Beintehaa/Swaragini (Intro)


Hello guyz. Its my first ff. Hope u all will like it.
Lets start.

Aliya- Preetika.
Zain- Harshad.
Laksh- Namish.
Ragini- Tejaswi.
Sanskar- Varun.
Swara- Helly.
And others.
Sumi, Shekar.
Lets start.
A girl is shown sleeping.
Suddenly she wokeup and its shown its aliya.
Aliya. Oh morning.
Aliya see a girl sleeping and wake her up.
Aliya. Swara wakeup.
Swara. No.
Aliya. Ok i will call ragini di.
Swara. Oh madam u forget she is also sleeping. She is lazy.
Aliya. Ok then i will call dadi.
Swara. No
She wakeup and say aliya.
Aliya. My sweet cute swara.

Both hug eachother.
Swara. Let wake her up.
Aliya. Ok lets go.
They leave for ragini room.
They slowly opened the room and is shocked to see ragini standing in front of the mirror deciding her colthes.
Aliya. Where are we. Am i dreaming.
Ragini. Aliya plz.
Swara. Ok.
Ragini. Help me in getting ready.
Aliya. Di i will decide the clothes and swara u go and get ready.
Swara. Ok aliyu.
Aliya. Aliya not aliyu.
Swara. Ok.
She leave.
Aliya decide the clothes and leave for getting ready.
Ragini is wearing a blue top with black jeans and black cap. With white high heels and straight hair and hair are open.

Aliya is wearing a pink top with blue jeans and white coat. With black high heels.
Swara is wearing red shirt with white jeans and curls hair. With red high heels.
All leave for collage.

On the otherside.
Two boys is shown sleeping and get up. Its sanskar and laksh.
They stand up and see zain siting on sofa and he is already.
Sanskar. Look who showed up.
Laksh. Let me guess zain.
Sanskar. Getting smart. Very nice good boy.
Laksh. Bhai plz i am all ready….
Zain. Stupid.
Sanskar zain give highfive.
Zain. Ok u both stupids getup we dont have time.
Sanskar. I will go in bath.
Laksh. No
Sanky take the towel and run inside.
Laksh. Zain its not fair.
Zain. Go use my.
Laksh without hearing run toward zain room.
Zain smile.

Sanskar is wearing a red shirt with black jeans and brown coat.
Laksh is wearing black t-shirt with blue jeans with black coat.
Zain is wearing white shirt with green coat and dark blue jeans.
They all leave for collage.

In collage.
Swaraginiya is waiting for sanlakin.
Finally they come and goes toward them
Swara. Oh finally u guyz comed.
Laksh. Ha sweetie pie we are here.
Ragini. Plz lucky stop flirty.
Zain. You guyz dont start it.
Swasan. Shutup fingers on your lips.
Zain did what they said and they all say together.
Ohhhh cute zain.
Aliya pull his cheek and zain smile.
Zain. Look at Aila she is never angry.
Aliya. Aliya not aila.
Zain. Ok aliya.
They all leave for class and after classes goes to canteen.
All was sitting on chairs.
Laksh. Sanky bhai i am hungry.

Zain. Greedy boy.
Laksh. No i am hungry.
Zain. Ok laksh jaanu wait.
Laksh. Gay.
Zain. Shutup i am not.
Laksh. Prove it.
Zain. Ok.
Laksh. U have to kiss a girl.
Zain. Thats all.
Laksh. Do it na.
Aliya. No need yaar.
Zain. No i will prove.

Swaragini. Ok.
Zain goes toward aliya and kiss her. Aliya is shocked and control herself from blushing.
Zain. Done.
Swaragini- Sanlak. Ok.
They have a chit chat and leave for home.

Precap. Trip for shimla.

Guyz i am new here plz do comment.
Hope u all liked it and do comment and also give your opionion. Thanks.


Credit to: mandy

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  4. It was awesome Mandy….. just Awesome….. eagerly waiting for next chapter….

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