Belan Wali Bahu 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost wander around Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priest’s wife says to him that you have to comeback home before 5PM as mother wants to see cinema, she threatens him with balen, he gets scared and says okay I will come.

Laddo’s last rituals are going on at home. Lata looks at his klash, Jitendra says he is gone, Lata says I am finding my name on his klash, Ramnath says he is gone and she is still looking for her name. Shalini says priest is here. Priest says yesterday I came for Laddo’s first wife Nirupa’s death anniversary and now Laddo’s death ritual, soon I will be coming for Dada, Dada says what you mean? he says I mean on his birthday. Suzzi says so talk clearly, he is still in shock for his wife dying, priest says he is lucky. Priest’s wife call him and says remember you have to

comeback at 5. He nods and leaves. Priests asks to bring Laddo’s photo. They bring laddo’s pictures and says these are photos of every year. Priest says did he never smile? Ramnath says he was smiling in heart, he used to love bitterguard. Priest asks if they have garland? Jitendra says I will bring it from market.. Priest recalls his wife’s threat and says dont go, it will take time, call Laddo’s wife.

Roopa is in his room, she looks at Laddo’s photo and says I didnt do it deliberately, it mistakenly happened, you loved Nirupa so much that you went to her, who will scold me now? Laddo’s ghost comes there and says now you miss me after sending me to Nirupa? Roopa says mistake happened, I am sorry. Laddo says you killed me and saying it was a mistake. Naren comes and says pooja is going on. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost, we will talk later and leaves. Laddo says these wives just know how to talk, they talk with sellers, talk for hours on phone with friends, talk in gym, they just talk, talk, talk, talk, I died and she still wants to talk.

In lounge, priest says we have to do pooja and make pious people eat and then Laddo’s soul will be free from world. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says I dont want freedom from the world, I will live here. Roopa says what are you saying? Priest says what? Roopa says I am not talking to you, Priest says we have to do it otherwise Laddo’s soul will wander around. Shalini says I can see all souls, see there is LAddo’s soul near window, Jitendra tries to see Laddo’s soul and falls from window. Laddo’s ghost says she is a liar. Priest says we should do first pooja, only males are needed for it, so women can go for other pooja. Laddo’s ghost says if I get free from world then who will punish Roopa?

Priest does ritual with males of house. He ask them who will cut hair? all argue for it. Laddo’s ghost says they want me to free so fast. Dog can see Laddo’s ghost and barks at him, Laddo’s ghost jumps on cupboard and says why you see me only? Priest says to males of family that I will cut strand of hair from you all, he does it and does pooja, he says one pooja is done, three are remaining. Barber asks Ramnath to give money for cutting hair of four people, Ramnath gives him money for only one and says you just cut strands. He leaves. Barber thinks he didnt give me money so I will do soemthing. He comes to room and looks around for something to steal. He opens a jewelry box and finds gold bangles, he says I took my money this way.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says why you dont tell them that you killed me? Roopa says all are sad and hurt now, once you are freed from world then I will tell them. Laddo’s ghost says I dont want freedom, tel them you killed me, she says but.. he says dont tell them then I will do what I want. He leaves. Roopa says you have to get free from the world then I will tell truth to family.

Priest says next pooja is to make crows eat food, these crows can be your relatives in last births. They all come on roof and tries to call for crows. Laddo’s ghost says I will not let one crow come here, he tries to act like scarecrow and shoos crows away. One crow sits on Shalini’s head, she takes selfie with him and he flies away. One crow comes to eat food, Lata says to Ramnath that it must be your mother. Jitendra sees one crow and says he has most frowning face, it must be Laddo. Ramnath asks Roopa if she is missing Laddo? Roopa looks at Laddo’s ghost and says he is with me. Ramnath thinks she is talking about crow and says make that crow eat. Roopa brings kheer to Laddo’s ghost and says you eat it, you must be hungry, all crows are our relatives which died, you are one of them now so eat it. Laddo’s ghost says I wont eat it. Roopa says I am keeping it on roof, you and other crows eat it. Laddo’s ghost says I am not their brother. Priest says we made crows eat, now only two poojas are remaining, then Laddo’s soul will be freed. In next pooja, we will call brahmans and make them eat. Laddo’s ghost says I will not let brahmans come in house.

