Belan Wali Bahu 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa agrees to bear Laddo’s hell punishments

Belan Wali Bahu 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/Highlight: Roopa tries to steal Laddo’s ghost who is locked in bottle by Yamraj. They fight over it, Yamraj brings out Laddo’s ghost and is about to take him but Roopa says if I bear his punishments of hell then you can leave him, Yamraj agrees and tries to do punishment of hitting herself with hunter but family gets it and hits themselves thinking they washed sins, later Roopa tries to get electric shock as punishment but whole family touches the board and gets it, even Yamraj too.

Scene 1
Yamraj locks Laddo’s ghost in bottle by making him small. He tries to leave but Lata asks him to leave in morning. Yamraj takes bottle to his room and goes to sleep. Roopa takes bottle from him and goes to her room. She lies on bed and says to bottled Laddo’s

ghost that dont worry, I will not move my eyes from you. she sadly looks at him, Humari adhuri kahani plays as she recalls their moments. Roopa eventually sleeps. Laddo’s ghost says why you are sleeping? Roopa mistakenly puts hand on bottle, bottle is thrown on floor and rolls out of her room.

In morning, Lata sees bottle outside Roopa’s room, she cant see Laddo’s ghost inside and says water bottle here? she puts bottle in fridge. Laddo’s ghost says I will get frozen, what are you doing Maa?

Yamraj wakes up and doesnt see Laddo’s ghost bottle in his room, he says Roopa?
Roopa wakes up and doesnt see bottle in her room. Roopa comes to Yamraj and asks where is the bottle? Yamraj says you stole it from me? Roopa says did you steal back? Yamraj says no. Roopa says if you dont have bottle then who has it? They start searching for bottle. Yamraj looks in Roopa’s room while Roopa searches house. Roopa keeps throwing things while looking in house. She comes to kitchen and starts searching for bottle. She opens fridge but Shalini calls her and says what are you doing here? Laddo’s ghost is shouting for her to bring him out but Roopa doesnt see him, Shalini takes her. Laddo’s ghost is freezing in fridge.

Yamraj is looking for bottle, Naren asks what he is searching for? Naren says if it was full then it must be with Ramnath, if its empty then it at scrap shop. Yamraj thinks that they wouldnt be able to see Laddo’s ghost so its empty for them.
Yamraj comes to scrap seller and says your shop is unique, can be called wonder but you have to show me all bottle, scrap seller shows him bottles, Yamraj checks it and thinks its not here too. Scrap seller says announce my shop as wonder, Yamraj says you are wonder yourself, he leaves.

Jitendra opens fridge and sees bottle, he says its chilled. He takes out Laddo’s ghost bottle and tries to open it but cant. Shalini calls him, he leaves bottle on table and leaves. Laddo’s ghost says where did you leave me?

Roopa comes to kitchen and is tensed. She starts cooking. Laddo’s ghost sees her and says I am here but she cant hear him and is busy in cooking. Roopa brings out balen and searches for other things. She says I lost bottle too, I kept infront of me. Yamraj comes there and says we dont have bottle and nobody knows Laddo is inside. Roopa says why did you put him in bottle, he wouldnt be able to breath there. Yamraj says he is already dead, if I dont take him with me then I will lose my job. Roopa says you lost my husband, I wont forgive you, Yamraj leaves. Roopa says I cant do one thing properly. Roopa moves balen and Laddo’s ghost bottle gets hit and thrown on floor.. it rolls, Roopa runs behind it but it rolls to Yamraj, she runs to take it but Yamraj takes it. Roopa says please give it to me, you cant take him. Yamraj opens bottle and brings out Laddo’s ghost, he becomes big again. Yamraj says you wanted bottle? keep it. Roopa says no I want my husband. Yamraj says he has to go on sky with me. Laddo’s ghost says you have many souls there, leave me here. Yamraj says its my duty. Roopa says Laddo said you can take 250rs as bribe and leave. Yamraj says Laddo’s ghost has to bear punishments for his sins, he has to leave. Roopa says what if I take his punishments and do them? Yamraj thinks and says it cant happen. Roopa says I am his wife, his punishments are mine too. Yamraj says but hell have very strict punishments. Laddo’s ghost says no she can do all punishments, she can wash curtains, bath with cold water.. Yamraj says its not like that, punishments are difficult in hell, Laddo’s ghost has to get 100 hunter hits, will you take it? Laddo’s ghost says no she cant. Roopa says no I can, I can do anything for you Laddo. Yamraj is impressed hearing it.

Scene 2
Yamraj gives hunter to Roopa and asks her to hit herself but they hear Lata, Yamraj and Laddo’s ghost hides. Lata comes there and asks for balm, Roopa gives it. Lata asks why you have hunter? Roopa says doctor asked me to hit my back with it and it will be fine, Lata says give it to me, she snatches hunter from her and leaves. Yamraj comes out and says how will punishment happen now? Roopa says it will happen for sure.

