Beintehaa/Swaragini (Episode 1)


Hei guys many of you now me and many of you dont know me. I am roshini. And yea i will write a ff on beintehaa and swaragini a like them all so i will write it. My ff will start on one wedding.
Sumi and shekar are parents of swara, ragini, aiya.
Dp and ap is laksh, sanskar, zain. Parents.
So its sumi shekar wedding. And yes maheshwari and gadodia are a family friends. So lets start it i dont want to waste time. Plz do comment. And hopefully u all will like it.

There is a big mansion it beautiful decoreted by flowers and all.
Everyone is there and are having fun. Suddenly a girl come down she is aliya. She is wearing a green with mixed white lehenga. Imagine her. She is not wearing any jewellary. With open curly hair.

She come down and everyone is shocked to see her beautiful. Ap goes toward her. And aliya take blessing from ap. Then she start seacrhing someone. Ap noticed it and say.
Ap. Zain.
Aliya nod.
Ap. He is there u og and talk with them.
Aliya nod and leave.
Ap smile seeing her.
She goes toward the sanlakin and suddenly sanlak take a turn and sees aliya and is shocked to see her. Where zain ask them what are they looking at.
Sanlak make her turn and he too look shocked. Aliya smile and they say hi to eachother where zain is mesmerized by her look. Aliya notice this and try to stop blush.
Sanlak. Where is swaragini.
Aliya. Oh they.

Sanlak. Yes.
Aliya. They will not come they are ill.
Sanlak. What dont joke yaar. What are we gonna do.
Aliya. Well i am here.

Sanlak. But u og with zain.
Aliya. No today i will be with someone else.
Zain. Oh who is he.
Aliya. You will get to now. Not only me but also swaragini.
Snalak. Who is he.
Aliya. Wait til he come.

She leave. Where sanlakin is thinking who is that person.
Suddenly they hear a voice and look toward stairs.
They sees swara is coming down. Sanlak is mesmerized by her look.
Swara waves hi. They did same. Where zain is finding aliya.
Swara is wearing pink with white lehenga.

With curly hairs and white neck piece and white earings.
She come down and look at sanskar who was looking at her. She say hi to them. Laksh ask about ragini. But swara point at the a girl who is standing there. The girl take a turn and its ragini she is wearing an¨white lehenga. With curly hair. And neck pic.

Laksh look at her and a smile come on his face.
Swaragini . hello.
Sanlak. Hello.
Swaragini. Where is aliya.
Sanlak. There.
Swaragini. Ok thanks.
They leave.

Precap. A new entry.


Hei. Guyz hope u all liked it. Thanks. Do comment. AND U GUYZ CAN GO IN THE LIK THERE YOU ALL WILL SEE THE LEHENGAS. THANKS

Credit to: roshini

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