Belan Wali Bahu 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Some ghost behind Roopa’s life

Belan Wali Bahu 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa serves food to everyone, she says when I was sleeping, I saw myself sitting in rides. Dada says we can see many dreams, I roamed around the world with Suzzi in dreams. Roopa says my dream will not be fulfilled. Jitendra says I will fulfill it, my friend have opened amusement park, I can book tickets there. roopa says it will be fun. Ramnath says he has rich friends too. Jitendra says we are 8 people. Roopa says 9, she eyes LAddo’s ghost and thinks he can enter without ticket. Suzzi says I cant go, its Sunday march in church. Lata says lets prepare for amusement park day. All get excited.

Roopa is looking for clothes and says what should I wear? She looks at her sarees. Laddo’s ghost comes there. Roopa says what should I wear? he glares at her and says my wife

wants to to go amusement park. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that we will enjoy big rides. Laddo’s ghost says you remember how scared I was last time and what happened? Flashback shows that Ladd was hanging from ferris wheel cart, he says to Roopa that why did you make me sit in there? Roopa says I didnt know you would try to jump out, its not too high, you wont die. Laddo says I am going to die. save me. Flashback ends. Roopa says dont be scared, we will be with you, it will be fun and what had to happen with you had happen. Laddo’s ghost says but I am still scared of hanging from a ride. Roopa says you hang from tree, Laddo’s ghost says I am leaving to tree, he leaves.

Laddo’s ghost comes to a tree, he sees a woman and says this is my place, she says I want to sleep here. Laddo’s ghost says I sleep here.. he says you can see me? Woman’s ghost says I am ghost and ghosts can see each other. Laddo’s ghost says you are a ghost? where did you come from? Woman’s ghost says I used to live in a nearby tree but they cut it so I will live on this tree. Laddo’s ghost says this is my tree, leave. Woman’s ghost says I wont leave. Laddo’s ghost says I am still miffed with Roopa, leave from here.

Roopa says to herself that I shouldnt have miffed him, he would be scared on tree.

Laddo’s ghost says to woman’s ghost that leave, this is my tree. Roopa comes there and asks whom you are shouting at? she doesnt see woman’s ghost. Laddo’s ghost says this woman’s ghost is not leaving my tree, tell her to leave, I am angry. Roopa doesnt see anything but says yes ghost leave, dont irritate my husband, I am his wife, I dont spare anyone irritating him, I will hang you from this tree mental ghost. Laddo’s ghost says can you see her? Roopa says no but she is hurting you. Woman’s ghost asks her to shut up. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you go and sleep. Roopa says its troubling you so I will not spare her, she says to woman’s ghost that get lost otherwise I will curse you, you will never be in peace, you will get bald kids, dogs will bite you.. woman’s ghost glares at her and leaves. Laddo’s ghost says she left, why did you come here? Roopa says come and sleep inside, he says no I will hang from tree and sleep here. Dada and Suzzi comes there. Dada says I want to sleep in fresh air today we will sleep in garden. Dada asks Roopa what she is doing here? Roopa says I.. taking in fresh air. Dada says we will sleep here tonight. Laddo’s ghost says what rubbish is this. Ramnath comes there and says Lata keep shouting at me, I will sleep in fresh air today, Dada says I will sleep here too. Laddo’s ghost says they all want to sleep here. Roopa goes to sleep inside, Laddo’s ghost goes behind her. Woman’s ghost comes there and eyes house.

Scene 2
In morning, Shalini is setting her hair. Ramnath comes and asks Jitendra if tickets are confirmed? He says yes. Naren says when we are we leaving? he brings cricket bat. Lata brings food in basket there, Roopa comes there too. Dada comes there too and says my mood is off, Suzzi is not coming, Suzzi gives him medicine box. Dada says I become fine when you give me medicine. Ramnath says let her go to church. Roopa sees LAddo’s ghost and says come with us. They leave.

Family comes to amusement park, security says you cant take food inside, Lata says I made it myself, my kids are small. Security see all kids grown up. Ramnath says let me show you something, he shows her Dada and says food is needed for him. Dada says I cant eat outside food, Ramnath says he will start burping badly. Security lets them take food inside.

