Beintehaa…Qubool Hai (Episode 3)

Episode 3:

Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting.



Today’s episode starts in Bhopal, Zoya is looking for Aayat,
Zoya: Aayat! Where are you?
Zoya comtinues searching,
Zoya: Allah… Where is this girl?
Then suddenly someone comes and stands behind Zoya and taps Zoyas shoulder and hides, Zoya turns around but sees no one,
Zoya: Aayat…?
Aayat comes out and laughs, Zoya shakes her head in disappointment,
Zoya: Ya Allah, give this girl some understanding!
Aayat: Ho… Appi, why were you looking for me?
Zoya: We need to do something…together.
Aayat: What?
Zoya tells Aayat something and it’s muted, Aayat smiles and nods, Zoya and Aayat then hug.

Aaliya is sitting down and thinking,
Aaliya: Why am I thinking about him and the incident? Just move on Aaliya…
Zoya and Aayat come in,
Aayat: I hope we are not disturbing you Appi?
Aaliya looks up and smiles a little,
Zoya: Aaliya… What I was thinking is that…
Zoya nudges Aayat,
Aayat: Uh… Shall we go to Samarias wedding?
Aaliya: Haa, you two can go.
Zoya: Not us too, us three.
Aaliya: I don’t want to go…
Aayat: Appi… You can’t back off at the last minuet, we are going, please Appi…
Zoya: Haa and the Nikah will star anytime and we need to get shopping.
Aayat: Oh Haa, we need to buy our clothes… Appi don’t waste time thinking, let’s go…
Zoya: Haa Aaliya, let’s go…
Aayat and Zoya make Aaliya stand.
Aayat: But you have to know Appis rules before taking her out.
Zoya: What rules.
Aaliya looks at Aayat,
Aayat: Rule number one… We have to wear an abaya.
Zoya: That’s it? I’m ready…
Then the three are seen wearing long black plain Abayas.
Aayat: Rule number two… Not wearing a Hijab… Wearing a Niqaab
Zoya: Niqaab?
Aaliya nods yes. Then the trio are seem wearing a Niqaab.
Aayat: The final and last rule… No talking to non Mehrams or Mahrams and not even looking at them.
Zoya: Okay… But why these rules?
Aaliya: You don’t know these Bhopali men’s, they tease girls and they’re very bad, so for our protection. Aayat and Zoya are wearing a Niqaab without net while Aaliya is.
Aayat hands out sunglasses.
Zoya: What’s this for?
Aayat: So they can see our eyes cause…
Aaliya: Because eyes also identifies our beauty and we should keep it in dark and wait for the right person to come and identify it and who is permitted to see.
Aayat: In short our Husbands…
Zoya and Aayat wear sunglasses, Aaliya puts hers I’m her bag.
Aaliya: I’ll put it on as soon as we step out.
They nod and head out.

The wedding preparations are seen going on and people are decorating.

Zain and Rizwaan reach Bhopal, Zain is happy while Rizwaan is seen sleeping.
Zain: Riz…
Rizwaan doesn’t respond, Zain taps his shoulders and Rizwaan slowly wakes up,
Rizwaan: What?!
Zain: We reached…
Rizwaan: So? Do you want me to dance in public?!
Zain: Chill bro… You can sleep, I’m going!
Zain opens the car door and smiles while stepping down, Beintehaa title tune then plays…
Zain looks around the market and sees a house in front of him,
Zain: I think I’m here… Poopi, here I come to eat your famous Samosa…
Rizwaan hears and steps out too, Zain smiles and shakes his head.
Zain: Bring the luggage, I’ll check if this is the right house or not and don’t forget to pay the driver.
Rizwaan: Aha, making me do all the work, at least pay and don’t be stingy, look at Allah’s blessings, you’re rich and you want me to pay!
Zain: Okay… Wait.
Zain takes his wallet out and gives money, the driver gets surprised and happy, he then takes it. Rizwaan takes the luggage from the boot and shuts it, the driver rushes off,
Zain: Bhai..your door…
As the driver drives fast the for shuts it self, Zain looks on confusingly, Rizwaan was shocked,
Rizwaan: Why did he rush off? Did you pay him?
Zain nods yes,
Zain: I gave him £20…
Rizwaan: Are you crazy? No wonder he got happy, Bhai…Lottery lag gayi uski… (He won a lottery)
Zain: Shoot… I forgot…
Rizwaan shakes his head,
Rizwaan: Wow… Now he’s going to enjoy and chill.
Zain: Leave, it and let’s go…
Zain walks forward, Aaliya is coming out and was about to put her glasses on when she bumps into Zain, he holds her before she could fall, Aaliya gets up,
Zain: Are you okay?
Aaliya looks down,
Aaliya: Sorry…
Zain: Chill, it’s my fault… Don’t worry.
Aaliya searches for her glasses, she then slowly looks up, Zain then smiles at her confusingly and then smiles seeing her eyes. Rizwaan comes from behind and taps his shoulder,
Rizwaan: Sorry, excuse him, he’s crazy, you can go…
Aaliya nods and leaves,
Rizwaan: If you finished day dreaming then come back to sense! Have you checked?

