Belan Wali Bahu 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa becomes Mata to save Laddo’s ghost

Belan Wali Bahu 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/highlight: Yamraj is taking Laddo’s ghost with him to hell but Roopa asks him to give her another punishment.. Yamraj asks her to walk barefoot on burning coals, Roopa agrees and is about to walk on it but family stops her and thinks its for BBQ and starts making BBQ on it. Yamraj gets angry and starts taking Laddo’s ghost with him but Roopa takes Goddess Mata’s avatar and scares him. Roopa then pleads him to leave Laddo’s ghost in world.

Scene 1
On sky, head says to manager that Yamraj didnt come from earth till now with soul, call him. Manager calls Yamraj and asks if he is liking earth too much? Yamraj says I hate it here, all people are crazy here, I wont come for deliveries, I will send someone from now on but let me handle this Laddo

first, he ends call.

Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that how family came in store room? Yamraj comes there and says I am taking Laddo’s ghost to hell, you didnt take shock alone, you are disqualified. Laddo’s ghost says my family came inbetween but she did her punishment. Roopa says I will do some other punishment, please, I beg you, give me any punishment. Yamraj says okay, there is one punishment but you cant do it. Laddo’s ghost says she will do it. Yamraj says you will have to bare feet walk on burning coals. Laddo’s ghost its a little too much.. Roopa says no I will walk on coals. Yamraj says make your family dont come inbetween all this, please, this is your last chance, Yamraj leaves. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa if she can walk on burning coals? she nods but is tensed.

Roopa is washing clothes on roof. She says to Laddo’s ghost how to make family not come inebtween this punishment? Laddo’s ghost says give them sleeping pills or send them to watch movie. Roopa says watching movie is a good idea, if I send them then we will be alone for 3 hours.

Family is drinking juice, Shalini says to Jitendra that lets go hangout today. Ramnath says Lata you can take all women out for some hangout. Roopa comes there and says why only girls and not boys? I was thinking you people didnt go for hangout, you all can go to watch movie ‘sanskari dulhan’. Roopa says I brought tickets too. Dada says we can watch other movie, its not really sanskari(clean). Lata says we will watch it, Roopa says I cant come, I was thinking to making special food in house, Lata says really? all agree.

At night, all leave to watch movie. Roopa lights diya, her finger burns with diya, she cries in pain and says it hurts alot then how I will walk on coals. Laddo’s ghost says its not so difficult, just run on them. Roopa says but I am wearing saree. Laddo’s ghost says then just walk on them, Roopa says but they would be burning, Laddo’s ghost says then jump on it, you will do it right? she nods. Yamraj comes there and says you are ready? Laddo’s ghost. Roopa thinks about how this is her last chance, she nods.
Yamraj shows her burning coals path in lounge and says all yours. Roopa turns to go. Laddo’s ghost says its very hot, you dont do it, I will see what happens, leave it. Roopa says my biggest fear is losing you, they look at each other, piya ore piya plays. Roopa comes near burning coals, she takes off her slippers and looks at Laddo’s ghost. She is about to step on them but family comes home, Lata shouts Roopa, what kind of movie was that? it was so raunchy and cheap that we had to return early. Roopa steps away from coals. Naren asks whats these coals? Jitendra says what is it? Roopa says I was about to walk on them. Jitendra says really? Dada slaps him and says she is joking. Roopa sadly looks at Laddo’s ghost. Dada says its about latti choka, its cooked on coals, Jitendra says we can have bonfire and BBQ party on this. Ramnath says lets start it, they bring things. Family starts BBQ on coals. Roopa is tensed. They start playing antakshari. Roopa hints sorry to Yamraj, he is tensed. They all start dancing. Yamraj says to Laddo’s ghost that I cant waste more time here, you come with me. He starts dragging Laddo’s ghost from house. Roopa goes behind them.
Yamraj is dragging Laddo’s ghost, Roopa says I plead you to leave him, please spare my husband. Yamraj doesnt listen to her so Roopa shouts stop! no one can take him away from me, no God, no Yam, no power, no human. She sees water-pump on street, she breaks it from ground and points it at Yamraj, Laddo’s ghost and Yamraj are stunned. Roopa takes Goddess Maa’s avatar and points trishul to Yamraj. Yamraj leaves Laddo’s ghost and gets scared, he runs from there and says forgive me Devi Maa.. Roopa runs behind him.. Yamraj is scared of her and keeps running away, He hides and falls down on floor, he says I am sorry mata, please forgive me.. he turns to see Roopa not in Maa’s avatar and holding only water-pump, Roopa throws it and folds her hands, Roopa says I am begging you to not take him, I cant live without him. Yamraj says for a person like him? Laddo’s ghost looks down. Roopa says he can be like anything for people but he is everything for me. She cries, Laddo’s ghost looks on.

PRECAP- Yamraj says to Roopa that I am happy with your sacrifice, ask what you want to ask.. Roopa says 2 days.. no 5 days.. no 10 days.. for 10 days I want Laddo to live with me and family normally but not as ghost, as a human. Yamraj looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Please, Please someone give the producer, the director and especially the script writers a good slapping. They are spewing out rubbish in the name of entertainment.

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