Belan Wali Bahu 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo becomes human again and romances with Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/Highlight: Roopa pleads Yamraj to spare Laddo’s ghost. Yamraj is impressed with her and grants her wishes, Laddo’s ghost will live with her for life, Roopa wishes for him to become alive human again for 10 days. Yamraj agrees but he has to change avatar and no one should recognize him. Yamraj leaves them. Laddo becomes alive human and cant thank Roopa enough, they both shyly and lovingly touch each other and enjoy their sweet talk. Later Roopa gives him idea to come in house as Dada’s doctor. He enters house like SRK from Kabhi khushi kabhi gham.

Scene 1
Roopa says to Yamraj that I was young when I married Laddo, I didnt know meaning of relations then but then I lost him and realized how important his presence is, how important relations are,

how important he is to me. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Yamraj says I am impressed with your love and truth, I got to see Maa Durga with you, I cant deny her order, Laddo’s ghost will always remain with you, go Laddo live your life.. I mean die your life. Roopa cries and thanks him. Yamraj turns to leave but says I am very happy with your sacrifice, I want to you give you a choice, ask for anything. Roopa thinks and says 2 days.. no 5 days.. no 10 days.. I want 10 days of life for Laddo, I want him to live with me and family for 10 days but not as ghost, as a human. Yamraj thinks about it. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Yamraj says granted, Laddo will be with you and family as alive human for 10 days but there are some conditions, he cant live in his avatar, he has to change his avatar and if someone recognizes him then he will become soul again, after 10PM at night, he cant bee seen to anyone in any avatar otherwise he will become soul again. Roopa says I agree. Yamraj gives Laddo’s ghost power, Laddo’s ghost becomes human and alive, Yamraj vanishes from there. Laddo’s ghost says he left me here. Roopa cant believe and smiles at him broadly.. She gets emotional and thanks God.

Laddo says lets go home. They both happy go to house. Roopa says can I.. He says I.. Roopa asks him to talk. Laddo says Yamraj was right, I should wash your feet and drink it, you are like Sati, you brought your husband back from Yamraj, Roopa says I can fight with anyone for you. Laddo says you become Sunny Deol when you fight with others. Roopa says I dont realize when I am in zone. Laddo says like you didnt realize when you killed me with balen. Roopa gets sad. Laddo says no dont be sad, you gave me everything back with these 10 days. Roopa says I cant believe I can touch you, you will live with all of us for 10 days. She touches his hands and says I can touch you.. she goes hysteric touching him. Laddo is mesmerized by her and puts hand on her hand, Laddo says you can hug me too.. he moves to her but she blushes and says we are on street, anyone can see. Laddo says okay then, at home? she blushes and nods. Laddo and Roopa is about to enter house but Roopa says you cant go in house like that, you have to change your avatar, I will think about an idea while you stay night tree, Laddo says when I will get free from this tree? Roopa says please. He says no problem, I will sleep there for you. Roopa blushes and thanks him, Laddo says goodnight, sweetdreams, thank you. Roopa blushes and thanks him, he goes to sleep on tree, she goes in house.

Scene 2
In morning, Laddo comes to Roopa’s room and sees her sleeping, he wakes her up and says you left me on tree and went to sleep? Roopa says I got on an idea about your changed avatar but let me brush teeth first. Laddo says but tell me your idea first. Roopa tells him in ear about what he avatar he should take. Laddo says let me get in that avatar, he leaves.

Roopa comes to lounge, Lata asks her to make parathas for breakfast. Roopa says we will not make parathas from now on, they are not good for health, especially for Dada. Dada says I am fine. Roopa says I got call from Dada’s hospital, they said his cholesterol is high and his diabetes is fluctuating too, doctor is coming to check him. Shalini says which doctor? Roopa says to check him. Dada says but I have Suzzi. Lata says Suzzi cant handle Dada then why we give her salary? Suzzi says you people never give me salary. Jitendra says we can spend on Suzz’s wedding. Dada slaps him and says dont talk about it. Suzzi says he shouldnt eat oily food. Lata says you never go to kitchen, Shalini atleast goes there to take selfie. Lata asks Roopa when doctor is coming? Roopa says soon. Lata says we should do aarti, tonight is full moon night. Dada says we will do aarti and all should pray for my BP and sugar. Jitendra says we shouldnt disturb God for such small thing, Dada slaps him again.

Lata starts aarti with family. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham plays. Roopa waits for Laddo. Suddenly winds start blowing heavily. Laddo is coming there in rickshaw. Lata feels something and looks at door. She gives aarti to everyone. Roopa anticipates Laddo’s arrival. Laddo jumps from rickshaw outside house. He is dressed as sardar wearing turban so no one can recognize him. He looks at his house and murmurs Maa.. Lata is in house and feels him calling her, she goes towards door. Laddo starts running towards home like SRK from kabhi khushi kabhi gham.. Lata feels his presence and waits on door. Laddo enters there. Lata is stunned to see him and goes towards him. Lata gets emotional seeing him. Laddo looks at her. Lata recalls her moments with Laddo, how she used to feed him, pamper him, care for him. Laddo drops his bag and bows down to touch her feet. Lata looks on and slaps him hard. She recalls how she used to slap Laddo sameway, she says sorry, it raised on its own. Laddo says blessing on head doesnt reach inside thats why you slap on cheek to send blessing inside whole body. Lata is shocked and recalls how she told it to her Laddo. She says I told it to Laddo, how do you know? Roopa and family comes there. Roopa says I told him. Lata is confused. Laddo says she told me on phone. Lata says you told him on phone how I used to bless Laddo? Roopa gets tensed.

PRECAP- Laddo says to Roopa that dont you want to hug me? Roopa shyly nods, they are about to hug but Ramnath comes there and says doctor(laddo) please check me, Laddo says open mouth, you are fine. Jitendra comes there and says check me too. Laddo asks him to close eyes, he does, Roopa and Laddo are about to hug but Naren comes there and says doctor I workout but I cant build body. Laddo gets irritated and says you call come for a checkup.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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