Ramnath have back pain. Lata brings hunter and says I will apply palm, it can hurt a little. Ramnath lies on his back and says I will bear it. Lata puts balm on hunter and starts hitting Ramnath with it. He screams in pain. Roopa comes there and asks what she is doing? Lata says you told me that hunter hits can lessen pain. Laddo’s ghost and Yamraj sees it, Laddo’s ghost asks if father taking hunters for me can be enough? Yamraj says he is not your life partner. Train passesby, all hold things. Ramnath asks him to hod dadi’s photo but it falls and glass breaks, all are stunned. Dada says see she is staring. Jitendra tries to hold photo but Ramnath says dont touch it, you did sin by letting photo on floor. Dada says its just photo. Ramnath says its my mother from the time she died, you people insulted my mother, Jitendra let it fall, I wont forgive him, Jitendra says I will repent it. Yamraj says to Laddo’s ghost that call Roopa,we have complete punishments. Laddo’s ghost calls her, Roopa starts taking hunter but Jitendra takes it from her and says I will repent my mistakes, he starts beating himself. Shalini says one minute, she takes hunter from him and says lets take hunter selfie, she takes it and asks him to continue. Jitendra gives it to Roopa. Naren says I did sin too, Lata says what sin? Naren says Neha is becoming mother, all are stunned, Lata says you are going to be father? Naren says no her husband is father, I promised her for ice cream but didnt fulfill it, I did sin, he takes hunter and starts beating himself. All chant repent.. repent.. repent. Ramnath says one minute, I will clean my sins too. He takes hunter from him and says one morning I drank wine instead of tea in morning, he starts beating himself. All look on. Dada says one minute, I want to repent too, I did a big sin, at rain night.. he sadly looks at Suzzi, all are stunned. Dada says I cant tell, I have to repent. All try to stop him but Dada says give me hunter, I did sin, he starts beating himself too. Laddo’s ghost asks Yamraj if he can them instead of him? Suzzi asks Dada to not beat himself, Dada says you cant see my pain? Suzzi takes hunter from him and beats him, she says you beat with hunter like that, she beats Dada more and more, all chant for repent. Suzzi says now his sins are washed. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to come. Roopa is sad. Yamraj angrily leaves.

Scene 3
All men of house are crying in pain. Suzzi says to Dada that God will forgive you for sins, I beat you nicely? Dada says you have strength like wrestler. Lata says to Ramnath why did you drink wine? Ramnath says I repented it. Katori comes there and goes to take sugar. She asks why they all have pain when she is taking small amount of sugar? you people are poor, she leaves. Ramnath asks where is Yamraj? when will he announce our house as wonder.

Roopa says to Yamraj that I am sorry for family. Yamraj says they are mental, I am taking Laddo’s ghost with me. Roopa says no I am sorry, I can do all punishments, give me some other punishment. Yamraj says can you bear 440volts current? Laddo’s ghost says yes, Roopa says no.. she eventually agrees. Yamraj asks her to get ready.

Jitendra asks Shalini to give him uniform, tomorrow is his first day after suspension at police station. Shalini says I kept meddles in store room, I thought they are useless.

Yamraj asks Roopa and Laddo’s ghost to come to store room for current. They start leaving, Roopa and Laddo’s ghost recall their moments with each other, saari shaamein mujhe yaad hain plays. Laddo’s ghost says to Yamraj that there will be no disturbance in store room, no one goes there.

Jitendra comes to store room to search for meddles, he touches current board and gets shock. Shalini comes there and asks where is he? she sees him shaking and asks why he is dancing? I can take selfie with you, she touches him and gets current too. Naren comes there and asks what happened? he touches them and gets current too. Ramnath comes and asks what they are doing here? He touches Naren and gets current too, Lata comes and asks why they are shaking? she touches Ramnath and gets current too. Suzzi comes there and asks what happened? she touches Lata and gets current too. Dada comes there and sees Suzzi pouting and shaking, Dada thinks she is calling him and touches her, he gets current too. Katori comes there and sees them all shaking. She asks how are you all? why are you all dancing here? She touches Dada and gets current too.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that let this punishment happen then you will be free. Yamraj says its not easy to get current. Yamraj, Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes to store room. They see whole family shaking with current. Roopa says what you did Yamraj? Yamraj says I arrange current for you, I didnt know your mental family will come here too. Laddo’s ghost asks him to do something, stop current. Yamraj tries to stop current but touches Ramnath and gets current too. Roopa panics. Laddo’s ghost asks her to search for stick. Roopa finds iron rod and tries to stop current with it but gets current shock too.. finally fuse goes off and current stops

All family members have spiked hair, black faces due to current. Laddo’s ghost looks at them, he says Yamraj came to take me but see what my wife did with him? she killed me but she wont let me go now. Train passesby but no family member can hold things as they are all still in pain from shock, their faces black and hair standing like nest. Katori comes there and says I came to take sugar, she laughs at them and says all are looking like bitterguard. She takes sugar and is still laughing, all laugh. Shalini says we should take shock selfie. Katori sees her black and spiked hair face in phone and screams, she says who is this? Ramnath says its you only, she runs away. All laugh. Laddo’s ghost says its good I died. Roopa says to Yamraj that you look like part of this family. Laddo’s ghost says to Yamraj that you are seeing all this, I am already in hell here, dont take me and tell them I am here in hell only, leave me, you just have ego. Yamraj shouts at him to stop it, I can lose my job because of you and my life is in danger here. All look at him and sees him talking to air as they cant see Laddo’s ghost. Dada says to Ramnath that shock made him mentally ill too. Electrician comes there to make switch board of store room fine, family keeps asking him to bring balm, ice, medicine and stuff, Lata asks if he can cook too? Electrician is stunned and runs from there.

PRECAP- Yamraj starts dragging Laddo’s ghost from house to take him from world, Laddo’s ghost pleads to leave him but Yamraj keeps dragging him.. Roopa runs behind them and says stop!

Update Credit to: Atiba

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