Beintehaa…Qubool Hai (Episode 4)


Epidode 4:

Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting. I also added one new character in my story and the other one is coming, I hope you all don’t mind.



The episode starts with Aayat and Zoya meeting,
Zoya: Where’s Aaliya…?
Aaliya comes walking fast,
Zoya: What happened?
Aaliya: Nothing…
Aayat: Api… Did you see a boy?
Aaliya: Vo…
Aayat: Meaning yes.
Zoya: Was he misbehaving? Tell me I’ll sort him out…
Aaliya: No… It’s nothing like that, anyways the Nikah is about to start, come, let’s go…
Aayat, Zoya and Aaliya head there, they see the groom and the bride sitting there.
Zain, Asad, Fahad, Ayaan and Rizwaan reach there too but stand separately. Rizwaan looks around and sees Aayat, he then sees Zain staring there and thinks he’s staring at Aayat, but in real Zain is looking at Aaliya, Aaliya is avoiding eye contact… Tu noor hai… Part plays.. (From Beintehaa title) Rizwaan shakes his head,
Rizwaan: He’s going to ruin this one too!
Rizwaan looks on angrily.
Asad sees Fahad and looks away, Ayaan is looking at girls and smiling, he also notices Aayat, Zoya, Aaliya….
Ayaan: Her…? (Looking at Zoya)
Asad: What happened?
Ayaan nods no.

(Guys… I never been to a Nikah before, if I get it wrong them I’m sorry because I only go to the after party or reception and see it on TV….?)

The Qazi/Molwi comes all greet him,
Imam: So, today’s Nikah would be between Zayman ibn Abdul Rehmaan and Sumaira bint Khalid…
All nod,
Qazi/ Molwi: So Sumaira Bint Khalid… Do you accept this Nikah with Zayman inm Rehmaan?
Sumaira: Qubool Hai…
The Molwi/ Qazi asks her 2 more times and she says Qubool hai, then the Molwi asks Zayman and he says Qubool hai three times and they complete the rest of the rituals and sign the document/ contract.

Just then a girl arrives rushing, she stops and breaths and says “Oh no… I’m late, Api and Abbu are going to kill me..” The girl says to herself, she walks ahead, her eyes are shown examining the hall, Zain goes to the food area, he then sees Shabana,
Zain: Poopi…
Shabana turns around and looks at him,
Zain: Poopi, where’s Aaliya…?
Shabana smiles,
Shabana: Wait, I’ll go get her, till the you eat…
Zain nods and Shabana leaves, Zain the starts eating, he then looks at the girl and drops his plate. All the people that are there look at him, Rizwaan comes there,
Rizwaan: What happened? Did you eat a snake by accident? Oh wait, how can you eat your own… Your family… Your kin!
Zain moves Rizwaans head and Rizwaan also sees her, his mouth drops.

Ayaan is walking and sees her,
Ayaan: Mashallah, what a beautiful girl…
Her lips are shown, she smiles seeing Khalid Bhaijaan, she walks there leaving Ayaan mesmerised while Zain and Rizwaan shocked.
Asad ignores Fahad and walks ahead,
Fahad: Asad…?
Fahad also ignores him, Asad the walks but stops, Zoya walks past, he then moves ahead, Shabana goes up to Aaliya.
Aaliya: Ammi… What happened?
Shabana: Zain is here and is waiting for you at the food counter.
Aaliya confused: Zain?
Shabana nods,
Aaliya: Mamu’s son?
Shabana smiles and nods yes, Aaliya smiles, she then walks there.

Just then someone comes in front of her and she gets shocked, Zoya then goes up to Asad,
Zoya: Have you seen Aaliya?
Asad: Who?
Zoya: Oh who am I talking to… Just the Asad and Zoya hear a little scream, they get shocked and Zoya rushes there,
Asad: Allah… This girl…
He then goes there behind her.
Zain then goes to the washroom, Rizwaan was walking and bumps into Aayat,
Aayat: Hello… Couldn’t you see whole walking?
Rizwaan: Sorry… I…
Rizwaan gets mesmerised,
Aayat: It’s okay…
Rizwaan: By the way I’m Rizwaan…
Aayat: Hi Rizwaan… My name is Zoya… And bye Rizwaan.
Aayat leaves and let’s out a sigh, Rizwaan smiles and waves slowly, just then the girl walks past him and his smile fades,
Rizwaan: Ayesha…?
The girl is revealed to be Ayesha (Sunehri), Khalid is talking to Ghulam and Shabana, Rizwaan walks closer and pretends to do something but he’s actually listening.
Khalid: Meet my 2nd Daughter Ayesha… (Hope you don’t mind Sunehri)
Ayesha: Asalamualaykum.
Shabana: Walaykumsalaam, how were you studies?
Ayesha: Alhamdulillah, I feel great to be back from London, but Api got married so soon… Anyways do eat and go, Allah Hafiz.
Ayesha smiles and leaves, Rizwaan looks on shocked,
Khalid: She’s absolutely crazy, I don’t know who will want to marry her…
Ghulam: Inshallah someone will…

