Belan Wali Bahu 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa cant see Laddo’s ghost

Belan Wali Bahu 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jitendra runs to Shalini and says save me from Laddo, I saw his ghost, now I know that there are ghosts, I know what you go through now, please save me from Laddo’s ghost. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says how can you see me? nobody should see me. Jitendra hides behind Shalini and says Laddo’s ghost is here, Shalini says stop your drama, I am leaving, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost tries to go behind Jitendra but he hides from him.

Shalini tells family that Jitendra says he can see Laddo. Dada says Jitendra must be missing Laddo so he thinks he is seeing Laddo, it happens, he is not seeing Laddo actually but just imagining it. Naren says we can get him checked. Dada says no Jitendra will be fine. Prem says Shalini sees many ghosts so jitendra is just seeing

his brother, nothing to worry. Lata says lets work on our things.

Jitendra is hiding beneath bed. Laddo’s ghost comes to him and says why you are scared? I wont do anything. Jitendra says please forgive me. Laddo’s ghost recalls how Jitendra called him angry, egoistic person. Laddo’s ghost says you called me egoistic and that people wouldnt talk to me. Jitendra says I am sorry for that. Laddo’s ghost says I have got chance now, I will show you what angry man is, he leaves from there. Jitendra says I should run for my life.

Prem gives tea to Jitendra and asks him to calm down. Shalini says I am still miffed with you, Prem says let him recover first. Laddo’s ghost comes there and asks him to drink tea. Jitendra gets scared and says Laddo is standing here, Prem says he is not here. Laddo’s ghost leaves. Jitendra says he was here, Dada asks him to calm down. Dada slaps him and says I am distracting you. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says you called me angry man, now you have to praise me only then I will leave you. Jitendra says to family that say Laddo was the most pleasant person, Prem says he was a stale person, Jitendra says mornings would become happy if we would see Laddo’s face. Dada says once I saw Laddo’s face in morning and fell from stairs. Laddo’s ghost says shame on you, you were eyeing Suzzi and fell from stairs. Jitendra says Dada you were staring Suzzi thats why you fell down, Dada slaps him. Jitendra asks Suzzi to say Laddo was cute, Suzzi says no he was not cute. Laddo’s ghost says this is my family, nobody is praising me. Jitendra tries to chant Laddo’s name but no one joins him. Jitendra says east or west Laddo is the best, they shake their hands. Laddo’s ghost says no one is praising me, I wont leave you. Jitendra says please, come in my dreams but dont come infront of me, I will praise you for life, just forgive me, he does sits up for Laddo. Prem says I am worried about Jitendra, seems like dog had bit him. Shalini says we should call some baba, Dada says no call a good doctor.

Scene 2
Doctor comes to Laddo’s house. Whole family starts talking at once. Doctor says I understood this case, I am giving some medicines, he will be fine, I will give him some injections, he will start to become fine in 2-3 days. Lata says cant he be fine sooner? Doctor says then we have to give him electric shocks. Lata says will he become fine then? Doctor says yes but patient wont agree, you have to make him agree. Lata says I am his mother, I will make him agree.

Jitendra is doing sits up for Laddo. Laddo’s ghost says you did 40 sits up only. Jitendra says I will start again, just stop seeing me. Prem and Lata comes there and asks what he is doing? Jitendra says Laddo is making me do sit ups, I cant leave till I complete. Lata says Laddo please leave Jitendra, Prem looks in air and says please let him go. Jitendra says he is on other side, Prem says where is that stale Laddo. Laddo’s ghost says they called me stale? they have to do 50 sit ups too, Jitendra tells it to Prem. Prem says I cant do 50, ask him if he can do 10 sit ups, Laddo’s ghost says fine. Prem does 10 sit ups. Lata looks in air and says let them go now, Laddo’s ghost says I cant deny mother, you all can go. Jitendra leaves with Prem. Laddo’s ghost says I am not seen by Roopa for one day and its fun.