All family members start looking around park. Ramnath says its awesome. Roopa says I will sit on rides. Shalini takes selfie with all. Shalini says we will sit in train and enjoy park. Dada says I will sit too, Ramnath says its for kids but you can sit. They all sit in train. Dada gets from wheelchair. Roopa sits in cart with Laddo’s ghost. Dada tries to sit but train is full. Dada says okay I will drive train, they say no and makes place for Dada. They all take ride and come out of train. Dada says my back aches, bring my chair. Naren sees wheelchair missing and says where it went? Jitendra says we will find it later. Dada says I want my chair first, no one will take rides till my chair is found. They all start searching for chair. Jitendra stands beside it but doesnt see it. Shalini says lets take some rides. Ramnath comes there and says lets search more.

Laddo’s ghost is on slow ride and says to Roopa that this ride is good. Roopa says we will go to my favorite fast ride after this. Laddo’s ghost sees its wheel and says its too high. Roopa says we will find Dada’s chair there, he says I wont sit in that.

Lata says to Ramnath that we cant find chair like this. Ramnath says we have to do a lot in life, we cant waste time like this, we have to go on new honeymoon, Lata says you never showed me even Taj mahal.

Dada says to Naren that they couldnt find my wheelchair.

Ramnath brings Lata to fake Taj mahal in amusement park and says this is Raj mahal, it shrank because of cold. Lata says really? she shows him other replicas of wonders of world in amusement park, she shows him that all replicas are there, she says lets go before they make you wonder of world too.

Laddo’s ghost sees a woman sitting on Dada’s wheelchair, its ghost of same girl. Laddo’s ghost says what are you doing here? I will call my wife. Woman’s ghost says that call her, I will make her ghost too and take her to our world. Roopa comes there and doesnt see woman’s ghost, she says you found Dada’s chair? she takes chair from there. Woman’s ghost says to Laddo’s ghost that see as much as you want, Roopa will not be human soon. He says I wont let you do anything to her.

Roopa brings Dada’s chair to him, Dada gets happy. Dada says I like Suzzi and wheelchair. Jitendra says what if Suzzi doest return? Dada slaps him. Naren says lets go on rides, they all leave. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa is fine, where did that woman ghost go?
Laddo’s ghost see all family members sitting on ride. Lata comes to him and says Laddo come with us, he says no I will wait for you guys. Lata nods and sits in Roopa’s cart in ride. Laddo’s ghost says how did Lata see me? he turns and sees that Lata was not real, it was that woman’s ghost and she sat with Roopa in cart in ferris wheel. Wheel starts rotating. Laddo’s ghost is shouting to save Roopa. He screams for her. Ride ends. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to come to him. He asks if she is fine? Roopa says I am so happy. Laddo’s ghost says it was not real Maa, it was that woman’s ghost, be away from him. Lata comes there and asks Roopa whom you are talking to? she says no one, Lata says lets go on rides. Roopa nods and leaves. Lata smirks at Laddo’s ghost, its actually woman’s ghost in Lata’s avatar.

Scene 3
All family members are enjoying lunch. Fake Lata smirks at Laddo’s ghost and asks Roopa to have pizza, its special. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to not eat it, she mixed something in it, it must have poison, dont eat it. Roopa says I dont want to eat it. Jitendra says I will eat it, he eats it. Laddo’s ghost says it must have poison, what did you do? Jitendra screams and looks down. Laddo’s ghost says what happened to him? Jitendra looks up and says my pizza fell down. Ramnath slaps him and says you are taking things from floor? Fake Lata deliberately throws sauce on her saree and says Roopa come with me to washroom. Laddo’s ghost says dont go with her, she is a ghost. Roopa leaves with fake Lata, Laddo’s ghost goes behind them.

Roopa and fake Lata are going to washroom, Roopa says we can go to boating, Lata says no water scares me, she takes Roopa to washroom. Roopa says I will wash it with water, fake Lata says no, no water, use tissues. Roopa says okay. She goes to bring tissues. Roopa comes back. Roopa sees she is locked in washroom and says is there someone outside? she knocks on door but suddenly gas starts filling in room. Roopa coughs.
Outside washroom, Laddo’s ghost asks fake Lata where is Roopa? Fake Lata says she is coming to you soon, in your world as ghost. Roopa is knocking on door and asking for help. She is coughing because of smoke. She tries to remain awake. Outside Laddo’s ghost says what did you do with my Roopa? He passesby washroom door and goes inside, he sees Roopa unconscious and tries to wake her up but he cant touch her, he asks her to wake up, he asks for help too.

PRECAP- Laddo’s ghost is outside washroom and tries to make peopl go in washroom but no one can see or hear him. Laddo’s ghost comes to family and says Roopa is locked in washroom but no one hears him. Woman’s ghost thinks he can as try as much he want but Roopa wont be saved today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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