Beintehaa/Swaragini (Episode 2)


Hello guyz last one was episode 1 its mistaken. This one is episode2. So let start it.

Everyone is having fun. Suddenly someone enter the hall while playing guitar. Everyone liked it. All was watching the person. Its shown its Sahil { Karan vir bohra }.
Swaraginiya is watching him and a smile come there face.
Sanlakin sees this.
Zain. Why is aliya smiling.
Sanlak. Why.
Zain. Oh shutup bro.
San. Look how they are smiling.
Laksh. They never smile like that when we come.
San&zain. Right.
The boy finished the tune. And everyone praise him.

Sahil smile seeing swaraginiya.
And open her hands. Swaraginiya run toward him and hug him. He also hug them. Swaraginiya is happy but sanlakin are angry. Swaraginiya. Come sahil.
Sahil. Yes my cutie, sweetie, darling.
Swara. Cutie.
Aliya. Sweetie.
Ragini. I am always your darling.
Sahil. Yes u are always.
Ragini smile.
Sahil lets go in.
Swara. Come meet our friends.
Sahil. Ok come.
Zain. They are coming. Red light. Boys get ready. Be alert.
Sahil. Hello dudes.
Zain. Hello whatsup bro.
Sanskar. Who are u.
Laksh. Yes whats your name.
Sahil. Wait wait yaar. Nothing. I am fine. My name is sahil. All got there answers.
Aliya. Smart.
Zain. What smart even i can do that. Whats sepcial.
Aliya. When sahil say it its good.
Zain. Ahaha ha.
Swara. Oh stop it u both. Ok come with me sahil.
Ragini. First he will come with me.
Swara. No
Ragini. Yes.. i am here darling.
Laksh. So what swara u take him.
Sanskar. No let ragini take him.
Swaragini. Who asked you both ha.
Sahil. Come down. I will come with both of u.
He take there hands and goes with them.

Suddenly aliya say. Oh u forgot me.
Sahil. Sorry yaar.
Aliya. Its ok.
Sahil. Thats like my sweetie.
They leave.

Zain. So he was that person.
Sanlak goes from there to search swaragini.
Aliya. Yes.
Zain. Welll who is he.
Aliya. Someone speical.
Zain. Who.
Alia. Why do u care mr.
Zain. Because i….
Aliya. I what.
Zain. Nothing.
Aliya. K.
She goes from there.
Zain. She didt even said ok propely.
Aliya smile seeing sahil with swaragini.
She goes to them.
Aliya. Lets dance.
Sahil. Nice idea.
Swaragini. We are not coming.
Aliya. Ok then we will dance.
Sahil. Yes.
Swaragini. Ok great go then.
Aliya sahil leave. And sanlak come there. Zain also come there.
A light come on stage.
Aliya. Ok now lets start it.
Sahil. Music.

Music plays. ( phir mohabbat )
Sahil aliya dance.
Swara. They look so perfect.
Zain hear this and get angry.
Ragini. He look perfect with me.
Laksh get angry. Sanskar is happy that swara didt say that but its doest last til end.
Swara. He look perfect with me.
Now sanskar is angry on swara.
Swaragini. We should also have goes with them.
Sanlak. No problem u can dance with us.
Swaragini. Yea right. Let go.
Ragini laksh.
Sanskar swara.

They also join the stage and zain was standing there. And was eyeing aliya and sahil.
Sahil keep his hand on her waist. Zain sees this and get angry.
Sahil then pick her up and the music ends. Now zain is totalty angry. All come down from the stage everyone claps.
Sanlak. Sahil aliya nice moves.
Sahil. Thanks.
Aliya. I will come.
She goes from there.
Zain. I will also come.
He also leave after her.
Aliya was going upstair and suddenly some hold her by her waist. She knew its zain. And didt scream. Zain pin her to the wall.
Aliya. What are u doing. Someone will see.
Zain. So no one saw u when u were dancing with sahil.
Aliya. Thats another thing. He my friend.
Zain. Who am i. Am i not you friend.
Aliya. Zain plz leave me its hurting.
Zain. When he hold u. Then u was not feeling pain.
Aliya. Zain leave me.
Zain didnt listen to her and movie close to her.
Aliya get nervous. Zain is getting more close to her. There is only few inches long and they are so close.
Aliya. Zainn.
Zain. Shhhhhh.
Zain move close to her. She get nervous and closed her eyes. Zain smile and then look at her lips he then kiss her on her lips. After sometime they broke the kiss,
Zain. This will always remind u about me.
He leave.
Aliya is shocked, surprised and also happy.
Screen freeze on them.

Precap. Sanskar telling her feeling to swara.

Hello guyz i know it was many zaya scene but tommorow i will write about swasan so dont worry. And do comment guyz. Love u

Credit to: roshini

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