Family makes Jitendra sit on electric chair. Jitendra asks what is this? Suzzi says this is a special chair, you see Laddo’s ghost so this is for you. Jitendra points at doctor and asks who is he? Prem says he is our uncle, Jitendra looks at machines and asks what are they? Prem says its just scrap computers. They strap Jitendra to chair. Jitendra asks what is this? shalini says we are doing this for your good, Dada says you wont imagine seeing Laddo anymore. Jitendra says its not my imagination, I really see Laddo’s ghost. Roopa comes home and says I searched everywhere, dont know where Laddo’s ghost is. Roopa sees Jitendra strapped to chair and asks what is this? Prem says he is saying that he sees Laddo’s ghost. Jitendra says I really see him, you would run too if you see him. Roopa says no I wouldnt run, she thinks I run not away from him but to him, she thinks why Jitendra is seeing Laddo’s ghost? she says let me talk to Jitendra.

Scene 3
Jitendra is still strapped to chair. Roopa says Laddo’s ghost is not here. Jitendra says I see him everywhere. Laddo’s ghost comes there. Jitendra says he is here now, Roopa says okay tell me what he is wearing? Jitendra says pink collared T-shirt, pants and shoes. Roopa tries to see Laddo’s ghost but cant see him. Roopa thinks what is happening? Jitendra says I prayed to God that I see ghosts like Shalini and now I see Laddo’s ghost. Roopa thinks that this is happening because of my wish, I prayed to give my life to someone else for one day so Jitendra is seeing Laddo’s ghost but I will pray to God and everything will be fine. Prem asks Roopa if anything can be done? Roopa says let me do something, she leaves, Laddo’s ghost goes behind her. Jitendra says he went behind her.

Roopa comes to mandir and says to God that I am sorry for asking that wish, please listen back to me.

Doctor gives electric shocks to Jitendra, he shakes and faints. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost rush to him. Laddo’s ghost says what did you people do with him. Roopa says you people gave him shock? Prem says doctor said to give it. Laddo’s ghost says I shouldnt have scared him. Roopa says why did you do this with him? Prem says we dont know more than the doctor. Prem asks if he will be fine? doctor says gone. All are shocked. Shalini says no Jitendra cant leave me like this, she shakes him and pulls on his hair, he is still unconscious. Doctor says I meant our treatment was successful, he will be fine, he will wake up tomorrow and everything will be fine in his life again. Dada says I just pray that this night pass easily.

Scene 4
In morning, Roopa wakes up. She looks around but doesnt see Laddo’s ghost. She is tensed. She turns around and sees him sleeping under bed, she squeals and says I can see you, she dances, he wakes up and says you can see me? they both start dancing, he asks if she can see all his sides? she says yes. Roopa says I asked for one day wish and I am seeing you again, Laddo’s ghost says Jitendra wont see me now, Roopa says lets go and check on him.