Zain realises,
Zain: No…
Aaliya joins Zoya and Aayat.
Aaliya: I lost my sunglasses…
Zoya: It’s okay, use mine.
Aaliya: No…
Zoya takes hers off and gives it to Aaliya, Aaliya wears it and Zoya looks forward.
Aayat: Shall we go?
Then the trio start shopping.

After a while Asad and Ayaan reach the venue which is behind Aaliyas house but a little far. All greet them,
Asad: Asalamualykum…
Khalid: Walaykumasalaam… You’re Rashid’s sons right?
Asad: Dilshad’s son.
Ayaan: Haa, we are.
They then go inside and Asad looks around.

Zain and Rizwaan eat samosas, Fahad looks on at them and shakes his head.
Zain: Mashallah Poopz, you still have that magic…
Rizwaan: Zain is right… What a samosas…
Shabana smiles and comes with a plate of Kebabs,
Shabana: Fahad beta… Take some.
Fahad: Uh…no thanks…
Shabana: Beta…don’t be formal take some…
Fahad: Poopi…
Zain stuffs a Samosa in Fahads mouth, Fahad glares at him and eventually eats it.
Shabana: Allah Ka Shukar hai, that your meeting for cancelled…
Fahad looks at her,
Shabana smiles: At Least you two came back here after 7 years… Now you will be staying with us.
Fahad smiles a little and nods,
Zain: What I was thinking was that lets invite all of the family here…
Rizwaan chokes and all look at him,
Shabana: I’ll get water.
Shabana goes to the kitchen.
Zain: What happened to you?
Rizwaan: No… I can’t take Surraiya Aunty or Shazia Bhabhi…
Fahad: Oh please, don’t remind me…
Shabana comes with a glass of water and gives it to Rizwaan and Rizwaan drinks it.
Shabana: We are going for a Nikah, do you three want to join?
Zain: Sure, I don’t mind…
Rizwaan: Yeah sure…
Fahad: Well I might as well.
Shabana smiles.
Shabana: Okay, get ready, we are going there in a bit…anyways Aaliya and Aayat and Zoya are heading straight there…
Zain gets a smile on his face,
Zain: Aaliya…? Mamu Ki bhanji?
Shabana: Haa.
Zain: Then I’m definitely going, I want to see how big Aaliya has grown…
Rizwaan, Fahad and Zain go to get changed.

