Belan Wali Bahu 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Yamraj comes to take Laddo’s soul from world

Belan Wali Bahu 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode description/Highlight: Yamraj comes to world to take Laddo’s ghost but he loses his photo and doesnt know who is dead in Laddo’s house. He keeps trying to guess who is dead. He asks Laddo’s ghost to help him and Laddo’s ghost says its actually Roopa who is dead and take her soul from world but Yamraj asks for proofs.

Scene 1
At Yamraj’s office in sky, one manager tells Yamraj that there is one soul on earth that have been wandering in world after death, we have to bring him here. Yamraj says dont worry, I will bring him here.
Roopa sees dream about Yamraj taking Laddo’s ghost with him, she wakes up and screams and says no.. Laddo’s ghost asks what happened? Roopa says I saw a dream that Yamraj came to take you, Laddo’s

ghost says I know you keep thinking of ways to get free from me but I will not leave till you are punished for killing, I am not going anywhere.

Yamraj comes to world and in Laddo’s colony. Yamraj asks people about Laddo’s house but they make fun of his clothing thinking he is from some drama club, one person asks about his clothes. Yamraj says what a welcome in world, they are ready to take my clothes. He comes to tea stall and asks what drink he is making? seller says its tea, he gives it to him, Yamraj likes tea and drinks whole kettle of tea. Seller asks him to give money. Yamraj says what is it? I dont know and I dont have it. Tea seller asks him to wash dishes. Yamraj washes dishes and cups for him.

Yamraj is searching for Laddo’s house. He takes out Laddo’s photo to see it but dog runs behind him and photo is thrown in gutter. Yamraj sees photo dirty and says how will I see his face now? I have to act like humans here. He finds Laddo’s house.

Yamraj dresses like humans and comes to Laddo’s house. Train passesby and everything shakes up, he holds pillar to not fall. Ramnath asks who is he? whom he wants to meet? Yamraj recalls how manager said he cant tell people that he is Yamraj. Yamraj says I am geology department, I search for old things. Ramnath asks Dada to leave, Dada says I am not old. Yamraj asks why their house shake up? Ramnath says when train passesby, it shakes up. Yamraj says wow this house is great, this house can be 8th wonder of world, Dada says I made it. Yamraj says wow uncle. Dada says dont call me uncle, I am not that old. Ramnath asks if our house becomes famous then what benefit we will have? Yamraj says you people will be famous as mughal family, you can make it museum, Naren says we can put on tickets for tourists to visit our house. Yamraj thinks I am here but who is dead here? who I have to take from world? they all seem alive, I have to stay here. Ramnath says you can make our house as wonder of world. Yamraj says it cant happen like that, I have to take record of how much this house shakes, and all that stuff so I have to stay here. Ramnath says okay you stay here and check. Yamraj thinks that they wont be able to see who is dead. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes there. Yamraj can see Laddo’s ghost. Shalini says to Roopa that our house can be wonder of world, this man is saying that. Laddo’s ghost says they all be announced as wonders soon. Roopa asks him to be happy. Yamraj thinks that they are talking to each other so they are alive too, who is dead then? Ramnath asks whats your name? He says Yam.. I mean Yamna.. Ramnath says weird name. Yamraj thinks that Dada is very old, maybe he is dead.

Yamraj comes to Dada’s room and tries to spy on him, he thinks that he must be dead. Dada asks him to come inside. Dada says you will sleep in guest room. Dada says she(Suzzi) has to sleep outside. Yamraj thinks he is talking about his wife and says you love your wife, how it happened? Dada says she died in accident but I was saved, nobody came to take me. Yamraj says we had staff shortage so we might have not taken you, I will take you to top. Dada says I dont go on roof. Yamraj says I am talking about where people go after dying. Dada shouts that I am not dead, I am fit and fine, I take medicine but I am fine, I take injections for power. Yamraj thinks that he takes injections so he is alive, someone else is dead, I have to find out. Yamraj asks we can make your statue in museum.

Yamraj comes to Ramnath and Lata’s room. They are fighting. Ramnath says to Lata that if you are so angry with me then put garland on my photo. Yamraj thinks that Ramnath is dead. Ramnath asks him to come inside, Ramnath says this Lata doesnt let me live, she scolds me so much, make her wonder of world too, I will die if she keeps doing this. Lata says I will die with his antics. Yamraj thinks that they are alive too.

Jitendra says to Shalini that I want to go to my original place soon. Yamraj comes there and hears it. He asks why Jitendra is sad? Jitendra says I want to go to police station but God didnt let be eligible for that, I wont go till they call me. Yamraj thinks he is dead and says I am here to take you. Jitendra says why will I go with you? I am waiting for commissioner to come and take me police station, I am alive for that. Shalini says I am living to see stars on your uniform. Yamraj thinks that they are both alive too.

Yamraj sees Naren and thinks he might be dead. Naren is talking on phone and says no baby, I can give life for you. Yamraj thinks he is alive too.

Scene 2
Yamraj comes near Laddo’s room. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are talking. Roopa says we can dedicate museum on your name. Laddo’s ghost says no, make it balen wala museum as you beat me with balen. Yamraj thinks that this poor man gets beaten with balen and she beats him so they are both alive too.

Yamraj wears his clothes and comes to roof. He calls his manager on sky from phone and says I lost photo of soul, they all seem alive here, can you send his photo on whatsapp? manager says internet is not working here, there is one way, tonight is full moon night, keep kheer plate on roof, souls like to eat kheer on full moon nights, soul will come to eat it and then you can catch him. Yamraj thanks him.