Doctor checks Jitendra and says when he wakes up then he will be fine. Shalini says I will hold his feet and say sorry, Prem says we wont do anything, we will behave normally. Laddo’s ghost says I wont irritate him now, I should be seen by Roopa only, Roopa nods. Jitendra wakes up, all surround him and says good morning. Roopa asks if he can see Laddo’s ghost anywhere? Jitendra looks around confused and says I can see only you people. Laddo’s ghost says my brother is fine, thank God, he dances. Shalini takes selfie with Jitendra. Jitendra shouts to move away, he asks who are you people? I am inspector Jitendra, where is my criminal? where is my uniform? he stumbles and faints again, all rush to him. Prem says what happened to him doctor? why he is not recognizing us? Doctor says new case, old case closed and new case is opened. Roopa says we should put him on bed, Doctor says no let him stay on floor, he shouldnt wake up right now because he has lost his memory, all are shocked. Doctor says he thinks he is in police station, he has forgotten you all, he just remembers that he is an inspector, he doesnt even remember that he is suspended. Lata says he has forgotten us all. Dada says how he can remember his job but not us? Doctor says maybe his subconscious mind have his job buried very strongly, there are two options to make him fine but first one is risky and you cant do second one. Dada says tell us both. Doctor says first one is to give him electric shock again but risk is that he can leave the world, all say no no.. Doctor says second option is to give him a police station environment, when he wakes up he should see criminals, officers and he will act as inspector then he will be fine, best of luck, doctor leaves. Prem calls police station and says my son Jitendra was your inspector, they cut call hearing his name. Dada says call some other police station, tell them to keep him there and we will bring him back when his memory returns. Prem calls another police station and says Jitendra worked at your station, we want him to become your station incharge for some days, its about his life, they cut his call saying that their lives will be trouble if they appoint Jitendra there. Suzzi says we have to give him police station environment but how? Laddo’s ghost says give him police station environment in house. Roopa says what an idea, we can turn this house to police station and we will become criminals and officers. Shalini says we can do it but who will become who? Laddo’s ghost says I will decide, Roopa says to family that I will decide.

House is converted to police station. Prem is a criminal and locked in jail, Prem says why made me criminal? Roopa says this is just an act to make Jitendra fine, Prem says you could have made me commissioner, Roopa says someone had to become criminal too, we have to bring Jitendra’s memory back. Prem says he forgot everything but he loves his job so much that he remembers it. Roopa says yes we have to make him fine, lets meet officer now. Lata comes there wearing officer’s uniform, she says to Prem that you are a criminal, we wont spare you now. Suzzi comes there as female inspector and says Jitendra is coming. Shalini is an officer too, Shalini says Jitendra is coming, see he is coming. Suzzi says I am sub-inspector, you have to follow me Shalini, you cant act like this. Shalini says Roopa made you senior officer, I would have made you peon. Roopa says dont fight, Shalini asks what Roopa is? Roopa says I am a sad wife who has come to police station to file an FIR for her husband missing. Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and says what kind of role you gave me? Laddo’s ghost says its a good role, you are looking pretty, she smiles and says say it again, Laddo’s ghost says there is a servant role too, want it? Roopa glares at him. Naren comes there as a tea seller, he gives tea to everyone, Prem asks for it too but Naren says you dont have money. Roopa prays for Jitendra’s safety.

Jitendra enters house as an inspector. He asks Roopa who is she? She says I am here to file an FIR for my husband, he is missing. Jitendra sits on table, she asks him to file the report. Laddo’s ghost asks her to not do overacting. Jitendra sees Suzzi and says wow. shalini brings tea, he says I dont like tea. Suzzi asks if he wants coffee? he says I love coffee, she asks Naren to bring coffee. Jitendra asks Suzzi’s name, she says Suchitra, he says I will call you Suchi. Shalini says my name is Sweety. Jitendra says we didnt ask you, this is not your house, he asks Suchi to transfer her, he asks her to show her hand, maybe we have a future together, all are shocked. Jitendra holds Suzzi’s hand and says we have a good future as colleagues. He offers to take her to dinner. Suzzi is tensed. Jitendra looks at Suzzi’s eyes and says what beautiful eyes. Shalini says what about my eyes? Jitendra says ugly scary eyes, move away. All are stunned. He says Suchi your hands are soft, he caresses her hands. Prem says to Lata that he will be beaten by Dada. Dada comes there as a don, he has a whip and he swishes it in air glaring at Jitendra.

PRECAP- Katori comes to Dada’s house and asks how is everyone? she looks around and says how did I come in police station? Jitendra asks who is she? Lata says she is a sugar thief, she robs police station’s sugar. Jitendra says put her in jail. Lata puts Katori in jail. Katori says Jitendra what is this drama? you made your mother as an officer, your father as a criminal and your Dada as an evil person. Jitendra glares at her, all are tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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