Aaliya, Zoya and Aayat reach the venue, Zoya is wearing green Lengha with long net sleeves and a net covering her belly but inside is a green plain fabric. She is wearing earrings and necklace with the stole pinned to her shoulder. Aayat is wearing white and black Lengha dress. She has her scarf around her neck with opened hair. Aaliya is wearing dark blue Anarkali dress with sleeves and a scarf on her head. She is wearing jewellery.
Aaliya smiles and Khalid,
Khalid: Asalamualykum Aaliya beta, where’s your Abbu and Ammi?
Aaliya: Walaykumasalaam Khalid Mama, Ammi and Abbu are coming…
Khalid nods and welcomes them in, they go in and Aaliya feels uncomfortable, she goes in the girls little area and mixes with them, Aayat and Zoya stand together and look around.
Aayat: I wonder who the groom must be…
Zoya: Do tell me if you see Zeeshan… I will smash his face.
Zoya is looking and gets surprised to see Asad, Asad is seen talking with men. Ayaan is getting bored and looking around,
Ayaan: Allah… Please send some beautiful girls… And help me go away from this boring meeting.
Ayaan is passing and roaming by, he then spots Asad and Zoya.
Ayaan: What is this? Isn’t she the same girl who misbehaved with Bhaijaan?
He walks up there.
Zoya turns her face and Asad looks up and sees Ayaan in front of him,
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, let’s go have a drink…
Asad: When is the Nikah going to get completed?
Ayaan: I don’t know… Come…
Ayaan grabs Asads hand and takes him.

Zain, Fahad, Rizwaan, Shabana and Ghulam enter and are welcomed by Khalid, Zain goes in and looks around. Asad is drinking water and sees Fahad,
Asad in his head: What is he doing here?
Rizwaan and Zain spilt from them, they see a girls corner and go there, girls see them and smile,
Zain: Aah, Allah…why make girls so beautiful…
Aaliya is standing behind them and is drinking juice.
Rizwaan: You said that last time as well and…
Zain: Oh please… Stop okay… I said I’m sorry.
Rizwaan rolls his eyes, they reach there, Zain smiles and goes through, some of the girls touch their hair and patch up. Aaliyas back is faced towards Zain, Zain grabs a glass of juice and drinks it, Aaliya turns around and sees Zain,
Aaliya in her head and while drinking: Allah… Ladka? (Boy)
Zain puts the glass down and looks up and sees Aaliya, Aaliya was about to turn around but but slips and the juice spills on the floor… Zain catches her on time and Beintehaa tittle starts playing in the BG….
Zain looks at her eyes,
Zain: Your eyes look familiar.
Aaliya then remembers meeting her in the market.
She composes her self and looks down.
Aaliya: Sorry…
Aaliya then leaves and the girls look on angrily, a smile appears on Zain’s face.
Zain: Where did I see her?…

Scene shifts to Asad walking and Ayaan relaxing and drinking juice, he then sees Asad walking, he smiles and then sees Zoya walking backwards, his smile disappears. He raises his eyebrows,
Ayaan: If they meet then…
Ayaan puts the glass down and sees Asad and Zoya clashing, he then mutes his eyes a little and makes a uh oh face…
Zoya stands up and so does Asad,
Zoya: Allah…these boys nowadays…!
Asad: Astaghfirullah/Istaghfarullah…
Asad and Zoya look up at each other,
Asad: You?! I should’ve known, there’s no expectations from you…
Zoya: Anyways there’s no point of telling you, you don’t know how to use your eyes…
Asad: Oh hello, this time it was your fault!
Zoya: My fault?!
Asad: Who was walking backwards?
Zoya: What…?
Zoya then realises.
Zoya in her mind: Allah… It was my fault…
She then looks at Asad, Asad looks at her,
Zoya: Ha..uh..vo..I was walking but…
Asad: You forgot to use your eyes!
Before Zoya could say anything Ayaan comes there,
Ayaan: You can’t talk to Bhaijaan with this tone and attitude…
Ayaan then stands in front of Asad and makes a face and winks at her. Zoya gets confused. Ayaan signals her to go.
Ayaan: Haa..uh… It was your fault and…
Asad: Ayaan, no point, let’s go…
Asad takes Ayaan, Ayaan turns around and smiles at Zoya while she glares at them.

Precap: Aaliya and Zain meeting again, Zoya insulting Zeeshan… Asad and Zain look on, Aayat and Rizwaan meeting… Abdullah family come Bhopal…
Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti
Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora
Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi
Najma: Niti Taylor

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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Also thank you so much Nusz, Zuha and Sunehri for supporting me, I swear no one else would’ve done that, not even my own ones, you also given me respect and my sister doesn’t even call me Api, thank you Zuha and Sunehri.
Love you three ??❤️?? and love you all ?

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