Priest gets message from his wife that he have to comeback at 5, he says just make pulse and rice for brahmans. Lata asks Shalini to make it. Shalini acts like someone is pulling her hair and says its barbar’s soul who is pulling me back. Barber is hiding behind sofa and gets tensed. Jitendra asks where is barber’s soul? Shalini says it left on cow. Barber hides and thinks where should I hide these gold bangles? the should not catch me with it. He sees Laddo’s kalash(last remains pot) and thinks I should hide in it and then take it later. He put bangles inside it. Priest says where are brahmans?

Laddo’s ghost sees Brahmans coming to his house, he says I wont let them come to my house. Laddo’s ghost tease dog, dog starts running behind him, Laddo’s ghost comes near brahmans group, brahmans think dog is running behind them and runs away. They all hide in mandir away from dog. One brahman gives food to dog, dog gets busy in eating, brahmans leaves. Laddo’s ghost tries to catch dog’s attention but dog just enjoys eating.

Brahmans come to Laddo’s house. Roopa serves pulse and rice to them. Brahmans says only this? we ranaway for this? Priest says just eat it. Dada says Priest says we have to make brahmans eat what Laddo use to like, Roopa says he used to like ajwain parathas that too burnt, brahman asks if he used to not like any sweets? she says yes bitterguard halwa, brahman says just make ajwain parathas.

Roopa comes to kitchen and starts making ajwain parathas. She recalls how she made it for Laddo last time, she gets sad. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says you killed me. Roopa takes balen.. Laddo’s ghost says you killed me with this balen, you hit me with it, this is killer balen, you will make brahmans eat with this murderous balen? Roopa says no no.. she throws balen away and it falls down from window. Laddo’s ghost says now you wont be able to make parathas for brahmans and pooja will not happen. Lata comes there and asks why didnt you make parathas? Roopa says I cant find balen. Lata says Nirupa would have found it. Laddo’s ghost says if Nirupa was alive then Roopa wouldnt have been here and then I would have been here.

Priest is tensed and says make parathas fast. Ramnath asks Roopa to bring parathas soon. Lata says Balen is lost, it will take time. Priest says we can eat it later, just give me material, I will make parathas at my home. Dada says enough, Laddo was son of this house, he used to earn and support this family, he used to take care of everyone, he never complained and did everything for the family and you are saying we can fulfill his last wish just because there is no balen in house? Roopa says I will make parathas without balen. Laddo’s ghost says will she use cylinder?

Roopa comes in kitchen and kneed parathas with her bare hands. Lata comes there and gets emotional seeing her working so hard, Roopa shows her round parathas, Lata nods and hugs her.

Roopa serves parathas to brahmans, they says we like it. Priest says only last pooja is remaining, we will throw kalash in water and Laddo’s soul will be free from world, he gives kalash to Roopa. Barber hides and looks at kalash.

All family members are in bus to go to river to pour Laddo’s asthyian there. Laddo’s soul is on roof of bus and barber is hanging on back of bus. Ramnath says I chained everything in house so train wont shake anything.

At river, there are terrorists dressed as priests, they hide bomb in kalash and says we have to take it to sight. Laddo’s family arrives there. Barber have another kalash in his hands and thinks I have to change Laddo’s kalash with this fake kalash. Terrorist sees Laddo’s kalash sitting on car too. Laddo’s ghost gets down from bus and says wives dont spare you in life and when you die, they cant move faster to get rid of your soul and this Roopa killed me so she wants my soul gone as soon as possible, if my kalash is thrown in river then I will be freed from this world. Family is busy in getting down from bus. Terrorists swaps Laddo’s kalash from bomb kalash. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you want me to get free from this world? Roopa says till when you will wander in world? your soul needs pace. Laddo’s ghost says I will get peace when you accept your crime of killing me, Roopa says you need to leave this world for peace. Laddo’s ghost says dont do it, even if I get free from this world, I will not be in peace, dont do it Roopa. Roopa tries to ignore him and leaves.

PRECAP- Roopa sits in Laddo's last pooja, Laddo's ghost says I fold my hands, dont make me get free from this world Roopa. Roopa asks priest to do the pooja. Barber comes to pooja, he swaps kalash with his fake kalash. Laddo's ghost sees it and says barber you saved my life today, you did a great thing for me. Terrorists say we should return the kalash we swapped with bomb kalash, they leave Laddo's kalash in pooja too. Priest sees two kalashs and says how did second kalash come here? Barber comes to Priest's family and says this is kalash of your family member. Priest's wife gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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