Dada angrily leaves.

Dada calls some relatives but all are busy. Dada says to Jitendra that there is no guest in our fate so we will not have positivity in house. Jitendra says dont worry, I will bring a good, reasonable and nice guest. All look on.

Scene 2
Roopa is calling her friends but all are busy. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I get 40-50 messages of good mornings but no one is ready to come. Laddo’s ghost says who messages you for 40-50 times. Roopa says friends and relatives say good mornings, you are doubting me? He says yes, I am your husband, show me your phone, she says what? he says dont show it, you get 40-50 messages and your husband dont know, he leaves.

Jitendra brings a guest home but its some disheveled man, he seems like a beggar. Jitendra tries to introduce family to the guest but guest knows everyone and says I know them from years. Jitendra says then you are like a family member, you will stay here. Guest says I am not staying here, this whole family is of mental. Prem shouts what? Dada asks him to calm down. Dada says to guest that we were like that but now we are changed, stay here as a guest, we will serve you so much, you can take bath, make your shave, I will even take out lice from your hair, we will have positivity in house when you stay here. Guest reads the article and laughs, he says did you see whats written below that dont stay at any place where you can become negative. Prem asks Guest to stay at their house, I will share wine with you daily, you will forget all your pain, do you have a daughter? I will get her married to Naren. Guest says my daughter can sit at home for life but I wont give her to you, I cant stay in this house for two days then how can my daughter survive here? Roopa says dont reject us like this, we are a little weird but we are nice, we will give you a good room, Shalini says Lata and Roopa will make good for you. Suzzi says I will give you medicine for energy, he holds her hand and says really? Dada gets jealous but controls his anger. Guest says I am not staying here, Jitendra says I will lock you up in a cell. He says I am ready to stay there but not here, you gave me 1000rs to come here but I am giving you 2000rs as I know you are jobless, come to me, I will show you a good begging place, he leaves, Jitendra is stunned. Dada says you found this man to be our guest? Jitendra says I asked everyone but no one is ready to come here after hearing your name, Dada slaps him and says you are useless.

Scene 3
Katori comes to Dada’s house and goes to take sugar. All look on. Prem says this is enough, he stops Katori and says from today, sugar wont go from here. Katori says did Lata beat you today that you are scolding me so much? taking sugar from this house is my right, nobody can stop me, I am taking sugar from here from Dada’s time. Dada says what? she says I mean my mother used to take sugar from here too, this is our family tradition, nobody can stop me. Prem says stop. Jitendra doesnt let her go outside and says I will appoint police on door, Katori says then I will send ants to take sugar from here. Jitendra says you have ants too? Katori says yes for emergency, leave my side. Prem asks her to put sugar back. Katori says you should thank me that I come here to distract you from fighting with Lata. Prem asks her to shut up otherwise.. Katori says you will stop me? She says you keep wearing dirty clothes, do you even wash your face? you dont have to go anywhere so you dont do that, you cant stop me from taking sugar, she leaves. Prem says did you see what she said? Dada says she was not wrong. Dada leaves. Lata asks Prem to wear suit sometime so you dont look like servants all the time. She asks him to go and find a guest. She leaves. Prem says to Jitendra that Katori insulted your father and you remained silent? I would have blasted her house with bomb. Jitendra says I have a real bomb, I hid it when I was an inspector, I still have that in house, I will bring it. Prem says bomb? he is scared. Jitendra brings a grenade. Prem says commissioner came here to find it but he couldnt find it? Jitendra says shalini hid it in her hair bun. Prem asks him to go and blast Katori’s house with it, he leaves. Prem says now Katori will see what happens with her.

Jitendra comes to Prem and says I have put bomb in Katori’s water tank. Prem says it will not blast. Jitendra says I have tucked it in a plastic bag and tied it with a tap, when she turns the tab, bomb will blast. They wait to hear bomb blast. They hear a small blast and tank’s cap falling in their lounge. Jitendra says her whole house blasted and tank’s cap fell here. All family comes there and asks what happened? Katori comes there and says some foolish man threw a diwali bomb in my house, my water tank blasted, dont know where will I live now. Prem whispers to Jitendra that I asked her to blast her house and you just blasted her tank? he slaps her. Katori says whoever planted a bomb was a fool, if he wanted to plant a bomb then atleast it should have destroyed whole neighborhood, I pray that whoever planted bomb in my house will destroy, his wife’s hair fall out, he should get stroke. Jitendra says maybe there is a mastermind behind him. Katori says then mastermind’s wife’s hair should fall out, worms should eat them. Prem gets scared and hugs Lata. Katori says where will I go now? Roopa gets an idea and calls her family aside, she says Katori can be our guest now. Dada says but she is a witch, Roopa says we couldnt get one single guest so lets make her a guest. Katori brings a box of sugar from their kitchen and says I am taking this. Katori says to Dada that I can go anywhere but I will eat sugar of this house. She turns to leave but Dada stops her and says you dont have to go anywhere, you can stay here a guest, she is stunned. Laddo’s ghost says Katori as a guest? its fine, anyone can be your guest. Katori glares at them and leaves. Dada says she rejected us too, seems like we wont get a guest. Katori comes back with her pillow and says I cant sleep without my pillow. Suzzi says what about your clothes? Katori says all clothes are wet, only this pillow was not wet as I sleep under bed, they are stunned. Katori says I wont leave in guest room alone, I will live with someone in a room, all point at Katori.. Dada says not me. Jitendra says you can share with Naren, Naren says no I have a single bed. Jitendra says Roopa’s room is good for Katori. Laddo’s ghost says no she cant live in our room, Roopa says she cant live in my room, give her some other room. Dada says there is no other room. Dada says Katori is our guest. Shalini says to Roopa that you asked Katori to be our guest so.. Roopa says but I am not alone.. I mean I sleep alone, I like that. Lata says from when? she says from before, Lata says even when Laddo was with you? she says no. Lata says then you can have Katori with you. Katori says so its decided that I will live with Roopa, she hugs Roopa and says I will show you our room, she takes her from there.

Katori comes to Roopa’s room and says I will sleep alone in your bed, I like to roll on bed. Roopa says but you said you sleep under the bed, Katori says yes by rolling. Katori says you know my kids used to be scared of Laddo, they used to drink tea in fear. roopa says your kids drink tea? Laddo’s ghost says tell her not to say that about me. Roopa says dont say that about Laddo. Katori says it it what it is.

PRECAP- Katori is dizzy and falls in lounge. All family member rush to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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