At night, Yamraj puts kheer bowl on roof and says soul will come here soon. Laddo’s ghost is passingby from roof and smells kheer, he thinks who made kheer and why I want to eat it suddenly? he starts going to roof. Yamraj is waiting for him on roof. Laddo’s ghost is about to go on roof but Roopa stops him and says we made kheer today, I know you like it so I saved it for you, its in room, Laddo’s ghost says its there? lets go, they leave. Yamraj is still waiting for soul on roof and says it will come here soon. He gets tired of waiting and sleeps there.

Scene 3
In morning, Yamraj wakes up and sees crows eating kheer. He is stunned and shoos them away. Yamraj says no soul came here, did someone even die in this house? whom to ask who died here?

Laddo’s ghost is in Roopa’s room. Yamraj comes there in human dressing and asks Laddo’s ghost how is he? Laddo’s ghost is shocked and thinks he can see me, how? Yamraj says I am in trouble, you seem to be most sensible person in this house, I want to confess that I am no Yamna, I am not what I look like, I am from sky and I am actually Yamraj. Laddo’s ghost says what? I dont believe it. Yamraj changes into his costume and says now you can believe me. Laddo’s ghost is stunned and recalls how Roopa said she saw a dream of Yamraj coming to take him. He moves away from Yamraj and cant talk. Yamraj says I didnt come to take you, dont be scared, come here. Yamraj says there is a person who died but his soul didnt come to sky, I came here to take him, his photo got destroyed and I dont know who died between them, if I dont take soul with me then God will be scold me, I am begging you to tell me who died here? please please tell me who died? Laddo’s ghost says Roopa, its Roopa who died, she has been dead for 3 months but her soul is still here. Yamraj says but she doesnt seem dead. Laddo’s ghost says she is totally dead. Yamraj says I wont take her till I confirm that she is really dead. Laddo’s ghost says I will confirm that Roopa is a ghost and she is dead.

Roopa serves food to family. Laddo’s ghost and Yamraj are looking at her. Roopa keeps serving food to family, she keeps filling everyone’s plate, Lata asks her to stop it but Roopa keeps filling their plates. Yamraj says Roopa doesnt look like ghost, how everyone can see her? Laddo’s ghost says she is bad soul, all are scared of her, everyone is listening to her, they are eating even when they are full, she breaks arms and legs if people dont listen to her, our Dada didnt listen to her once and now he is on wheelchair, she is controlling everyone. Yamraj says I need full-proof, I cant take her like that, he leaves. Laddo’s ghost Roopa will go instead of me, I will give him proof.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa. Roopa says I am going to mandir. Laddo’s ghost says dont go inside mandir, I saw a dream in which God said that you keep praying for my soul’s peace, you should make poor eat food. Roopa says I can give food then go to mandir. Laddo’s ghost says dont go inside mandir, God was scolding, if you go inside then he will be miffed, she says okay if you are saying so. Laddo’s ghost says you are sweet, I want to hug you but.. Roopa says I want to hug you too but I cant.. Laddo’s ghost says you can hug tree near mandir as I live on that tree, if you hug that tree then you will feel like you hugged me, she says okay I will make poor eat then hug tree, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says I will wait on tree.

Roopa is going to mandir. Laddo’s ghost says to Yamraj that Roopa’s soul wont go inside mandir as she is bad soul, Yamraj says she will go inside. Roopa comes to mandir and gives food to poor, she is about to enter mandir but stops recalling Laddo’s ghost’s words. She is confused but leaves without going in mandir. Laddo’s ghost says to Yamraj that see she didnt go in mandir, you know bad souls go to ghost trees, she has gone there. Yamraj and Laddo’s ghost hides. Roopa comes to tree and says you live here? if I hug this tree then I will feel like I am hugging you? I really want to hug you and talk to you. Roopa hugs tree. Laddo’s ghost says to Yamraj that no alive person will hug tree like this. Roopa hugs tree and says why did you leave me? I love you a lot. Yamraj says to Laddo’s ghost that I still have doubt, I cant take wrong person to sky. Laddo’s ghost says you have zero confidence, I will give you more proofs.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and asks how did you like when you hugged tree I mean me. Roopa says I didnt feel like I was hugging you,it pricked me. Laddo’s ghost when I was alive, I was a prick for you. Roopa says no its not like that. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I am feeling really restless, I am really sad. Roopa asks why? what happened? Laddo’s ghost can you light candle for my childhood friend Peter? Roopa asks who is Peter? Laddo’s ghost says he is my friend but he died, he came in my dreams and said come to graveyard and light candle with me but I cant go to graveyard alone as other souls will be behind me, can you go there and light candle? Roopa is scared and says me? no I cant.. I am scared of graveyards. Laddo’s ghost says you live with one soul. Roopa says but you are my husband, I cant do it. Laddo’s ghost says fine, let my friendship break, he is my friend not yours so leave it. Roopa says listen, I will light Peter on candle’s graveyard. He says no you have to light candle on Peter’s graveyard, she says okay I will do it, she leaves. Laddo’s ghost says now she will go from world.

PRECAP- Yamraj says to Roopa and Laddo’s ghost that come with me.. but not Roopa, you Laddo, you will come with me. Laddo’s ghost says what? why me? Yamraj says I got to know that Roopa is not dead, its you who is dead, you tried to fool me? come with me now. He starts dragging Laddo’s ghost from house to take him from world, Laddo’s ghost pleads to leave him but Yamraj keeps dragging him.. Roopa runs behind them and says stop!

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I have watched this serial from episode 1 and continued to do so in the hope that the serial will improve, but sadly it is total rubbish. The best way out for this poor excuse of entertainment is for it to either be spiced up or be cancelled. Let have some intrigue, allow the old man to get off with his nurse, because we all know that he wants to get his leg over. That ought to bring the household into a turmoil and for goodness sake get rid of that ghost – a.k.a. Laddo. Roopa should take a secret lover and become a little minx. Wow! that would be entertainment and worthwhile watching.

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