Scene shifts to Zain coming out of the washroom after he couldn’t believe his eyes, he then goes but hears some sound, he sees Zoya and Asad heading there and heads there too, they see someone misbehaving its Aaliya,
Aaliya: Leave me!
The guy happens to be Zeeshan,
Zeeshan: You left me… How can I leave you?!
Zoya: Leave her!
Zeeshan turns around and sees Zoya, he then sees Asad and Zain,
Zain: What’s going on…? Why are you misbehaving?
Zain was about to go forward but Zoya slaps Zeshaan, which she shocks everyone and Zain moves back to his place. Zeeshan gets angry and was about to slap her, Asad was about to go but sees Aaliya stopping Zeshaans hand, he jerks Aaliya off hat which makes her fall, Zain rushes to her and helps her stand, Zoya slaps Zeshaan again,
Zoya: How dare you?! Who do you think you are? Don’t tell me you’re Zeshaan!
Zeeshan glares at her,
Zoya: You’re such a filthy minded person… How dare you touch her?!
Zoya then continues shouting at him, Zain and Asad look on, he then gets angry and pushes her, she falls on the floor and hurts her elbow, Asad goes to Zeeshan and punches him, Zain also hits him, just then Ayesha reaches there, Zoya stands up, before Zain could punch him Ayesha stands in between and Zain stops, Ayesha gets surprised seeing him,
Zoya: Why are you standing in between? Do you even know what this filthy man did…? He tried to mis… No, he misbehaved with Aaliya…
Zain gets surprised, Aaliya cries and Ayesha gets shocked, she turns around and looks at Zeshaan, he doesn’t say anything and looks down, Ayesha shakes her head in disgust and slaps him.
Ayesha: La Hauwla Wala Quwatta! I feel ashamed to call you my cousin! Get out of here now!
Zeeshan: Ayesha…
Ayesha: Get out! A man like you shouldn’t deserve to stand here! Go before I expose your black deeds in front everyone!
Zeeshan glares at Aaliya and Zoya and leaves angrily. Ayesha and Zoya look at Aaliya, Zoya hugs her.
Zoya: You all can leave!
Asad leaves, Ayesha does too but Zain doesn’t,
Asad: I helped her and instead of saying thanks, she’s showing attitude?!
Asad storms off, Ayesha happens to hear,
Ayesha: Oh…. (And smiles)

Zoya: I said all of you can leave…
Zain: They already left.
Zoya: You too…
Zain: Why should I leave?
Zoya breaks the hug and looks at him,
Zoya: Why? Do you want to see more drama?
Zain: No.. But I’m not leaving!
Zoya: Listen… Don’t test my patience, go…
Zain: I’m not leaving…
Zoya: Zain!
All three get surprised,
Zain: Haa, how do you know? and Mamu ki Bhanji can’t be alone at this time…
Zoya: Uh.. You sound like a Zain… Who annoys people…
Zoya then thinks: Allah… How did I know his name? What did I say?
Aaliya: Zain… Zoya, this is Zain, Mamu’s son…
Zoya: Osmaan Mamu’s son?
Zain: Oh, so this is Zoya, who you used to talk about and play with?
Zoya: Oh… No wonder his acts seem familiar…
Zain: Oh… So this is Zoya, who pulled my hair once.
Zoya remembers and bites her tongue.
Aaliya: Zoya, Zain… Please don’t tell Ammi and Abbu… They…
Zoya: Don’t worry, chotte Abbu and Khala wouldn’t get to know anything.
Aaliya smiles and fixes herself and goes, Zain looks on,
Zain: Who was he?
Zoya: Zeshaan…
Zoya tells him and Zain gets shocked.
Zoya: After that she talks less and doesn’t do much.
Zain: Zain is here now… Don’t worry.
Zoya: I’m not worrying…
Zoya then leaves and Zain looks on.
Zain: So Aaliya, mission get you back on…

All go home, Asad and Ayaan stay with Khalid around their house.
Ayaan: Finally, we will live in a home for a few days…
Asad shakes his head.

Zoya: It was such a tiring day…
Aaliya: Excuse me…
Aaliya then goes to his room, Rizwaan then whispers something in Zain’s ears which shocks Zain, Aayat comes and is shocked to see Rizwaan, she avoids him and rushes to her room,
Aayat: Allah…what is this boy doing here?

After a while the Abdullah family reach there, Shabana and Ghulam greet them, Surraiya doesn’t care and walks in, Zain and Rizwaan are shocked to see her, the samosa drops from Zain’s mouth.
Rizwaan: No…. Please say I’m dreaming….
Fahad comes out while smiling,
“Fahad…!” Says two women, Fahads smile disappears and he looks there and gets shocked.

Precap: Past of Ayesha revealed… Why Rizwaan is upset at Zain is also revealed… Ayesha gets Asad and Zoya locked in a room… Khalid, Shabana and Ghulam shock Aaliya, Zoya and Aayat...

Ayesha – she will be playing a big role in helping the couples unite… She will also have her story too…?
Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti
Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora
Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi
Najma: Niti Taylor
Ayesha: Sunehri Mehta ?

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated it and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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I will also read more and if you have any then do mention in the comments so that I can read them, thank you.

Credit to: Halima

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